Mr. Fate


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“We all live on a Round Object Called Earth having 7 huge Continents, containing more than 196 Recognized Countries with approximately 36,722 Cities, containing more than 17,40,330 species and Holding more than 7,02,80,00,000 (7.028 Billion) people on it.”

In the human Family, there are more than 730 established religion broken out into more than 3200 sects with 6,912 recognized Languages having uncountable food variety.You may be wondering why Am bringing the statics to your notice and how it connects to the title ‘Mr. Fate?’

Here we go..

Have you ever wondered why you’re at that particular region, with that particular Nationality, speaking that particular language, born in that particular family, eating that particular food, having that set of friends, Pursuing education from that particular institution, having that economic, social, emotional status? Have you ever thought why You are right at that place and not anywhere else? Have you ever thought why you got that particular family, those parents, those sisters and brothers, that particular best friend and not anybody else out of the 7 billion living human beings? It may be sounding foolish to many, no doubt. And if it sounds foolish to you, I request you stop reading this right now.

I believe Mr. Fate is placing each one of us wherever we are For A Purpose. A reason, To fulfill a Cause. And that is to be identified YOU. Be thankful for every single thing in your life. There are probably more than million people who aren’t as privileged as you are. Read a News Paper, which, now a days, brings only negative news, then my note may start making sense.

Welcome everything and every situation with a pleasant smile, for it has come for your better. I bet the day you realize this thing, You’ll love your life more than you ever did. Mr. fate, I believe, has just a few jobs, number one, to place where you are. number two, to give you opportunities and if you use it, Mr fate polishes your skills by providing many many Barriers and if you let the opportunity go away, it sits and laughs at your ignorance making you regret later. He does just these jobs, the others are to be done by YOU. Making use of the single life you got is up to you.

Either use it or you Lose it.


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