Things not to do in February


With less than three months left for CLAT, if you haven’t started panicking and wondering if you’re prepared sufficiently, then it’s high time you do. For those who have the Board exams coming up – this is the time when you put those thick, dust-collecting CLAT books away (in case you moved them in the first place), and focus on studying for the exams. Sure, you can convince yourself that you’ll make it to NLS and then life will be a rainbow, but sadly, how you fare in 12th grade is of some consequence. However, this does not mean that CLAT prep takes a back seat and you can forget about it till May. You will still need to read the newspaper every day (yes, every day), and revise your older GK notes and catch up on vocabulary. This, I classify as mandatory-every-day-prep.

For those of you who have no impending Board exams, utilize this time and capitalize on it. Read the newspaper and revise GK and study vocabulary, but also make a rigorous time table and stick to it. You will need to build on your weaknesses, study topics you have never bothered to look at before, and most importantly, practice as many mock tests as possible. But this post is not about what-to-study-in-two-months. It’s about what NOT to do in the 70 odd days you have left.

  1. Sir plz make me a timetable

We at CG are very nice, or at least we try, right? But we are not super human. We cannot read your minds, or your daily schedules, or your specific strengths and weaknesses. We can tell you broadly how your time table should be structured, and what you need to focus on, but we cannot tell you to study Time and Work from 7-8 AM, or GK at 11 PM. So write to us (at, and ask us for help and advice on how to prepare, but do not rely on us to design your study hours. This is something only you can do best. Ground rules – more time for difficult areas, less time for areas you know well.

  1. Binge watch Netflix series

Really, don’t even think of watching some TV series right now, or trying to understand Star Wars, because your friends are talking about Stormtroopers and you have no idea what those are. You have 70 something days left. And Netflix can wait. CLAT can’t. You have one shot, make it count. I trust that you do not want to drop a year, or drop another one if you already dropped the previous year, or end up at the shady college at the corner of the street.

  1. Sleep ten hours

Sleep is good, and necessary, and so cosy! But at this point, six hours of sleep is sufficient. If you are a morning person, go to bed early, and make the most of those extra hours in the morning. If waking up in the morning is an unheard of concept for you, then stay up late at night and cover those topics you have no clue about.

  1. Study without a plan

This is just blasphemy. Perhaps you could have done this in June 2017 while aiming to take the CLAT 2019, but in February 2019, you need to have a study plan. Make a list of everything you need to study, set a deadline by which you need to finish basic prep, and set out time for solving mock tests and past year papers. Past year CLAT, NLS, NALSAR, and NLU-D papers will give you some insight into how utterly unpredictable the CLAT is, and teach you a lesson or two about time management. Especially the CLAT 2012 paper.

  1. Stalk Social Media pages of various law schools

NALSAR is a very happening place, and if you do make it here, you’ll know just how much happens in this tiny campus in the middle of nowhere. And although Facebook/Instagram lets you look at pictures of your dream college and all the fascinating events that happen here, you can do this once you’re in college! Do not spend hours counting your chickens before they hatch.

Stay determined, study hard, and as CG has said about 6512964 times now – If you want something badly enough, you will get it.

Lots of love,

Team CG.

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  1. Sir, i haven’t yet prepared so much for GK what must i study for static and Current GK , keeping in mind the time constraint ?

  2. Thanks a lot for the essential points…………
    i do make a point to revise the learned matters but gk….i do before answering mocks that is i think in 7 to 9 days span……..:)thanks a lot again:)

  3. I have completed my gk pearson and clatgyan compendium for static gk. is that all or i have to do study from some other book also. Are the current affair compendium of clatgyan is from THE HINDU ? 
    and please help me as i have to fill my form for clat. How i should fill the college preferences? 

  4. i lost it at ” binge watching friends ” because that is what i was about to do after reading this article….now apparently i should not 😉

  5. Sir i hv not started preparing for clat and haven’t started preparing for clat and my 12th boards are near.Will i be able to get a good law college?
    Please help.

  6. please make me d time table…. i will fight clat first time and sadly..last time also 🙁 …please suggest me a time tale so i can cover up my syllabus nd give up my best in clat nd get selected in top nlu”s ….PLEASE REPLY…SUGGESTION REQUIRED URGENTLY ..PLEASE

  7. How shall i improve my reading speed. I am not able to cover even half of the paper, but i my accuracy is around 70% to 80%. How sall i increase my reading speed, so, as to cover entire paper.

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