GK Section of CLAT 2012 (Based on Memory)


All credits to the CG kids for sending in the questions. If you find any errors in the following compilation, let us know using the comments’ section below.

1. The longest National Highway of India connects which two cities? Varanasi and Kanyakumari (National Highway 44)

2. “Man is a social animal” – Which thinker said this? Aristotle

3. Christine Lagarde is the head of? International Monetary Fund

4. Name the political thinker who inspired French Revolution. Rousseau

5. Which ocean resembles the English alphabet ‘S’? Atlantic Ocean

6. Where was the 2nd India-Africa summit held? Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)

7. Who received the Dhyan Chand award for 2011? Shabbir Ali

8. Who received the Dada Saheb Phalke Award 2011? Soumitra Chatterjee 

9. Priyanka Chopra is the new Brand Ambassador of which Organisation? UNICEF

10. Name the canal connecting Europe and Africa. Strait of Gibraltor

11. What day is celebrated as the ‘Computer Literacy Day’? December 2nd

12. Leukemia is a disease related to what? Blood

13.  Name the largest gland in a human body. Liver

14. International Criminal Court is located in which city? The Hague (The Netherlands)

15. The G8 summit of 2012 is scheduled to be held at? Camp David – Maryland (USA)

16. December 10 is celebrated every year as? International Human Rights’ Day

17. India joined the United Nations Organisation on which date? 30th October 1945

18. Which is the largest flightless bird? Ostrich

19. Osama Bin Laden was killed at? Abbottabad 

20. What is ‘Salwa Judum’? A people’s resistance movement against the Naxalities started in 2006, in the state of Chhattisgarh

21. Name the longest canal of India. The Indira Gandhi Canal

22. Where is Akshardham Temple is located? Gandhinagar (Gujarat)

23. The Nobel Prize in Literature 2011 was awarded to? Tomas Tranströmer

24. What was Taiwan earlier called? Formosa

25. Name the first woman Director General of Police? Kanchan Chaudhary Bhattacharya

26. Where did the UN Climate Change Conference take place in 2011? Durban (South Africa)

27. Where was the First Annual Formula One Indian Grand Prix held? Greater Noida

28. Arab Summit of 2012 took place in? Baghdad (Iraq)

29. How many years has it been since NREGA was implemented? Six Years

30. ‘The Google Story’ is a book written by?  David A Wise and Mark Malseed

31. Where are the 2012 Summer Olympics scheduled to be held? London

32. Which state won the ‘Santosh Trophy’ in the year 2011? West Bengal

33. When was the BRICs summit held in New Delhi? 29th March 2012

34. Name the Supreme Court judges who delivered the judgement in the 2G Case? Justice A K Gunguly and Justice G S Singhvi

35. Which countries jointly hosted the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011?  India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka

36. Name the leading contender from the Republican party’s side in the United States’ Presidential Elections.  Mitt Romney

37. The Architect Le Corbusier wass a citizen of which country? France

38. Name the indigenous nuclear powered submarine which is now under construction. INS Aridaman (See this)

39. Name the Camel Fair held every year in Rajasthan. Pushkar Camel Fair

40. What does ‘Light-year’ measure? Distance

41. Who won the UNESCO King Sejong Literacy Prize? National Literacy Service – Burundi

42. Name this Indian Tennis player who has turned Hollywood filmmaker. Ashok Amritraj 

43. Which country is the largest Iron Ore importer from India? China

44. Which sector witnessed the highest growth during the Eleventh Five Year Plan? Services (9.62)

45. Which organisation assisted India in the Census Operation of 2011? UNICEF and UNDP

46. Name the first Indian to reach the North Pole. Ajit Bajaj

47. On which day is the ‘Earth Day’ celebrated every year? April 22nd

48. Name the longest shipping canal of the world. The Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal (China)

49. The phenomenon when there is excess of money relative to the supply of goods is? Inflation

50. Name the youngest Indian to climb Mt. Everest. Arjun Bajpai

Well, now. CLAT is over. You have 14 full days to live. Live them. Watch the movies you wanted, spend time with your family, do whatever you like. Because, it’s over.

Did you mess it up? Or did you not? Doesn’t matter anymore. This paper IS NOT “everything”, life’s bigger than that, it’s time you lived it, at least for 14 days.

You’ve worked hard, as hard as it is humanly possible to. And that is where it ends. I hope you’ll do well, but I seriously hope that no matter what you do, you are content with it.


I shall die here. Every inch of me shall perish. Every inch, but one. An inch. It is small and it is fragile and it is the only thing in the world worth having. We must never lose it or give it away. We must NEVER let them take it from us. – V for Vendetta


      • Its NH-7 not NH-44, and the cities are right (it starts from Parav, Varanasi and ends at Tsunami Memorial Point, Kanyakumari

        • i think tht q.21 was asked tht name the largest canal for irrigation?….n google says its sirhind canal…The Sirhind Canal is a large irrigation canal that carries water from the Sutlej River in Punjab state, India. It is one of the oldest and biggest irrigation works in the Indus river system, and was inaugurated in 1882 CE.[1] The canal begins at Ropar headworks near Ropar city in Rupnagar district of Punjab.[1]

    • YA don’t confuse with Delhi’s Akshardham temple…its new..
      But real and famous Akshardham is in Gandhinagar..

  1. oh i thought maybe we had to say how many years it has completed as being ‘mgnrega’ not when nrega actually started..

    There was a qs on 4th BRICS summit too

  2. le corbusier was from which country? France (born in Switzerland)

    2012 olympics to be held in which city?- London 

    Submarine inducted by Indian Navy- INS Chakra.

  3. Yayyyy it feels so good to be contributing to this amazing website, even if it’s only by remembering two ans from the paper…Thankyou so much to the entire ClatGyan team..you are so supportive…and i can safely say CLAT 2012 was an enjoyable experience (which does not mean the paper was awesome..but i enjoyed the preparation, the whole process..today was just the culmination..)
    I really REALLY hope the hard work pays off…

  4. The venue for 2012 Olympic was asked.

    Also, “What is Salwa Judum?”, not the movement it is associated with.

    It might have something to do with different sets, though. Mine was Set C.

      • No. They asked, In which state has Salwa Judum been banned by the SC? The ans is Chattisgarh, the only state to have conducted such an operation.
        Salwa Judum is a special police force of armed tribals constituted by the govt to counter the Maoists. That way, the Maoists would be killing the tribals only, the ones they seek to defend.

  5. first of all, thanks a bunch for this.
    but was this the way CLAT 2012 was suppossed to be? wasnt static gk omitted? whts with this horrible shock???????????????

        • I was so annoyed I really wanted to walk out of the hall!
          Either you keep the window open for both static and current and just say GK or don’t make claims when more than 50% questions are only Static!

      • this was really horrendous…i mean static gk wasn’t expected and not even legal gk was expected…it was not mentioned in the website itself that legal section would include questns regarding reasoning only but i was left in slack jawed amazement to see the questions from constitution and also questions to test your grasp over law of torts and contracts..i mean questions without principles….it was same as of nluo 2011…many legal section questions were exactly bthe same as in the nluo paper 2011….any ways…reasoning was good enough and maths …no complaints…!!! thank you CG for your efforts that has helped us to reach so far…. thanks a lot!!! god bless you guys!!!

  6. Didn’t they ask who won the Dadasaheb Phalke award for 2012? I’m pretty sure they asked that and hence, I didn’t mark Soumitra Chatarjee! 🙁

  7. true..sukriti…clatgyan is amazng..u ppl rock!!
    gk was a lottttt of static…nd legal tooo…..fingers crossed for the results!!! 

  8. the reply to Q38 is wrong.
    the Q had asked the name of the SUB which is indigenously being built by India.

  9. 1 more question on the lines – which of the following assisted india in the census estimation? i marked united nations population fund.

  10. well I’m not VERY sure about this.
    but wasn’t one of the questions- who won the sejong literacy prize?
    national literacy agency, burundi.

  11. Sry frndz i dnt know d answers so only d questions..:-(                                                                             The winners of the 2011 Santosh Trophy?                                                                                                   Which country is the largest importer of iron ore frm India?                                                       Which sector witnessed the highest growth durind the 11th 5-year plan?                                         Which famous Indian tennis player is now a Hollywood film-maker?                                            World’s Longest shipping canal?                                                                                                                                                                                                                

  12. when i saw the gk section, i thought i was giving another nlu-d exam. :p
    Thought of writing a hate-mail to the person who set the paper.

  13. which un organisation was collaborated with during census 2011 by Indian Govt…..(think it was in gk section only.)

    • How was CLAT 2011  a shock….i gave the paper today and i am telling you it was not as cohesively set as CLAT 2011… 
      I mean the reason and assertion in Legal plus at least 15 questions required previous legal knowledge..  

      • Did you give CLAT-2011 too??going through all the reviews n stuff i know legal n gk was lil unexpected but atleast you people could finish the paper.Last year we(like majority) almost attempted 20-30 questions as flukes.And you know after taking a drop that hurts the most when you even dont know full questions of your paper.

      • all said and done CLAT 2011 was a nicer shock as compared to CLAT 2012. some sections were so easy you were left wondering whether or not there was some devious twisted reasoning you were missing. and having Static GK questions or Logical Reasoning questions in the Legal section didn’t help.

  14. Legal and gk section was lill bit shocking and wired !!!!
    Thanx a lot clatgyan it was fun preparing with you !!!!!
    Cg rocks 

  15. as far as i remember china was not even an option in the ‘leading iron ore dealer with india’ question..it was japan instead.

  16.  Which country is the largest Iron Ore importer from India?

    This is the wrong question you Posted above Sorry,I am damn sure they asked about the exporter whom India Exports most Iron ore Sir.I marked Germany there. 🙂

  17. One of the questions was- which of the following is the longest canal?
    and also who first reached the south pole from India? or something like that.
    One thing that I have learned is- never take the official announcement as the final thing. They set questions on whichever topic they like and in whichever pattern! :-/

  18. ‘The Google Story’ is a book written by?  David A Wise and Mark Malseed.

    This question is also not asked Sir atleast in my Set (A).I am sure Sir.

  19. Sorry to check, but the answer to the “”leap year question was – DISTANCE and not LENGTH, it might be confusing for others as we do not remember the other options

  20. To be honest, I don’t think the paper was excessively difficult. That said, though, there were some strange toss ups. Static GK for instance. IMO, it wasn’t too hard. Nothing too far out crazy and I felt that most questions were moderately easy. 10th class stuff I guess. What really bothered me was the assertion reason in the LR section – seriously, what? Absolutely no changes from previous CLAT papers. All talk about changing this and changing that and in the end, it’s all the same. With a bit more nonsense. 

  21. first indian to reach south pole was not asked but was asked
    First Indian Person to reach the North Pole? Squadron Leader Sanjay Thapar

  22. The nrega answer is wrong..they asked when it started …tht is 2006…so answer was 5 years…
    n i m pretty sure Salwa Judum was the civilian army option…

  23. it wasnt south pole , the question asked about first indian who reached northpole ………Squadron Leader Sanjay Thapar

  24. Earth day wasn’t a question.

    INS Arihant isn’t the answer because the question didn’t ask us the FIRST nuclear submarine. It asked us about the one still ‘under construction’.

  25. sir it was not 1st indegenous sabmarine of india,but was  under construction sUbmarine and options wer-INS-ARIHAT ,GHATAK,SUDARSHAN,CHAKRA

  26. setting a-side what WAS the pattern for CLAT-2012, & WHAT all we suffered today , i would like to thank Mr.asad & and not to forget Mr. aymenn , for being the torch-bearers for a guy who got to know about a STRANGE CREATURE- CcLlAaTt !!!! in september end, and still was able to come out of my exam center with A Half-devilish SMILE !!! 

    thanks to entire CG team !!

    thanks !!
    and best of luck to all my friends out there ..

    BTW , as far as EXAM pattern is concerned , go to http://clat.ac.in/pattern.aspx

    & u will soon realize that the question – WHICH IS THE LARGEST GLAND IN HUMAN BODY ?? 

    *sorry guys* & gals too~

  27. The question related to brand ambassador was of 2011!
    priyanka chopra was the ambassador of UNICEF in 2010. In 2011, its UNESCO.

  28. Wasn’t the question –



  29. ok i just wanna confirm this… we all got different answer booklet series… I got B..someone i know got C…so do they have questions or are the options just jumbled up??

    Would really appreciate an answer

  30. So the 38th question is : Which of the following is a nuclear submarine UNDER CONSTRUCTION. The answer is INS Chakra.
    INS Arihant has already been launched.

  31. hiiii i got a 37 in gk!!:(
    overall my paper was okay.
    what is the expected cut off for the top three colleges??
    do i have a chance to make it?
    please do reply. 

  32. there was this match the following question as in which part of our constitution was taken from which all countries constitutions….1)rule of law 2)concurrent list 3)directive principles and something else…..

  33. the first indian to ski to north pole was ajit bajab check wikipedia or lucent….the longest canal is ssuez canal(big ship) and baltic canal (small ship) Beijing canal was not an option….btw getting 43 in gk thanks Clatgyan and asad….your monthly supplements really helped me a lot thanks again and continue the good work 😀

  34. Sir it is INS Arihant. Cz INS Arihanta is still under tests and yet has not been inducted into Indian Navy. and the Highway is not 44 it is NH 7

  35. ins arindhamam is the answer to the submarine question not ins arihant !! but arindhamam was not given in the options !

  36. “38. Name the Indian indigenous nuclear submarine which is under construction. INS Chakra (It’s not INS Arihant as it has already been built)”

    It has to be INS Arihant because its the ONLY indigenous nuclear submarine (or for the matter of fact even the first indigenous submarine) that India is building.

    INS Arihant is still not completely constructed, the reactor is still to go critical.
    It will be considered constructed only after it hits ADVANCED sea trails.

    The “””symbolic””” launch ceremony for the Arihant was held on 26 July 2009, the anniversary of Vijay Diwas (Kargil War Victory Day). The name …………. destroyer of enemies. The “””completion””” of the INS Arihant “””will make India””” one of six countries in the world with the ability to design, build, and operate its own nuclear submarines.

  37. INS Chakra is the Nuclear sub which has been leased from Russia. The indiginous sub being made in india is named Arihant.

  38. The question was,who was the first person to reach North Pole and not Ski North Pole. The answer is Sq.Leader Sanjay Thapar. 

  39. i don’t think it was ” 11th five year plan that WITNESSED growth in ______sector” it was more like “11TH five year plan that ENVISAGED growth in ______ sector”… i am just saying.

  40. There are some questions that are missing.I had Set-B and the computer literacy day wasn’t in the list of questions,mentioned. Otherwise great compilation,as usual by the ClatGyan Team. Kudos to you guys.

    • I had b to and computer literacy was very much there… I remember the options were July 5 and December 10 and something and something …. For some reason I don’t remember 2nd december

        • Ok I guess I should put it in a little more perspective.
          There were at least 10 questions where they gave you the facts and the options (obviously) but there was absolutely no principle given(for any of them…in my set they started at 170 and ended somewhere in the 180s. The questions after this had the principles and the facts mentioned)

          And the questions(which were without any principles) were based on contracts , torts and actual articles from the Constitution… So if you had no previous legal knowledge, it would be virtually impossible for you to arrive at the correct answer without wasting time.

          There were some other questions as well… They gave you a situation involving a crime and then you had to classify what the crime was… Eg criminal misappropriation,theft etc

  41. Okay, the question about Christine Lagarde actually said “Christian Legard”, if I remember correctly. Does the question stand invalid due to the spelling error?

  42. Static GK was not expected :/
    Please give us an analysis of GK section .. That how much marks would be good enough in this section? 
    And also the probable cut off .. Plz !!

  43. Supposedly a question: “excess of money supply in the economy..(sumthn sumthn)” Ans ws; Inflation….! pa\\\

    • It was something like what is it called when there is excess money supply but not enough goods.
      The options were 1)Depression 2)deflation 3)inflation 4)trade defecit

    •  If there is an excess of money relative to the supply of goods,then what is it called…..?? i marked deflation. what’s d ans ?

    • the first question i saw was who said man is a social animal. i actually turned to the front page and checked whether i got the real question paper!!!!

  44. Oh Yes, There was  a question in Set A about Rise in money supply and fall in supply of goods leading to the phenomenon :___Inflation.

    • nope . Inflation is when the same amount of goods (say , a pack of chips) costs much more than what it was costing a few months back . The answer is trade deficit . I did’nt know jack in GK , but atleast this one was pure common sense . 

      • Common Sense fail. LOL
        The answer in NO way is Trade Deficit. 
        The question, somewhat, was : The phenomenon when there is excess of money relative to the supply of goods, and in which people prefer to exchange services for goods rather than money (in other words, in which goods are more valuable than money), is? ”

        A: Inflation/Hyperinflation.

        • okay , turns out i was more concerned about math and logical than gk . yes , common sense fail .  Thank you for pointing it out . *dimag ki batti turns on now* 😐 

  45. hey!dis was an unfair paper!!wat happned to d legal section !even d principle based questions and assertions wer based on legal knowledge!!dis is nt done!!btw
    was the dada saheb phalke award even there as a question!i had c series!i didnt see dat question

    • ALSO because many of us attempt the legal section first!!looking at the questions actually boggles our mind!!i screwed up logical at the end coz all d confidence i had had gone down below zero

  46. The estimated cut-off ‘s provided below are subject to minor variation of +/-5 marks.
    Tier I Law Schools: 137-142
    Tier II Law Schools: 133-137
    Tier III Law Schools: 127-133

  47. China is the largest iron importer of the world but Japan is the largest iron importer from India. India is the 2nd largest iron exporter to China.

    And Mahesh Bhupati has also turned producer which was also in the option.

    • EXACTLY ! china mines around 270 tons of iron an year , India a mere 40 . why would it bother getting stuff from india ? Also , out quality isn’t that good . 

  48. question 17 was not when India joined UN but when was UN formed…so 1945 would be right
    and Ques 27(Formula 1 race ) … different states were given as options …so i marked New Delhi which would be right 😛

  49. Paper was very easy… it was surprising but than any serious clat aspirant ( like me 😉 !!! ) ofcourse had idea about things they asked i mean legal question were basically logical even the assertion reasons and questions without principle. I believe it was hell lot of less shock than CLAT 2011. Also, GK static questions seems to be static but were actually from detailed current GK… serious reading of The Hindu whole year paid off… like the first woman DGP was actually awarded last year in woman dgp conference….. the irrigation canal relates to infamous bhanwari devi case as in indra canal her dead and burned body was dumped….

  50. Earth day was definitely not a question. 
    And INS Chakra is not the answer,becuz its not indigenously Indian. It was commissioned by Russia.

  51. Geneva is this year(2012) celebrating the 300th anniversary of the birth of philosopher, writer and composer Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

  52. sir! i shock  to see the paper of clat .we all know that this session only current affair asked no gk.but they include gk this is fraud.we have spend many time and money on current affairs.not only this they are asked question based on legal gk.but it not mention in syllabus.they say that from this session no legal gk is test only legal reasoning is to be tested.this is only called fraud.how can they do this with all candidates.

  53. Can you please discuss the logical reasoning and legal knowledge sections as well.Some of them were really ambiguous.

  54. Oh, yeah. If there is an excess cash in-flow and commodities are also in excess, then what condition is it?
    If my memory serves me right, the options were: inflation, deflation, fiscal deficit and something else.

    • the fourth option was, ‘hyperinflation’, which according to me was the right answer. It spoke of an excess cash in-flow and a deficit of commodities in the market, a situation in which commodities are more valuable than money itself. This is what happened in the case of hyperinflation in Germany in the 1920’s.

      • inflation , by definition , is when a given product costs more that what it used to a few months back or something . hyperinflation is an extreme case of this (3 bagloads of cash for a loaf of bread :O ). that is not the answer . Trade deficit is . I didn’t know the technical meanings either , but it was mostly common sense . 

  55. it was definitely first indian to ski to the north pole
    and 10 december was an option in human rights day ka question

    • Yeah, the values were 17500, 19000 , 25000 and 15000(Not sure about this one).
      Basically, nowhere near the 2.5 Lakhs that somebody has mentioned here, and Googling the question didn’t really help give a concrete answer.

  56. The navy vessel question was not the first nuclear submarine. It was ‘Which nuclear powered submarine is currently underconstruction in India?’ INS Arihant is a nuclear powered submarine but not currently underconstruction. INS Chakra, recently commissioned, is the first nuclear weapon enabled submarine and not nuclear powered. I took a random guess in the other two options.

  57. @Above
    INS Chakra (Nerpa or Akula II) is a Russian SSK which India has leased and it has been commissioned (its in service), its nuclear powered but not tipped with nuclear missiles (Read: SSK or Attack Submarine).

    INS Arihant is an Indian SSBN which is STILL under construction. (It is as good as a house of whose walls are erected and then u have a party about having a new house, but the house is not said to be complete until all works are done)

    So it has to be INS Arihant, firstly it is the only indigenous submarine and secondly its still under construction.

    Question was Name the indigenous nuclear submarine which is under construction.

  58. similarly titanic was in news last year…. it sunk in s shaped atlantic ocean plus A man from Hungary has become the first person to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a canoe after he traveled from Europe to the Caribbean.   Legal and GK were merely tricky… hard working students will be rewarded ….unlike clat 2011 which was per se unfair by  focusing it too much on reasoning on all subjects baring gk and maths.

    • If there’s more money, but the same amount of stuff to spend it on, the value of each unit of money reduces. That is inflation. And that is also why the RBI raises interest rates to curb inflation, because then there would be less money available.

  59. They didn’t ask about the submarine the first submarine, they asked about the latest.
    They also mentioned it was still under construction.

  60. there is a news that some students are filing case against CLAT…
    if it so happens…will we have to give CLAt again??

  61. China is wrong. After, Beijing Olympics India stopped Iron Ore Production to China. The correct answer is Japan

  62. in the official website of clat,there has been mentioned that only the happening between march 2011 to march 2012 will b asked in gk section..bt there was moch questions fron history etc….y is it so?????? 

  63. To all you people who say 2012’s paper was better than 2011 clat, and basing their arguments on the huge majorty who flunked 20 to 30 questions. 
    just cause 14 trillion flies say eat shit, does not make it a norm. if there is to be a general consensus, it has to be an educated and logical one. 2011 paper was a an excellent paper, based on pure logic and understanding.  look at the kids they produced last year…they were of the highest caliber …..the paper was worthy of being a gateway to the major law colleges in india….and there was no luck involved…..whereas the paper this year was shit for face quality…total divination from the syllabus….and people here have the audacity to talk about how was a premier law school paper and not a cakewalk. well the longest highway……2012 olympics……. biggest canal……..what is light year……….are not really what i’d call quality paper. and the people who say this was a good paper are really saying that …”thank god it was an easy paper ……i was shiting my pants”.

  64. hey. Instead of all you guys posting that clat was
    horrible and everything, why don’t you all just
    send a mail to helpdesk@clat.ac.in and ask them if they were out of their goddam minds deviating
    from the pattern. And ask them to fix the mistake
    one way or another. Atleast then something
    would happen. A mail and a phonecall from each
    one of you reading this. Email : helpdesk@clat.ac.in # : (0291) 2577044,
    2577045, 2577138, 2577526

  65. who presides over lok sabha and rajya sabha……??????????????????????????????????????????????
    i ticked prez

  66. 28. Arab Summit of 2012 took place in?
    30. ‘The Google Story’ is a book written by?
    37. The Architect Le Corbusier wass a citizen of which country
    38.Who won the UNESCO King Sejong Literacy Prize?
    39.On which day is the ‘Earth Day’ celebrated every year
    can anyone provide me options 4 these questions??????????????????????????????????

  67. Just want to know the person(s) who prepared that piece(clat question paper) of CRAP,and i will surely kill them

  68. If my memory serves me right, the 49th question was, ” The phenomenon when there is excess of money relative to the supply of goods, and in which people prefer to exchange services for goods rather than money (in other words, in which goods are more valuable than money), is? ”

    And the answer to that would be ” Hyperinflation”.

  69. arindanam wasnt an option. the answer is arihant. arindanam was hardly in the news. arihant is still under process.

  70. First of all, thanks for the questions. I think the answer to question 29 is wrong. Actually the question was something like ” How many years has it been *upto 2011* since NREGA was implemented? ” NREGA was implemented in Feb 2006. So It has been 5 years. I am not sure about this. Will you be kind enough to check it with someone else and update this page if there is any change? Thank you!

  71. at least few of the questions that u have mentioned minimum 2 were not there in my question paper i.e miit romeny and mount everest…climer and i m sure.. my code was A

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