GK Section of SET (Symbiosis Entrance Test)


Alright. All the credits to the CLATGyaners again, specifically Adithya Reddy and Sindhija Satti (both from Hyderabad), for sending us the questions. πŸ™‚

The answers have been marked in bold.

1. Recently, Mr Hosni Mubarak’s Government was toppled by people’s movement in Egypt. It is popularly known as:
a. Blue revolution
b. Pink revolution
c. Desert storm
d. Jasmine revolution

The answer to this question is ‘Inqilab-e-Shabaab’ or ‘Lotus Revolution’. Hence, hopefully… all the candidates will get a mark for this.

2. Which of the following law is applicable in the state of Jammu and Kashmir?

a. Indian Penal Code
b. Ranbir Penal Code
d. Kashmir penal code

3. Which of the following states has become the first state in India to offer government job to an HIV positive candidate?
a. Maharashtra
b. UP
c. Chattisgarh
d. Kerala

4. In which state are the maximum number of airports situated:
a. Maharashtra
b. Madhya Pradesh
c. Himachal Pradesh
d. Gujarat

5. Which country of the following is known as “Gaul”?
a. Britain
b. Ireland
c. Iceland
d. France

6. The author of the book β€œMy Country, My Life”:
a. Sonia Gandhi
b. L.K Advani
c. Jaswant Singh
d. Pervez Musharaf

7. In which place will India’s first Indira Gandhi National Tribunal University be set up?
a. Amarkantak
b. Nagpur
c. Dhule
d. Noida

8. For respiration deep sea divers use a mixture of?
a. Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide
b. Hydrogen and Oxygen
c. Oxygen and Nitrogen
d. Oxygen and Helium

9. Who among the following Pakistan national was awarded the Bharath Ratna by the Indian Government?
a. Liqat Ali Khan
b. M A Jinnah
c. Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
d. Muhammed Iqbal

10. Recently the security council imposed sanctions on?
a. Liberia
b. Tunisia
c. Libya
d. Egypt

11. Which of the following is known as black gold?
a. Coal
b. Petroleum
c. Diamond
d. Mica

12. A writ issued by the SC compelling a quasi-judicial/public authority to perform its mandatory duty is:
a. Quo Warranto
b. Mandamus
c. Certiorari
d. Prohibition

13. The science of Ornithology deals with:
a. Birds
b. Fossils
c. Insects
d. Reptiles

14. Which of the following is not a constitutional body?
a. Union Public Services Commission
b. Finance Commission
c. Planning Commission
d. Election Commission

15. India’s youngest grandmaster(chess):
a. Saurav Ghoshal
b. S.P Sethuraman
c. Parimarjan Negi
d. K.Hampi

16. The host of 2018 Football World Cup will be:
a. Japan
b. India
c. Brazil
d. Russia

17. Which film got the golden peacock award in the 41st IFFI?
a. Moner Manush
b. The boy
c. Shwas
d. Paa

18. Which one of the following plan duration is realted to XI five year plan in India?
a. 2005-2010
b. 2006-2011
c. 2007-2012
d. 2008-2013

19. Smart Money is a term used for:
a. Internet Banking
b. Credit Card
c. Saving Account in the bank
d. Current account int the bank.

20. Which one of the following organisation recently celebrated the silver jubilee year of its establishment?
c. G-20
d. G-8

21. Who among the following did not receive the nobel prize for economics?
a. Christopher Pissarides
b. Peter Diamond
c. Dale Mortensen
d. Akira Suzuki

22. Enemy Property Law which has been recently amended by the Union Govt. relates to:
a. Properties of those who migrated to Pakistan after Partition
b. Properties Captured by India during the war with Pak and China
c. Properties owned by those Indians indulging in terrorist and disruptive activities
d. Properties captured by India during war with Pak and Bangladesh

23. India has recently signed Social Security Agreement with-
a. Japan
b. S.Korea
c. Germany
d. Italy

The above question has two answers. Marking either of them will give you one mark.

24. As per the Lok Pall Bill recently finalized by the Union Govt., the Lok Pall would be a:
a. 4 member body
b. 3 member body
c. 5 member body
d. 6 member body

25. Which of the following provisions is not incorporated in the judicial accountability bill recently approved by the cabinet?
a. The bill will mandate judges to declare assets and liabilities
b. Oversight committee to be headed by a retired CJI
c. Public can lodge complaints against judges with a national oversight committee
d. The bill also requires the judges to have close association with any member of the bar.

26. Who of the following is the 4th woman judge appointed in the SC in india in April,2010?
a. Fatima Beevi
b. Sujata Manohar
c. Gyan Sudha Mishra
d. Ruma Pal

27. The speed of light will be minimum while passing through:
a. Glass
b. Vacuum
c. Water
d. Air

28. On which of the following achievements does the UNDP human development report base its rating of HDI(Human development index) in respect of different countries?
1. Life expectancy
2. Educational attainment
3. Adjusted real income
a. 1&2
b. 2&3
c. 1&3
d. 1,2,3

29. The “Abhors” are:
a. An adivasi tribe in bastar
b. A clan of dacoits
c. A tribe of mongoloid blood
d. Extinct now

Both A and C are right. Marking either of them will give you a mark.

30. The preamble of the Indian Constitution was largely influenced by the Constitution of:
a. U.S.A
b. Irish Republic
c. Canada
d. Australia

The questions have been published only for the sake of information and we do not intend to infringe the Copyrights of Symbiosis Law School or Symbiosis International University.

The CLATGyan Team.


  1. Regarding Q.30, I thought the preamble was influenced by USA. Damn :O
    Getting 17 correct otherwise πŸ˜€

  2. preamble is australian constitution (as given in my LST module) and 14 confuses me ’cause i think all the given options are constitutional bodies…googled them!

  3. Planning Commission is a non-Constitutional (not created by the Constitution) and is an Executive body (created by an Executive order).

  4. Are you guys sure about 29?
    Abhors is a tribe but not in Bastar region. Thats what google tells me.
    But there was no better option.

  5. Chaalo.. Not bad.
    Oxygen + nitrogen I thought. Since the nitrogen content is so high in the atmosphere. SP sethuraman I thought. Just noticed him more than negi somehow. His nerdy glasses and chandan tika.

  6. Gk seems to be quite easier and scoring this time with questions from current affairs mostly featuring in the paper! Otherwise SET 2010 had absurd questions like where was Sunda strait located and all…
    Static gk questions were also quite sensible in this paper!!

  7. Since i had not taken de symbi paper ., ans 4 30 is usa nd answer 4 1 is pink revolution or lotus revolution.. Some questions are just de scrapper., 4m irish we had taken “DPSP”

  8. hey…thanks for the solution frm gk section!!!!
    can u please upload the answer keys of other sections also??

  9. questn 30 cant b Irish republic…it shud be British……bt as its not in d option, Irsih is correct…..:)

  10. all you people doing a great job ..your compendiums are way better than LST and every mark that i score in g.k its coz of you all… your guidance was ultimate thanks a lot ..n sorry for nagging you so much.. :))

  11. Hmm i’m surprised most of u think preamble was adopted 4m irish or uk… Both are wrong .. Usa is de right answer… Nlu-d gk was much standardized dan symbi one …

  12. What is the correct answer for maximum number of airports.. Is it Gujarat or Maharashtra. One of the guy has given d link above. According to that link there are 14 airports in Gujarat. Can u give me the correct answer for this??

    • Question No.24 should be 5 member body:
      Prashant bhushan,Shanti Bhushan,Arvind kejriwal,Pranab Mukherjee and Justice Hegde.

      And the youngest grandmaster should be Parimarjan Negi!
      Please confirm.

      • Now, the transport and Maritime Law expert shall speak.

        Gujju airports – Amreli, Bhavnagar, Bhuj, Deesa, Ahmedabad (SVP Int’l), Diu (the airport falls in Gujarat), Kandla, Jamnagar, Keshod, Porbandar, Radhanpur, Rajkot, Surat, Vadodara.

        Maha airports – Amby Valley (a lovely place), Akola, Baramati, Chanda, Aurangabad, Mumbai (CSIA), Mumbai (Juhu), Dhule, Gandhinagar (Nashik), Ambedkar Int’l (Nagpur), Karad, Gondia, Jalgaon, Murud Kond, Kolhapur, Nanded, Ozar Air Force Base, Pune (Lohegaon), Ratnagiri, Shirpur, Solapur, Vijay Nagar (Nashik).

        Oh, and Arpit, this wasn’t for you – it was, uh, general for everyone.

  13. where i can find solution for other sections….???
    want to check myself??
    as i won’t b e givin clat lost my registered no..-(

  14. SP sethuraman is Indias youngest grandmaster …he pipped P Negi by 16 days by winning his 03 Gm in December….
    And thanks CG for the excellent compendiums..couldn’t have done it with out you πŸ˜€
    and yes please..what should be a good score in GK??

  15. 1. Jasmine Revolution
    4. Gujarat
    I found these(after googling) as the answers to the corresponding questions.

  16. SET LAW 2011 Answer Key
    1 B 31 A 61 D 91 B 121 D
    2 * 32 A 62 D 92 C 122 B
    3 D 33 B 63 C 93 A 123 D
    4 C 34 A 64 C 94 B 124 A
    5 C 35 A 65 B 95 C 125 D
    6 A 36 A 66 B 96 C 126 B
    7 D 37 B 67 D 97 C 127 A
    8 A 38 D 68 A 98 D 128 D
    9 C 39 A 69 C 99 C 129 C
    10 A 40 C 70 B 100 B 130 C
    11 B 41 C 71 D 101 B 131 B
    12 * 42 B 72 C 102 C 132 B
    13 A 43 D 73 B 103 C 133 A
    14 A 44 C 74 D 104 D 134 C
    15 B 45 A 75 D 105 A 135 C
    16 A 46 D 76 C 106 C 136 D
    17 C 47 B 77 C 107 C 137 A
    18 B 48 D 78 D 108 C 138 C
    19 D 49 D 79 D 109 B 139 B
    20 D 50 C 80 A 110 A 140 A
    21 A 51 D 81 B 111 A 141 D
    22 A 52 B 82 C 112 D 142 A
    23 A 53 A 83 A 113 D 143 B
    24 D 54 C 84 B 114 C 144 B
    25 D 55 A 85 C 115 D 145 D
    26 C 56 D 86 B 116 * 146 C
    27 B 57 B 87 C 117 A 147 A
    28 A 58 D 88 B 118 B 148 D
    29 D 59 A 89 D 119 A 149 C
    30 D 60 A 90 C 120 D 150 A

  17. The concept of the existence of a Preamble is from US. The language of the preamble however is from Australia.

  18. offfffffff some answers of lst re wrong ………since i had not taken de symbi test but it takes me 1 full day 2 solve de paper ………. gk section —— 135 -B
    121 – NONE OF DE ABOV OPTIONS ie E πŸ™‚ jasmine revolution was provoked in tunisia …. (problem: refer pd edition of march) 135= refer competetion in focus edition – december – 16 days was de margin ..

    legal reasoning :44 – D 45 :B how can it be criminal intimadtion ( lst answer ) …. some questions re 4m lexis -nexis if someone is using lexis nexis plz refer
    q1060 nd 643 OF LEGAL GK SECTION …. clat gyaners i’m dubious abt dis one do u think mayhem constitute 2 tresspass 2 person ….. according 2 me 3 things come under trespass2 person
    1. assault 2 . battery 3. false imprisonment …. plz help me out in dis one

    • Mayhem doesnt come under tresspass.. I checkd in wiki for all four and apart from Mayhem all come under tresspass.. ! Though nothing bout mayhem is confirmed but deductively looks very much the answer .

    • I think you are crazy.

      I spent *15* Minutes typing that entire list out, and still you say Gujarat!

      I think you need to go and drink some kaapi. Not coffee. Kaapi. Which stirs Southern brains like mine into action (and gets him married, eventually).

  19. Cg team is doing a wonderful thing , but it will be more helpful if u provide aall the answer of set paper…….pls

  20. bhaiya…..what should be the answer of question 42…..because when i solved ur mock test…..according to that mother is not liable for that….because she took all the precaution which was necessary..but all my friends is saying that answer should be (b)…..plzz….reply me soon

  21. I thought the 30th question was U.S.A? I vividly remember reading somewhere that the U.S.A constitution begins with WE THE PEOPLE…

  22. Also, a request to all you guys, I know it’s cumbersome, but if you could type out in full and not use SMS lingo ( the way me or Asad, or Aymen or any Clatgyan team member does), it would help us solve your doubts better.

    Just a request. πŸ™‚

      • I was serious when I meant that, sire.

        Also to add, we try to solve *every body’s* doubts whenever we are asked one. When we miss it, it’s either that the doubt has already been addressed, or it would be if it is relevant for the readers of that thread. If we miss out temporarily on anything, blame it on internships or something, but we usually never do that.

        Another advice: Stop SETing, start CLATting. or NLUOing.

  23. Heyy ! Im kinda tensed.. I counted my score ..its coming 104.. Stuffed up in English & Legal unexpectedly… Any idea about the cut off this year and if it all, by any chance Im gonna get ?

  24. hey guys can anyone tell me the answer of this following-

    que.- having derived from their(1) homes in the recent earthquake(2) they had no other option but(3) to take shelter in a school(4) no error(5)

    i found the answer is (4),,,but i think it should be (1) having derived to their homes

    que.- which of the following states has declared 2008 as the ‘year of education’?

    1. Haryana 2. Bihar 3. Gujrat 4. Uttar pradesh

    • thanks Pranav,,,but r u sure it’s Haryana,,,,,,,will u pls tell me how can i improve my english section,,,,u no my english is very poor,,,



  26. HEY…..Anchit and Pranav help me again yaar,,,,try to ans- am confused from 2 ,,,,,find out the error-
    Q it being an important (1)letter, the draft had to be (2)seen by the governor (3)itself for approval (4)no error(5),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i think it’s (1),,,,,,explain also

    Q the dog let out (1)a blood chilling (2)howling when it was (3)given the injection(4) no error(5),,,,,,i think it’s (4),,,,explain also

  27. hey guys 1gudnews he,,,,,,ki ki ki,,,,,DU,,,,is offering 5 year law after graduation,,,so those student who hav crossed their age limit,,,,don’t worry,,,,thanx

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