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A lot has been said about my college, Government Law College, Mumbai and it has been compared to other colleges in terms of everything. In all those arguments, my college was praised by some while facing criticism from others. But does anyone really know the reality of the college?

Firstly, I would like to make it clear that Government Law College, Mumbai is unaffected by opinions. It will never showcase or advertise its greatness. And secondly, a student of GLC knows the reality of the college, better than the  outsiders. It’s easy to point out the pros and cons of anything, but it’s dangerous to do so without experiencing it.

When I set my foot in GLC, my view about the college was entirely different from what it is today. There’s no denying the fact that GLC is the unarguable giant in Indian legal education[1], and being the oldest law school of the continent, it has withstood the test of time. It is evident from the fact that despite the rise in the number of NLUs in recent years, GLC continues to attract legal aspirants from across the country and abroad, and has been ranked as one of the top law colleges in India by various prominent surveys and organizations. All of us are aware about the alumni as well as the legacy of this college, but is that only what this college has left in it? That’s a big question.

I will refrain from comparing it to other colleges and I will let India Today and Outlook work out the rankings. But as a student of GLC, I will give you five major reasons that would make you join this formidable institution, which really makes it one of the most distinguished law schools in the country.

1) Active Student Life

The college has a very active student life with as many as 20 student run committees which organize moot courts, debates, essay competitions and other activities which help improving the legal knowledge and the oratory and literary skills of the aspiring candidates.[2]

Moot court competitions have been a regular feature since 1936. In fact, the Moot Court Association of Government Law College is the oldest mooting association in the country that singularly coordinates all mooting activities at GLC and plays an imperative role in honing advocacy skills of the students.[3] As an annual tradition, it hosts the globally renowned D. M. Harish Memorial International Moot Court Competition and the reputed Chief Justice M. C. Chagla Memorial National Moot Court Competition.

The student committees also encourage sports, music, dance and drama. National and international events are organized every month, and trust me, there is literally a fight to book the rooms! All the committees, with Students’ Council as the apex, play a vital role in keeping the flag of GLC flying high, while developing the overall personality of students.

2) Placements

The Placement Cell of GLC works very hard to benefit both the students and the potential employers, and is known for its efficiency and perfection. In fact, the college placed a total of 84 students from their 2015 graduating batch. Out of this, 38 jobs were secured through the college’s Placement Cell.[4] Out of the 183 students from the 3-year and 5-year courses who registered for placements, some were placed in law firms such as Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas, AZB & Partners and Bharucha & Partners. A few of them took up offers at corporates such as Reliance Capital and Ernst & Young.

The placement statistics also reveal a number of interesting career choices. One student has joined the Indian Academy of Law and Management, while another will work at the International Justice Mission. When it comes to litigation, 15 students have joined the chambers of various advocates, while a few students have also accepted offers at CA/CS firms and insurance companies.[5]

3) Running Internships

Now this is important. ‘Outsiders’ think that the students of GLC are interning only, as there are no lectures. That is not true! Lectures are held regularly at GLC, but it is up to the students to attend the lectures they want to attend! You will never be forced to attend a boring lecture, nor is the sword of 90% attendance hanging over you.

Due to flexible college timings, students start pursuing their internships from the 2nd year of the college itself. Thus at the time of graduation, they have the expertise and knowledge, which can be considered to be at par with working law professionals. I’m proud to say that my college can count itself among the law colleges in the country that expose their students to a pandora of work opportunities in the legal field.

4) Location – Beneficial for Solicitors and Litigation

Government Law College is one of the few legal institutions that gives its students an opportunity to enroll for the Solicitors’ Exam while undergoing their graduation studies. Taking full advantage of being situated in the financial capital of India, the students of GLC work as article clerks simultaneously, thereby fulfilling one of the requirements of a full-fledged solicitor.

Many students also choose the option of practising law, both in India and abroad. Again, the location of the college, in close proximity to the Bombay High Court plays a vital role. Many top practising advocates and judges of Mumbai and India are GLC alumni. Generally, students of GLC are known to do extremely well in litigation.

5) Professional Courses

Students get an opportunity to undergo add-on professional courses like C.S., C.A., and C.F.A. These courses enable students to expand their knowledge and awareness, even as fresh graduates. In fact, many of my batchmates and seniors are pursuing law and CA/CS simultaneously.

Lastly, GLC has always been a traditional law school, and it has all that you need. But you have to work hard and get it. The college is not meant for dreamers, it is a place for those who dare to stand up after falling. If you are one, this college is meant for you. And trust me, once you’re here, your life will become so busy that you will fall in love with it and this college. Good luck!

P.S.: The fee of the college, for 5 years in totum, will not exceed INR 60,000/-. Quite affordable, isn’t it?


  1. i really like the article!!! its a good read.
    that being said it quite difficult to get in the college now because of the CET test. do you have any tips for the exam.

    • Thank you Akshat! I agree with you when you say that getting into GLC is quite difficult now, but the reason for that is that now, to the best of my knowledge, there are only 24 seats for General Category, outside Maharashtra. I think if you’ve taken CLAT, it is going to help you immensely to prepare for CET, as the pattern is almost the same. You can check up college website: glcmumbai.com : for further details. All the best! 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for this!! I always wondered if GLC had lectures or a student life at all, but this article seems to make things perfectly clear. I wish I get through CET now! GLC is a great, great institution 🙂

  3. Now my satisfaction level is on its peak,Thank-you for this wonderful article. I have a query regarding hostel..can u tell me about it..!

    • My pleasure, Anshika. With regards to your query, I would like to clarify that GLC does not have a hostel of its own. A few seats are allocated in GCH & IYCH for boys & Savitribai Phule Hostel for girls. But then again, it is very difficult to get into these hostels due to their sparse annual intake. Perhaps, you should make up your mind to live in a flat or as a PG if you’re going to get into GLC. 

    • State CET cell has received total 36,912 registrations for the first Mah CET (for both 3 & 5 years law courses) and the official data reveals that the test has attracted many aspirants outside the state.

    • It depends on which NLU you’re comparing it with. I personally feel that NLUs have a better infrastructure and a more updated & specialized curriculum. I have been to NLIU, RGNUL, RML quite recently for moots, and trust me, they give that “NLU” feeling. You do not have that kind of infrastructure in the 160 year old GLC. And since our college is not autonomous, we undergo the syllabus prescribed the the University of Mumbai, which is a disadvantage in its own. However, what gives GLCites an edge over NLU students is the concept of “running internships”. As I’ve mentioned in the above article, GLCites start interning from the 2nd year of the college itself. Thus at the time of graduation, they have the expertise and knowledge, which can be considered to be at par with working law professionals.

  4. Wow! GLC is really awesome. But getting in is equally difficult. Any idea about how many people have applied in MH CET this year? 

    • State CET cell has received total 36,912 registrations for the first Mah CET (for both 3 & 5 years law courses) and the official data reveals that the test has attracted many aspirants outside the state.

  5. A much needed post, as one easily doesn’t find much info about GLC .
    Nice work and perfect timing Shivam! I hope after reading this, law aspirants will take a wise decision before taking admission in any law college in the upcoming academic year.
    PS. GLC is awesome 😀

    • GLC is located in Mumbai’s most posh area – Churchgate. Therefore all PGs nearby are quite expensive, though they are safe.

  6. Hey, great article!
    Can you please tell ke the number of seats available in glc particularly for 3yr law outside Maharashtra general category?
    And how many forms have been filled for 3 year particularly.

  7. A very impressive, informative and well-written article. We expect none the less from you Shivam. Keep it up! 

  8. Very nicely embossed about GLC. Feels really proud to be part of one of the greatest and best institution of India.. Thank you so much Shivam, for such a lovely and admiring post.

  9. Thank you for this wonderful piece of information. But I have a doubt . Which college should I opt for HNLU Raipur or GLC Mumbai.

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