The Immature Government


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This is my attempt at trying to put light on something which everyone is aware of, or to be precise, something everyone is a part of. “The contradictory face of the Indian government”. The government empowers the youth by suppressing it, enlightens the people by keeping them in the dark, and kick-starts people’s lives by pulling them back. I would like to make my point by comparing the voting age and the permissible drinking age in India. The legal age for voting is 18 years, while the legal age for drinking is 25 years in India. The government says that the youth majorly contribute in choosing our leaders and that the time has come for them to take up the future of this country in their hands. However, when questioned about the drinking age, the government says that a person can be completely mature and in control of making decisions only after reaching the age of 25 years. Based on these contradicting statement, can we say that the leaders of our country are chosen by a bunch of “immature people” who have no control over themselves? You can go grab an Oxford dictionary but you still won’t find a better meaning for the word “contradictory”.

India is a country where leaders are famous for staying silent when they are required to speak out over social issues. To make a situation that requires immediate attention into a frivolous issue, the leaders take no time into turning themselves into gargoyles when the situation is to be taken lightly.

The “Lok Sabha” or better known as WWE Monday night Raw competes with The “Rajya Sabha” or Friday night Smackdown on the number of days they can waste by destroying tables, lives and laws  instead of progressing towards making India a better country to live in. But it’s not their fault, to be honest, because public welfare is just a small concern which can be taken care of in jiffy. The main concern is Rahul Gandhi v Narendra Modi because this is not India, this is not Sparta. THIS IS THE PARLIAMENT!


  1. Nicely articulated. You have hit nail on the head Jay. Given some important point to political class to ponder over self contradictory laws they have enacted and passed in the parliament over the years. You have thrown light on the issue and its up to those enlightened few to think over it again and correct it and put records straight. Keep it up young man 

    • Thankyou so much 😀 I have learnt all these small things about the government by listening to all of you over the years, and penning them down is just a small return to all the things that you all have taught me.

  2. u have just pointed out the fact what government should think about, gov should go through the existing laws, that really need to be carefully examined where ever needed.
    amazing, keep it up…!

  3. Nice one Jay…this article is a perfect example of the contradicting nature of our government…and loved those WWE refrences describing Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha …and the sparta one too…
    Well done brother

  4. Very well written Jay. You have pointed out correctly in your article things that should not be happening in a democratic parliament. Ideas should be thrown around not furnitures and waste public resources. Good job. Keep up the good work. 

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