A Jaded Look at ILNU (submitted anonymously)


NOTE: We had very nearly decided not to publish this post, but finally went ahead – our concerns of controversy mollified by a desire to generate substantive dialogue on the issues highlighted. It is our sincere hope that it is in this spirit that the post is received. Please note that this post DOES NOT reflect the opinions held by CLATGyan, nor are we equipped to offer an opinion of such nature. All opinions expressed are those of the author alone. We invite reply pieces at post@clatgyan.com. 

This article has been submitted for the CLATGyan Blog Post Writing Competition by a student of the Institute of Law, NIRMA University, who goes by the pseudonym “Agent Vinod”. If you think this article is a good read, ‘Like’ this article on Facebook (the button is at the bottom of this piece) or post a comment using the ‘comments’ section below.


“Things will get better with time. This is Nirma, after all. You will get used to the dhulaai” said some of my seniors back in my first year. Two years later, the same pangs of despair and desperation persist. Depressed by the shameless advertising my institution has indulged in to trap poor 12th pass outs these days, I thought of it as my dharma to write this piece. Anyone expecting a love story between a student with his classroom, walls, ceiling, floors etc. may well stop reading beyond this point. Its Institute of Law, Nirma University we are talking about and I hate don’t quite like it here.

To begin with, let’s start with the biggest farce that the students of this University are told. Google “Nirma University” and the Wikipedia page tells you about a “Nirma University of Science and Technology” dating back to 2003. Institute of Law came only in 2007. The Law building that you see on the website of this “Institute” is an image of the Institute of Management. In a sprawling 120 acre campus well outside the city of Ahmedabad, this place will certainly soothe the eyes of your parents, who will love every bit of the “Nirma University” that will be on show (Read : The fountain will be working alright, the guards will be polite, Management canteen food shall be served etc). But it is after the fee has been paid and the gates of admission are locked, does the real screwing up of mind and body start in the right earnest.

Forget academics and moots and everything else. Basic stuff first. Need Wi-Fi connectivity for the Internet for which you paid? Ordinary logic would have suggested that there be a distributed Internet Servers in all blocks of the campus, where students could get all their queries addressed. But hey! You fill up a form in the ILNU Computer Lab and get it signed by the Server guy here. Then you take your laptop with you to a long walk to the Technology department, where they will install the required settings and you are granted access to the ILNU Wi-Fi. If any problems arise, you are again expected to take a walk down to the Technology block. All this for a Wi-Fi on which the maximum that one can access is Gmail and TOI (The Hindu, also I think).  Legally India? NO. Barandbench? NO. CLATGYAN? NO. One has to go to the Library to access the aforementioned, where, thanks to a few computer systems and too many students, chances are that you may have to depend upon the Wi-fi at the hostel/PG for most of the work. The entire Nirma University has a common cyber sphere and it is pretty much restricted.

More runs on similar lines – the payment of fees/payment of fine/Mobile Penalty Charges (It’s not only expensive to get caught with your mobile in class, but tiring as well) at the Institute is another such drama, where the cheque/DD/money does not get submitted to the ILNU Staff Office but at the Institute of Management Staff Office, which is another long walk from the Law building. Such levels of thoughtlessness reflect brilliantly upon the Institute, as none of the bright sparks thought of saving students and parents so much trouble.

Next up, Academics. Two things. Of late, most of the faculty that has been recruited is fresh out of their LLM, and is therefore pretty inexperienced. Second, the old stock of faculty that we have here, (barring 2 professors) is rather average. That is about it. What is the student at ILNU subjected to? Chants of CCE! CCE! CCE! reverberate around ILNU like the chants of “Har Har Mahadev” in the Kashi Vishwanath Temple in Varanasi. However, the “system” (as RaGa would say) in which the college runs, ruins the very foundations on the hopes of which “CCE” is implemented. I have discussed this with students across all semesters and broadly, this is what happens here:

1. Sem begins. (Nothing happens)

2. 1 month later…we are 1 month into the Sem (Nothing happens)

3. 2 months later…CE Tests start to happen (Something happens)

4. After CE Tests… (Nothing Happens)

5. Hello! The semester is about to end! 20 Days till the sem ends! Everyone wakes up. PROJECTS! ASSIGNMENTS! VIVAS! LAST MINUTE HAND WRITTEN ASSIGNMENTS! (in case the faculty forgot to conduct the CCE for some/all of the students) (EVERYTHING HAPPENS!)

6. 2 Days before Sem Ends! Screw studies. Let’s play with these kids for some more time. Attendance Review Committee! If you are short of 80%, get ready for numerous assignments, which is the Institute’s way of penalizing students. Students screwing up level: MAXIMUM.

With regard to point 5 and 6, this kills whatever interest students have to come and learn anything in the College. CCE gets reduced to ashes. In what can only be termed as a sadistic approach to learning, the institute succeeds in posing as many stumbling blocks before the students as it can just before the End Sem Exams as it can. The resulting chaos and brouhaha that ensues in the College is actually a treat to watch for a poet/lyricist, with students running helter-skelter during the very last days of a semester with files, papers, medical reports, exemptions.

Next up, Mooting. I think every Law student dreams to be a top notch mooter. The reality of the Mooting scene in ILNU is very very depressing in that aspect. As to why the college, which finds no ranking in the Mooting Premier League, does not succeed in Mooting at the top level despite some brilliant speakers on campus, is a mystery shrouded by many speculations. One thing which is not in speculation in this regard, is the utter disregard to mooters that exists. their moot court policy is such that you will be allowed to go for moot court only once in a year, while other institutions allow students to go for them on the basis of the interest of candidates prevailing at that point of time. Here, they conduct an intra moot, which remains effective throughout the year and moot court competitions are allocated to you as per your ranking. If you are not in the list, you are out of it for the whole year. Any reasonable person can understand the consequences of it. Even international intras are also not spared the horror. Every year, they change the moot policy and let students down at every step. Listening to tales of range of support in terms of academics, attendance, travelling expenses etc that the NLU’s extend to their students, let’s just say ILNU will continue to wander in wilderness in this aspect not because its students deserve so, but because other colleges have their priorities in sight and they care for their reputation and prestige.

Having said all that I have said, there have been a few bright spots too. Some good things the likes of “VIBES” have happened. The facilities at the college are there for all to make use of. So it’s an ideal place for all those aspiring “self-made men and women” out there, for the Institute literally does not really care about you. In all the rush for being deemed “Professionally Skilled“, ILNU seems to have no warm heart beating at the centre. As the upper instances show, the “student” is never at the center of attention in this college. That, to me, is the harsh reality and an extremely sad part of this story. The saddest part, however, is the fact that there is no academic review mechanism that is in place where the grievances/misconduct/academic issues against the Institute authorities can be taken up by the students at the University level which can be reviewed by a 2-3 member review committee, as is the case in most NLU’s. This is something which slams the door shut on any prospective reforms in any regard that may happen at ILNU. In few years’ time, I shall be more than happy to exit and remember this place as just another crazy factory of manufacturing legal robots.

P.S., When an Institute takes credit for an off campus placement (Yes ! THAT 34 Lac placement was OFF campus!), and learns of the holiday schedule of the High Courts only in the middle of the semester after planning the entire Internship schedule during Court holidays, you should learn where the nearest exit route is.


  1. Just realized too many grammatical errors have crept up. Never the less, THANK YOU CG for going beyond your policy rules by publishing this. I would also request all to visit the Comments section of the heavily compromosed BarandBench Interview given by the Director of ILNU for further reality checks on ILNU.

    Thanks Jatin for sharing it on FB 😉 

    • Hello Sir Ji,

      Whoever has writeen this review about Nirma, has copied certain text from my review posted from lawctopus. Please yaar..plagiarism mai college walo ne abhi to itna kar rakha hai…tab to kam se kam copy mat karo..and for others…there is alot which has not been disclosed in this post. this institution sucks..actually..

      • Respected Sir/Ma’am, 

        I take strong exception to the fact that I have been “Sir Ji-ed”, which is proof enough that you think Agent Vinod and Saif Ali Khan, cannot attract female fan base. 😛

        Second, Yes. I had to write something about our Mooting scene, rather the absence of it and had found your words pretty much the reality that happens here. Sorry for not mentioning it. Having mentioned that dreaded P word, I wonder if College authorities now go and put this article on TurnitIn and do a plagiarism check and submit a counter report to CG, claiming this article is funded and sponsored by the Anandiben Narendrabhai Institute of Law, Jethalal University which wants to tarnish the “Skilled” reputation of ILNU.

        Third, I have heard some flying rumours about “Plagiarism Workshop” being conducted from the coming Semester. So all of the efforts/protests/anger has not gone in vain. Cheers.

  2. And I thought only ISNU is allergic to actvities beyond academia. Whoever wrote this, touched a nerve. A very promising read. Glad more students are opening up, ek kranti yahan bi baaki hy.

    • Dear fellow NU mate Swathi, 
      Students are screwed up in every department of NU. Its gladdening to see that you have written about it. The aim of this post was not to create a flutter at ILNU (which, not unexpectedly, it has) but to present the plight of students at NU in general. Kraanti Aayegi. Just be prepared for it.

      NU mein bacchon ko tang karne waalo, NU ki jantaa maaf nahi, ek din saaf kar degi. 

  3. Mr. Vinod, (for you are not competent to be called an Agent )

    You have proven that you are as good as Agent Vinod was in the movie. The views that have hitherto been presented by you are frivolous. No doubt that statements as made by you are true in every sense, but whatever you have endeavored to present herein seems more like a frustration of a random guy spewing venom on Institute. Be informed that your personal diary would have served the same purpose as CG has. You should rather have used the thing known (not to you, to people with some competence) as ‘succinctness’. At ILNU, prevails a whole lot of arbitrariness and servility that you could have reported through this perfect medium, but you rather chose to vent out your personal cry ranging from mooting to wifi and thereby wasted it. I mean Seriously? Did you not see other thing to reveal? Reduce some passion from your life dude.
    I admire your alacrity, but you have failed to mention other relevant things such as capricious attitude of authorities, arbitrary policies for all the semesters (and not just yours you vagrant).

    To decide to reveal something requires guts, but to do it successfully requires assiduity and not passion.

    • This is absolutely rubbish. i don’t know in which institute does this girl live (yes i know the writer is a girl). Yes there are difficulties, but it’s nothing compared to what their outside. you are here to study not to play politics, if you want to do the latter, better join JNU, your revolutionary mindset is needed their. The institute is smart enough to correct itself and it does correct itself. you talk about taking long walks as if Nirma makes you travel 10 KM in hot summer weather which tons of load on you. The distance between ILNU building and techno or Management is hardy 100 mtrs. I don’t know how the writer of this blog will manage the daily hassles of courtroom if she can’t manage a little walk […]

      • @a student,
        I was waiting for one your kind to get back at me. Seriously ! 😀 Please be patient enough with me. 😀

        With all due respect to the consciousness that grips me after noticing glaring errors in my post, “there” and “their” are two different words and have two different usages my friend.
        The Institute is smart enough to correct itself and corrects itself, huh ? Tell me one instance where the senior Institute/University management has even sought to know the arbitrariness that the students are subjected to to, forget any action been taken.
        Also, its not about the distance being 100 or 200 meters between ILNU and IMNU. Its about being technologically challenged in the age where Bitcoins are the future of colleges worldwide. Creating a database and software for every Institute, is something not too far fetch to imagine !
        And yeah, even if Law firms dont really care about ILNU, I do and shall be doing my work in a Law firm, and not a court room. Thank You so much for your concerns, though.   
        I believe my “revolutionist” (Really ?Thanks, 😀 :D) existence is needed at NIRMA for there exist people selfish people like you who really dont care about the Institute, the students, or their own future. (Notice the usage of “there” and “their”,darling) As someone following CLATGyan for quite some time, Altruism is not a bad thing and certainly aint dead in this society. 🙂
        OK. One more thing. Not only am I curious to know since when did I part with my right to decide in which college I should study, I am also wondering when did “a student” climb up my room, lifted my underpants to check whether I had a penis or a vagina ! 

    • Respected Whistleblower,

      These were not merely words. I really did feel strongly about the depressing doldrums that our beloved ILNU is in. And yes, this critique had to find space on the MOST POPULAR PRE LAW SCHOOL WEBSITE IN INDIA instead of my personal diary, the same reason why CG decided to publish this against their policy, because even after knowing the blatant lies filled inside the prospectus to consume potential “Customers” about the CCE..Placements.. etc , I found it suffocating to sit idle and do nothing about it. The Ad’s on B&B, LI only spurred me further. I may have missed on some important points. Yeah, I may have “Passion” in abundance and am not at sorry about it. For all the “Frustrations of a random guy” you crib about, did you NOT read the first para at all ? Thank You, btw, for declaring that you had no doubts that the statements here are true in every sense before dismissing my views as frivolous in the previous statement. Bravo !

      But I feel sorry for you, “Whistleblower” (Completely Paradoxical, that). Staying quiet after possessing the required “Assuidity” to tell the the stuff that really matters must be tough. Add to it, a lack of guts to say anything in the first place and then picking matters with the one who did about the areas one failed to notice (Capricious attitude of authorities, eh ? What else does “Not keeping the student at the centre of the Institute” mean ?). I think the herd mentality does that to you and your ilk. Stealing the thunder does not require much thought, as your thoughts seem to suggest. Whipping up a storm, unfortunately for you, does.  

  4. Oh Come On!!! This institute has so many positive qualities. You talk about wifi system but the reason for that strictness is misuse of wifi by students. College had to face lots of issues like too much data usage, use for wrong purposes etc. They had to use this method to keep a check on defaulters. College is trying for all round development of students. Enrichment courses aim towards that but no student takes them seriously. Experts from different fields, visiting faculties are called to enrich students but we neither give respect to them nor importance. Doubt classes are conducted but nobody attends them. And for God’s sake there is a cyber lab, you can sit n watch movie also. A lot many sites work on wifi like you-tube. There are committees for culture, literature, music etc. Recently institute conducted International moot court and international conference. Both events were successful with participation from all over the wold

  5. @ Miss Agent V
    I apologize to Miss Agent vinod (who’s possession of which reproductive organ, i’m not sure, but one thing i am definitely sure that you are a girl because of your constant nitpicking and complaining attitude) [Editor: Squabble all you want, but please don’t be sexist on this forum. We don’t appreciate it in the slightest. Love, CG.] for my below par english teachings at my hindi medium school. Moving to instances of flexibility and compromise on behalf of the college, every time you ppl are fucked up with your short attendance, your 100% plagiarized work in every submission and every fuck up people like you do, the institute does give you breathing space, it gives you an opportunity to correct yourself with obliviously some punitive action. You can argue the time the institute takes to take a decision and the timing of the decision is inconvenient to students, but you shouldn’t had submitted 100% plagiarized work or attend on 50% of the classes in the first place. Action has consequences and the institute teaches us that very subtly. I am not deciding in which college you should study, but if you have come to play student politics in this institute you have come to a wrong place.

    My dear lady, i don’t know in which alternate universe is bitcoins a future of university. If you had followed some news about bitcoins, you wouldn’t had made that statement. You do your work from anywhere you want, a law firm, a court room, a bathroom, a public rest room or any room you desire, but such revolutionary attitude you posses will land you nowhere. I care about this institute, its students and its faculties, your post is a disgrace to every person who has an interest in our institute. The fact that you voice your concerns is not and issue, but the forum you choose and more importantly the argument and issues you have chosen are their in every institute in some form or the other. Its nothing unique and nothing to be so KRANTIKARI about.

    • Ok. First things first. Let me congratulate you for having a ball at ILNU. Lets just say that 30 odd people associate with this piece. Listen to this young man/woman. University of Cumbria and University of Nicosia in Europe have accepted bitcoins as the form of payment of college fees. I know friends who are educated in Hindi/Marathi/Rajasthani/Punjabi medium who would research well and get their facts right before being publicly humiliated and would never hide behind their educational background years after leaving school/college for their own inefficiencies. Common Sense, and not the knowledge of a particular language is a factor in most of things in life, dear.  Anyway, 21st century Sexist/Khaapist f*tards are worth talking/arguing only till a limit and I feel I have reached my limit. I just hope you and your kind dont multiply fast enough. Peace. 

      • See Mrs./Mr. Agent V, i concede that the way you have put your arguments , you might not be a girl after all.

        Out of almost 1200 students if even one (in your case 30) has a concern about the university it must be heard and his/her issues must be solved, but you choice of forum is wrong and the complains you have, are unfair to the university. Baby, on bitcoins read some recent news articles you will understand, here is a link to reduce your labour ( http://www.nbcnews.com/tech/innovation/dont-be-sucker-bitcoin-scams-sec-warns-n100371 ). Moving to my humble origins, one thing i must credit the college and especially the english faculty is the fact they helped me in being able to get my english on track (may be not perfectly), but atleast i am able to put my thoughts into words. Yes for a person who started learning english after his 12th exams, i have a right to hide behind my educational background. But, again apologies from me and my parents for my humble background.

        Moving on, I thought you were attacking my grammar, and not common sense, so choose first what you wanna attack me on, my dear lady.

  6. Trust me when I tell you that NLUs are no better !! Its the same everywhere (even the pathetic state of average and below-average faculties) . In fact, after getting a taste of an NLU myself, I have come to appreciate the efforts taken by the administration at ILNU to do their best (coz  the administration here doesn’t even give a damn! unless you persistently poke them). I would not mention anything more about that, for it would take another blog post for me to vent it all out. So lets just settle with this misconception that NLUs are better (even i harbored it for quite a while).

    And let me tell you, that by the time we were in our 3rd and 4th years of LLB, we were equally frustrated. So I think I know what u guys must be going through. However, now that I have moved on to the next institution, I realize that what really matters is the willingness of the institution to bring a change in the system and to strive towards amelioration. Remember, NO system in this world is PERFECT!!

    I would like to make just one suggestion (for your own peace of mind), look at the brighter side of things…and keep fighting for what you think is right…there is not gonna be an end to that, even after you pass out from ILNU. 

    • Vijita Di,

      Thanks Di. Suggestion well taken. No system is perfect and most systems are anti students. Yes. I will continue fighting around matters which are important to my conscience irrespective of what people say/think. But as you said, the institution must have a will to change. Now when that will is not present, I think its the students duty to forcibly instill it. 

  7. Mr Agent Vinod, your utter dissatisfaction with ILNU is pretty apparent. I respect your point of view and even agree with a few issues you’ve raised. 
    Having said that, I must pose serious objections to some of the arguments you have made.
    Given that you write this piece to guide ‘poor’ 12th grads who are being ‘trapped’, I wish you had presented a fairer and a more balanced picture of the institute, as expected of any guidance, than letting your personal opinions get the better of you. 
    I find most of your criticisms extremely juvenile and foolish. Let me take them down one by one.
    1. ‘TREACHEROUS LONG WALKS AND WIFI ‘ : I almost laughed after reading about your exasperation with the long walks. Getting your device WiFi configured from the technology block which is not even 100 meters away(long? really??) for once in 5 years does’t strike to me as an issue at all!!! (I got mine done and for the past two years, I haven’t had to see the server room again for there was no glitch).

    Being Technologically challenged? C’mon! Do you expect the university to make a server room for every institute so you don’t have to walk a few steps?? 

    I agree that there were heavy restrictions on the wifi earlier (almost a year ago) which was damn irritating. We complained (not just through a post on CG, of course) and ‘ILNU’s doors for reforms’ were pretty much ajar. You can access almost everything now ( Youtube and porn sites included… hush!!)

    2. TREACHEROUS LONG WALKS- PART 2: Fee/fine payment at ‘management office staff’! It is the university’s accounts section silly (the place where most universities running various colleges would collect fees), its just lies in the IMNU building! And Yikes! It’s also some 100 meters away..!! Duh!

    3. CCE PILED UP: I must concede to the fact that most faculties were lax in terms of regularly conducting CCEs which tends to get accumulated towards the end making things messy. Point taken. But your point about project submissions is unjustified in its entirety. The dates for project submissions are announced as early as the beginning of the semester, which generally lies towards the end of the semester. Now if you sit your arse off the entire semester only to wake up at the end to realize that the projects need to be submitted, it is wholly your fault and not of the institute’s. 
    Let me also mention something that you, in your pursuit of painting a bad picture, would never tell. ILNU has conducted some PWs all over again for those who flunked because the management realized that they were held while a lot of CEs were on and the students did not get a fair chance to prepare. They committed a mistake, gracefully accepted it and mended it too. Something people like you, blinded by hatred, would never see. Since then, CCEs have become much more regular (I can say that for our batch, at least).

    4. ATTENDANCE REVIEW AND ASSIGNMENTS: I can’t believe that you just complained that punishments are painful. As far as I know, that is how it is supposed to be. What keeps people from bunking classes is the fact that they do not wish to be burdened with extra submissions just before the exam. How else do you think you should be punished for flouting rules? Get extra classes by being fines Rs 2000 so as to make up for your  short fall? (That’s how it is in some NLUs)

    5. MOOTING: The ‘correct’ procedure and policy to be applied for moot allocation is a very subjective issue. It is thus that I refrain from commenting on your dissatisfaction with the policy that the institute follows for it is an opinion you hold. 
    Though I personally do not find the system of allotments of moots to be flawed. Here’s why:
    A college that really cares for its ‘prestige and pride’, would never really let any Tom, Dick or Harry represent it in front of other colleges on national and international forums. That is why they hold intras, for national and international moots separately, and if you can’t get through any, then you are considered to be not good enough.
     If intras can be held for Parliamentary Debates and panelists alone be allowed to go for debates (which happens in most NLUs), for the same reason of ‘Prestige and Pride’ why not the for moots??

    6. NO GRIEVANCE REDRESSAL: Gosh! That’s a complete lie! Check out Notification no. NU/AC/Notification/Gri_red/13-117 Which clearly lays down the procedure for student grievance redressal mechanism (covering both academic and non academic issues) starting from the area head level to the head of the institute level to the University level. It is available on university’s website and is put up on the institute’s notice board as well. Oh! They must have forgotten to serve a personal copy to you!

    • True Perturbed
      Maybe my beloved juniors are not aware of Policies of College. And the very fact that they still are in College and haven’t seen what is happening in life outside college (What happens in Nirma, stays in Nirma. The grilling sessions are far worse and I promise there will be many many many long Walks) proves the HATE.
      ILNU didn’t even had Wifi years back, CCE are far more better than Midsems and TAs clashing together. Attendance review committee 😛 😛 Well I hope you are aware of the University’s Rule of Minimum compulsory attendance and the consequences which BTW were intimated before the Admission. Attendance review committee and their assignments are better than NTs (Which would have been the consequence). Although I dont agree with the draconian rule of 85%

      Once you get your degree don’t come if you hate it so much but you will realize that Nirma has made you something. Even if you are not placed through College there will be a lot of things that you would have learned only here.
      Listen to Vijita she is far more experienced than any of you.

      P.S. We were also frustrated, but I realized something when I came to real world everywhere IT IS SAME EVERYWHERE

  8. Mr. Perturbed,
    I dint know I had it in me to “perturb”. 
    There are two types of people one sees the ‘system’ generate. One, who end up on the wrong side of the system and resist the system wherever possible the other who gets the rub of the green in their favour and will till the last drop of blood to maintain status quo.

    My heartiest congratulations to you for having completed two “dream” years at ILNU. I know that to some, ILNU can only go wrong only when it goes wrong against them. Just before the Sem ends, when the PLAGIARISM saga almost resulted into a NT, I could see the daylights disapper in the eyes of many,who always thought nice and did nice to ILNU. Personally, I hope your enthusiasm about ILNU stays this way and happier things happen in the next 3 years too. You and me disagree on the very “Idea of ILNU” if I may borrow the phrase that political liberals having raping around the most these days. Once again, as pointed out in earlier exchanges with a student, its not the distance of Technology or Management that matters but of being “TECHNOLOGICALLY CHALLENGED”. You obviously werent there when the Xerox guy in the ILNU Library flatly used to refuse to do the honours and students had to again go to the K Canteen Xerox room, which as you would know, is the common Xerox room of the University. Now I am sure you might have been very very lucky to ALWAYS finding room to breathe in that room during 11-11:20 and 12:20 to 1:00 when we have our breaks, but alas, yours truly never had such luck.

    When I said, “Academic Review Mechanism” you have got me all wrong. Grievance Redressal and Academic Review are two different things, my friend.

    1. Here is an example of what I am pointing towards–>


    2. Here is the thing if you want to read in detail (Entire report on our NLU neighbours) htttp://www.scribd.com/doc/139542960/GNLU-Review-Commission-Report

    Attendance Review, you say ? The students are asked to come to college even a day or two before Sem ends for the sake of “filling up classes”. No system in place to declare the date of freezing of attendance, so that the DESERVING students know the deadline to submit Exemptions/Medical Certificates (not everyone flouts rules for fun, not everyone loves bunking classes, NOT EVERYONE enjoys being unfairly punished, which is painful, you see). And yes ! The thought of rewarding high attendance, (as done in some of our beloved NLU’s) has not even crossed the minds of those in position of power. Anyway, as far as your point in this regard is concerned, “its not how its supposed to be”.

    Its gonna take more than few arguments to “destroy (in anyway you like. 1 by 1 is much more easier than 2 by 2 or 3 by 3 or 4 by 4, or other ways, I guess)” the criticism, to which strangely you agreed…

    In the conducting and maintaining of the CCE’s !! I mean, in your ILNU experience, how is it possible that a blot (of an academic nature,that) could ever surface ? I am sure it must be an aberration and things shall be all hunky dory soon. Just a correction. The Project topics are announced well into the Semester. Thus, one knows when the dates, as enshrined in the Constitution of Academic Schedulia, but no one knows the TOPIC on which the Project has to be created. Anyway, I am already presuming that the faculties, who were “lax” and had “made things messy” for you, awarded you exceptionally high marks and an A+ for your entire semester.  A+ for the Project Viva which never happened. A+ for the unannounced CCE Viva where that you screwed up so badly. A+ for the Project work, which was 79% PLAGIARIZED and not 81% due to the arbitrary selection of 80% as the benchmark by god knows who. A+ for the PW Marks, in which you did so much of “Project Work” during the semester in the post lunch classes ( Genuine query: WTF is this PW, seriously ? ) A+ for your ability to make the “Lecturers” laugh. A+ for having your “ways” with the “Lecturers” (Happens in NLUs too I know, but my focus is on ILNU as it the only place where I can do something to change ). Keeping my sarcastic hat aside for a moment, there was something about the faculties that I had written, which drew no “Criticism” which is most puzzling and terrifying. (Hat is back on, now) In the interview to B&B, the interviewee said her law school faces “dearth of experienced faculty members problems like other Law Schools” (Like which ones ?) and has “very young faculty members, who would like to prove themselves in the academic field”. So, I also congratulate you on being objects of…errr.. lets interpret the statement in the way it suits oneself. Ask your seniors, “ILNU is an experimental Law School” are very famous words around our corridors. And yeah, btw, Congratulations to you and your system.  A+, is after all, an A+. Cheers.
    (Nothing Personal at all)

  9. Dear Agent Vinod
    Thanks for judging me and making ‘presumptions’ about me when you don’t even know my name, only to curtly mention ‘nothing personal at all’.
    Get me straight, I too have had to face the brunt of the occasional (yes occasional!) heedless attitude of our university. I too have complained. However, I have enough tolerance to not to attack the university out of frustration, without having any good reason.
    So let’s just do away with the conception that life has been prickless for me here (which you ‘think’ is the reason I resist you). It is just that I seem to have managed it with poise, without being nitpicky (unlike you, haww!). In fact, let us make a sensible presumption this time: life ain’t prickless for anyone anywhere. But should that mean you have to blow your brains off and whine about everything. 
    ‘Experimental Law school’ is a phrase much heard indeed, but tell me how else is a new law school expected to evolve than to try out policies and amend them if the need be. ‘We’, the ‘newer’ batches probably haven’t had to be the subjects of these experiments as much and probably this is why we are happy! This is how it works! Why don’t you just stop grumbling about what ‘used to happen when we guys weren’t there’ (the xerox guy is much sober now and the wifi pretty unrestricted).
    Plagiarism is THE word everyone seems to be throwing around to curse the college these days. Which other institute will let you walk away with even 50% of your project being plagiarized. They set the bar at 80% for if they would have kept it even 50%, a huge majority would have flunked. And you have the audacity of calling that arbitrary. If you have a project which is 80% copied, you better be failed! They could have failed tons of students and you have to agree they wouldn’t have been wrong in doing that. But guess what, they still let you walk away with it! However, all the pomp and show this year will make sure that the projects submitted the next time will reflect much more authentic work. The institute got its objective achieved with zero harm.

    You say that the topics are announced well into the semester and one knows the dates of submission too…. and go on to say the very next statement… but you know what…. we don’t know the TOPIC!! (unless ‘topic’ and ‘TOPIC’ are different things, you make no sense) 
    I’m sure you can do better than that, honey.
    I read the links that you posted. Turns out they too are recommending a better grievance redressal system which covers academic issues as well, exactly like the policy we have in place already. And yes, only if you had read the article carefully you would have known that GNLU too faces faculty crunch. Apart from many other top notch institutes like IIT-D and IIT-M. Looks like everyone is facing the faculty problem, so there isn’t anything wrong particularly wrong with ILNU. (Read Vijita di’s remark about the same, the problem is everywhere) 

    Anyway, you did succeed in showing your institute down (read the above post!) by manifesting a largely exaggerated, outdated and false image. Congratulations to you and your like, complaining, after all, can be amazing fun! 

  10. Why say ‘Largely’ , Mr. Perturbed ?  This article is completely exaggerated, outdated and false. And yes I belong to that category of students who find complaining as amazing fun. Also, I am sorry to have overestimated your sense of understanding what my point in personifying ‘you’ was.
    Dear Lord. Now people here have the cheek to even defend the flawed Plagiarism check software, which the faculty’s themselves were critical about. But I am sure any software that thinks that the name of your college and your own name is “Plagiarized” must be a credible one in your dictionary. Yeah so you expect genuine quality work from the students ? I agree with you. However, some blessed people at ILNU have got to realize that the PW classes are meant for the Project Work related help and discussions and not regular lectures. I am sorry that I do not belong to the intellectually superior class of people who were born research paper writers. People like me require some form of help in writing quality research work. Heyy ! Thats why the PW classes exist. When that doesnt happen, people like me either Copy Paste a bit from other sources or get a senior’s project or Copy paste partially. So after this you expect me and my kind to remain grateful to ILNU for not flunking us ? Sorry I am not. You actually believe they have something in them that they could have flunked the whole batch ? (LoL) Either you do not know your batch mates at all or you are obsessed with ILNU management. I can now begin to see some reason behind the perturbness but shall keep it with myself. I hope the ILNU management will feel less perturbed by your opinions, though 😉 Here is my totally uncalled for suggestion : Write a story on the glory of ILNU on CG (keeping in mind the fact that this is CG and not LI or B&B.) Cheers.

  11. It’s no surprise that you stoop down further with each of your comments. Dogmatic and cheesy people only sling filth when faced with criticism.
    You could have rather employed your energies in refuted my arguments “one by one, two by two ..” or whichever way you fancied. Instead, you seem to be busy concocting jibing remarks and issuing unsolicited advises for those in disagreement. I did not come here to do that. Probably I overestimated your capacity to indulge into a meaningful debate.
    Anyway, my experience with overly critical buffoons in the institute tells me no logic will ever satiate their burning desire to whine.
    So I end it here before it gets dirtier.
    As you say, “you and me (sic) disagree on the very idea of ILNU.”

  12. Holding a meaningful debate over a experience is something cheesy and dogmatic retards like me can’t stomach in. With the hope that your optimistic outlook never loses its edge, I wish peace to you too. 

    • This post has persisted here for longer time than it should have been. I don’t know this Agent V or whomsoever this retard is. I had gone through one of such posts on lawoctopus before i joined Nirma and it had bogged me down to the level i had almost dropped the idea of joining the institute in first place. However i had no other place to go and being ILNU my only option, I joined this institute in 2014, the very year this ridiculous post appeared. i do not know what wrong the ILNU did to this person (male female whomsoever it is) but i find almost all of its argument at least frivolous and blatant outright false at max. 
      The University website (which have been upgraded since i joined the college) features its OWN picture, along with the 360 degree view of its exterior, library, moot court hall and classrooms. It is well updated about all the small to big events happening in the institute. You can reach out to literally all the information you need at the time of admissions you need. Not only this, the response of the official fb page of ILNU is pretty quick. i got my reply within 2 hours of putting my query in. The campus does have a 120 acre campus and water fountain (which works!) and unless you allergic to natural beauty, you will. find the place quite serene. The campus has not one but 4 canteens which are always accessible to students and best part, they serve quality food. Nirma does not only has its own cooking staff but outsources from various outside catering agencies like Mohini, Honest etc as well. so whatever complaints this person has about campus, it absolute rubbish.

      you need wi-fi? okay the first step it quite tedious i agree. but when i say tedious, it JUST MEANS TEDIOUS. you first have to fill-up an online form, get an IP, get it approved by the technical incharge then get it signed by the faculty – in – charge and finally submit it to technology block server room. They will activate your wi-fi service a day later or two. Since then you have to keep changing your wi-fi password in every three months or your wi – fi will refuse to work(which i think is a necessary precaution). but what happens after you have registered and finally activated your wi-fi? you enjoy. You get free access to youtube and facebook al.l. the time. Even in the busiest hours you get the moderate speed of 1 mbps. On saturdays and sundays, if you ahve the zeal to got o campus, you get a top-notch speed of 11-13 mbps. Blocked sites? News sites, open. Legally India, open. Bar and bench, open. Youtube facebbok, Open. Porn sites, if you know how. News site are a bit problematic since they keep opening and blocking all the times. But as long as the above mentioned fact is concerned, you get to use a variety of site, not only for academic purposes but recreational purposes as well. So the claim this person, is nothing but a farce. 
      Academics. You get your course module at the beginning of the semester. Wherein everything is mentioned clearly. When do you have to submit the project, when will you be evaluated, how will you be evaluated, the examination procedure, date of mock trials, the syllabus, the recommended reading materials and what not? they even create special google site where they upload all the reading materials for students. One or two teachers create special google classrooms for the same purpose. so i do not know how much TECHNOLOGICALLY CHALLENGED ILNU is. 
      Payment of fees. I never had much experience is the problems faced by students in submitting fess since i generally courier  my sem fees through cheque/DD. So i won’t comment much on that. But in past two years, never has it happened that i faced any problem in the way i paid my fees. 
      A very pressing problem indeed is the mooting, if there is a problem at all. The year this person mentions about no mooting culture, ILNU had won the BCI Moot Court Competition and ended up at 12 in MPL rankings. In 2015, We have already won Justa Causa and BR Sawhney Moot Courts to name the top moots. I am not ven beginning to mention the smaller moot court competitions where if not winning, we have qualified in finals and semifinals. No mooting Culture eh?
      I don.’t know why this guy complains of poor grades. We have seniors with CGPAs as high as 9.6-9.7. what was this man thinking when he wrote that? Its just that the guy can’t cope up with the hectic work ILNU makes you do (and rightly so).
      An institute which has nothing to boast about except for its students, i do not know how or why one will say it has everything  in its center of attention except students. The director of coll.ege regularly hold meetings with all the Class and Batch representatives of all batches wherein all the grievances right form the dysfunctional toilet to uncooperative faculty is heard. and not only heard  but worked upon as well. We have had more proofs of this than we can count.
      But in the end, like every college it has it own demerits and shortcomings. But that does not mean the college can be portrayed in such a bad light. I don’t know. But if the college wants, the article writer makes a perfect case to be held under defamation. Plus, i would request the clatgyan authorities to put the article down. For they have not verified the contents on their own, and it constitutes a case of bad journalism. 

  13. Is it true about Nirma University Law college that
    – Students are harassed for assignments and exams?
    -Faculties leave often. There is very high turnover of faculties
    -Students are failed to collect fees?
    -Students are forced to do work of faculties like writing articles, bringing food and alcohol as Gujarat is dry state
    -Too much strict about attendance and mobile
    -5000 fine for using mobile
    -Compulsory participation in activity on weekends and Sundays. 
    — compulsory to participate in activity like bringing sponsorship for events, arranging events, marketing for new admissions, marketing for campus recruitment, marketing for bringing participation from outside in conferences, seminars, competitions, debates, moot-courts etc. 
    – Junior faculties only

    • Your majesty can you please just tell me how many students have been placed in last 3 years? How many faculties have left Nirma law in last 5 years?

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