And again, the Kumbhakarna died…


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“In a year, he shall sleep for six months, wake up for a single day and then go back to sleep for six months.” – Brahma blessed Kumbhakarna.

What a life!! Sleep, Eat, Repeat..

Aditya woke up every morning beguiled by the thought of the sumptuous life that Raavana’s brother Kumbhakarna lead and often yearned for the same. Aditya was an 11th standard student of Delhi Public School, Kanpur. He was a bright child despite being lazy. His whole philosophy of life revolved around the famous quote by the techno-giant Bill Gates, “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”  In spite of having a multifaceted persona, his favourite time pass was, obviously, sleeping.

Being a true follower of Kumbhakarna, Aditya never missed a chance of taking a small nap, anywhere and everywhere. Life was smooth for him, and he got plenty of time to sleep. But as Lord Indra couldn’t stand Kumbhakarna’s lavish life, fate got jealous of him and Aditya entered the 12th standard, the supposed ‘first milestone of one’s life’. Things were still smooth but his downfall was imminent and suddenly, things started changing for him. The ball which was in Aditya’s court until now had gone on the other side. His parents started pressurising him to give up on his sleep and study hard. “It’s a matter of your life” and “Sharma uncle’s son scored 95%” had become a regular part of his everyday schedule. He started studying harder even in school bus, during recess and so on, but still he managed to take out plenty of time for his beloved ladylove ‘sleep’.

Results were announced and Aditya passed with flying colours and went on to become the school topper with a 98% (*facepalm* Sharma uncle’s son). He moved to Delhi University to study economics. Life had suddenly become happening for the otherwise bland Adi. Fierce and unhealthy competition, bewildering nightlife, peer pressure, emotional uproar – everything was new for him; he even got a new ladylove. It seemed that the poor Kumbhakarna had taken a backseat in his life. He began utilizing time for other activities and started losing his sleep. This resulted in him becoming restless. He had finally become a cool city stud, but had lost the peace and calm of his life.

Years passed and he started working for a multinational company in San Francisco. He worked 24/7 and great green dollars were raining on him. His life was at its zenith and to sum it up, it was picture perfect. Aditya had everything he had dreamed of as a child, but true peace eluded him. The more successful he became, the less peaceful he was. Though he had fulfilled his parents dream, his own dream to lead a peaceful and stress-free life like his idol Kumbhakarna was shattered!

This way the world got another successful billionaire but lost a simple happy-go-lucky and peace-loving Kumbhakarna.


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