Did Life Give Me A Second Chance?


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As I write this article, I recollect the 12th of May. Yes, I wish for a time reversal machine right now even though realistically that it won’t be happening (Obviously!). I probably can’t express what is on my mind now, because I don’t know it either; should I be lamenting over the fact that even in my second attempt I couldn’t make it to law school or should I look forward to a new beginning, a beginning after a failure.

I’d frequented the CG website for many inspiring articles by Asad and Co apart from grabbing the GK compendiums (Thankyou, CG). It made me courageous to take a drop and prepare for CLAT again. I always dreamt of being one of the lawschool-ite being with intelligent people and becoming one of them, someday. But, that dream can never be achievable because I was told yet again for the second time – I Failed.

31st May was the worst day I could’ve imagined, I never anticipated failure. Everyone I met filled me with optimism- “One can never fail the second time”, “You’ve worked real hard and you’ll definitely make it”. So I wasn’t expecting this coming for the second time in a row. It hurts to tell people the truth, it hurts real bad. And more than anything else its shaming.

I’ve been reading a lot of Robin Sharma to keep me from getting depressed. He says, “Failure makes you stronger in life”. THIS didn’t. It made me weak every time I answered phone calls as to how I had fared. Things weren’t made easy, with a topper affronting me for scoring low when in fact I had helped her in every way during the preparation time. But on the other hand, I had other friends too, to motivate me and help me survive this failure. At the end of the day when I think about this, I remember what both my friend and mom had said “it’s not whether I have cleared this exam or not, it’s what the exam has made out of me- a good human” and it makes me proud to say, even though I failed, I emerged victorious.

I wished to have several goals accomplished, to work as an associate to a great IPR professor and also to tell all those who told that I wasn’t intelligent that I am capable. Maybe life is giving me a second chance; I am busy redeveloping and redesigning my goals towards a new future and being a good human will always feature on that list.


  1. being a dropper and failing again i would not say much…….but after reading ur article it inspires mee too…that life is still going on….we r the ones who will shape it….so make it easy by learning from our failures…….gud luck for ur future…:)

  2. I can very well relate. I thought I’m the only dropper who couldn’t make it. The whole scenario is pretty depressing. Knowing that I won’t be able to write CLAT next year, effectively crushing all my dreams of ever making it to NUJS. I’ll never have a success story, like so many others, who dropped, worked hard and made it. I’ll go to some private college and hear people remark, “Drop marke bhi CLAT nahin nikal paya.” I try and look at sources of inspiration. People who’ve failed. But made it big. Can’t relate to them. I failed in CLAT 12, I worked hard, hard work pays right? It didn’t. I failed again. Destined for mediocrity. I’ll never get to say I graduated from NUJS.

    • And what exactly makes you jump to the conclusion that failure to be a student in NUJS effectively relegates you to mediocrity? A Two hour exam ,especially CLAT,can never perfectly judge whether the candidates are capable of being prospective law students. I know individuals who are some of the worst people I have had the misfortune to have met and they got through. They possess no ethics,no morality worth speaking of. They can’t possibly measure up against some other guys I know who didn’t get through. You don’t have to relate to someone else’s success story. Forge your own. Sounds clichéd but you’ll see how much you can achieve when you stop listening to those obnoxious people.

      • Very well said ..how can an exam determine what are we going to become in life..how can 200 fucking questions decide our future.and logically speaking being in top nlus wont guarantee anyone a fat pay or successful life.

      • Sure, the age old adage of “It’s not the college that matters but how well you do there” is all I keep hearing. Maybe this is true, yeah. But Salt Lake, Kolkata, NUJS, in time of 12, can things get any better?

        Rishabh-Being in the top NLUs won’t guarantee you a placement, agreed. But it gives you the launching platform needed to propel you. If you’re wise and diligent enough to take advantage of the opportunity, success is all yours. Can’t say the same about private colleges. A guy graduating from NALSAR gets recruited by Amarchand. That same guy, if he was in KIIT or Nirma or Christ, he’d be somewhere else. His brilliance goes unnoticed.

        • Leave it, move on Anirban. CLAT may shape your future, but it doesn’t decide EVEYTHING : One of them is the way you look at life !!! Not making it to the top NLUs isn’t the end of the road. You have a bright future ahead. All the best !!!

    • Why is it that you Bengalis are obsessed with NUJS? I know about the stay at home factor, but there are many other colleges around…
      Not everyone gets what they want, so grow up and stop complaining. If you didn’t get NUJS, you obviously didn’t work hard enough for it.

  3. All me!! The difference is that you still have a positive attitude towards life but I no more have any such!!
    Anyways for that i’ll give u best wishes ahead(i don’t expect for one).
    May God Bless such a strong man/woman!

  4. Hey Man, Ur story is very same to mine, In fact I left mass media- my first love for clat, and now I dont have any choice than to continue BBA. But life goeson, we have three year law in DU, we have NLU delhi, So stay hungary stay foolish…..

    • i am appearing clat 2017

      let me tell you this
      don’t hate yourself 🙂
      just get up again and give it your best
      i am sure you weren’t able to focus on clat because of your boards\

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