Love vs Perfection!


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“IIT, IIT, IIT!” shouted a stadium full of my friends and family. I stood there blushing, taking in the applause. There were the countless flashes and clicks. I waved and the crowd went crazy. Then there were guys in suits throwing money just to get my attention. I wave them off, nonchalantly.

Ever since my JEE results, I had been waking up grinning and happy. Everything all me was just perfect and as Freud had said, so were my dream. It was the best time of my life. I was a mini celebrity. People were awed around me. The amazed look on their face when they heard IIT Kanpur was priceless. Hell, I even started getting a hundred likes on my Facebook status! From the early days, it looked as if me and IIT were made for each other. I had my fingers crossed. 😀

After the asking her out for a few times (Read: Homesickness Period), I started dating IIT.  You can’t believe how good we were together. She was the perfect girlfriend, I got everything from her. Good grades, Badminton team, the Senate. I knew that when she was behind me, even the sky wasn’t far. It looked like we were going to spending the rest of our lives together. :’) \\This paragraph is not intentionally expressing the dire shortage of girls in IIT.

Then came the climax, Antaragini (Read: IIT Kanpur cultural festival). That was the zenith in our relationship. I got to meet ex Miss India, Gaurav ( Ref: College Days! ) and had an amazing time, all cause of her. It sounds unbelievable but it’s true.Yes, like every normal person, even she had shortcoming but together we were perfect. 🙂

However, I wasn’t exactly faithful. I had this brief affair with Law in my high school. I liked her but I just wanted to get together with IIT. So, it didn’t work out. Soon, Law and I started talking. Then, the inevitable happened, I succumbed to her charms. All hell broke loose. IIT and I started to fight. A lot. I just couldn’t stand her anymore. The more we fought the more irritated I got. Until, one day I just broke up with her.

So, I got back home. I was devastated. People wanted to know why I broke up with IIT when things were so good together and frankly, I had no clue. My parents tried to talk me out of it. They even tried to talk to IIT but I was in no mood to face her again. I blamed it all on Law. After all, she had seduced me. She didn’t argue.

I couldn’t shake my mind off IIT. What we had was perfect. I just didn’t know why I threw it away. I really missed her. I didn’t know whether it was cause of the “Relationship Goggles” or that I made a mistake. But, I just missed her.

Months passed and I got nowhere. I was unbearable. Even Law kept her distance, I guess she was scared of my temper which seemed really bad those days. It was hard on me, leaving IIT. To the world, she was “settler” and I was the “reacher”. I felt it too. I kept pondering over it. With time, I got back on my feet. Let go of IIT and started looking forward to law.

I left IIT in September and in around April, I got into some serious dating with Law.  It was fun being with her. She gave me our one month anniversary present a few days back, NLU Delhi.

Now, that I look, I realise that I didn’t love IIT. Yes, we were good together and all but, I didn’t love her. I love law. I really do. She just takes my breath away.

To every out there who thinks I made a mistake leaving IIT, Beware! Law doesn’t like hearing that and trust me you don’t want to get on her wrong side.


Utkarsh Agrawal

PS: Law and IIT actually only mean Law and IIT. 😛


  1. Amazingly written! 😀
    I have read the previous posts too, liked some but didn’t bother to comment, but your post beat the lazybones in me!
    And hats off to your abilities! To crack both IIT and NLU-D is no mean feat. 🙂

  2. Hope your new relationship last forever, because ” Everything that happens once can never happen again, but everything that happens twice will surely happen a third time”.

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