Master Rank: What eej it?


LISTEN. A master rank is not the same as All India Rank (AIR). You might be tied with a hundred people for the same rank. Each score has one rank. The rank increases by 1, the moment the score is reduced by 1.

For example : If you’re score is 101 and you get a master rank of 68. There might have been a thousand people getting the same score. All of them will get the master rank of 68. And all the people with the score of 100 will get a master rank of 69 and so on.

The highest score in CLAT 2011 is 173 and the Second highest is 170. So, the worst possible master rank would be ‘Rank 172’ which a candidate would get if he gets ‘0 marks’. The actual All India Rank List in PDF format will be put on the CLAT website by Tuesday. (Got to know it from WBNUJS on Phone)

Also read the first comment below (by sidhanth).

Mohammad Asadulla Shareef (Asad).


  1. there seems to be a lot of confusion regarding master’s an explanation..suppose x has a master rank of 50, and he has scored 125 means that there are 49 no.s between 125 and 200 , which have been scored by people in the exam..each of these 49 no.s, maybe scored by one or more than one person..last year the highest score was 165, and final cutoff 140..which means people with master rank above 25 would have had no chance whatsoever…however, suppose, nobody scored 164 marks..and some one or the other scored each and every no. between 140 and 165 other than 164, then people with master rank greater than 24 would have stood no chance..hope it helps

  2. My score is 165…couldn’t even SEE the master rank…and in the All India Women’s General thingummy it says 3. Will someone please explain to me whether I have a shot at NLSIU or not? Because right now I’m incapable of thinking straight. And I HATE NUJS.Even the CPI(M) couldn’t give Bengal THIS bad a name :/

  3. sir i have score 120..n i got 30 in legal reasoning…n my master rank is 49…wat do u think,which college will i get???

  4. sir my score is 97 and i have not been shown any raank except AP general, which is 41 , can u please tel me what it means

  5. i have aimr-70 and marks are 99. no category wise rank. will i get any college from the 11?!?
    please reply!!!!!!!!!!

  6. sir my rank is 53 wb general. I have not been shown a master rank. What does it mean sir?? Will I have any chances whatsoever

  7. i have scored 103..and all india general(women) rank -61…up gen rank-42..and up general(women)-33..what are my chances??please reply soon..

    • even me too aimr is 74 n total score is 95!!! n my ap rank is 43 so any chances of the eleven!!! pls reply very tensed!!! plsssssssss

    • Sorry. You don’t have a chance. 🙁

      Only if you have a score of above 120-125 will you get a decent college. AS it has been explained there will be around 10-50 people sitting on the same MASTER RANK.

      MASTER RANK is note your REAL RANK.

      • ohh..thanx fr replyng to r query..i guess with around 3 days of studyng der wasnt much hope neway..watever happens im gona gv it a shot nxt yr too..:-)

  8. GUYS! They can’t know what you’re going to get! Just wait for the All India list or the counselling link to open. THEY CAN’T TELL YOU.

  9. i got 86 score and 83 master rank anf bihar obc rank is 16 and and obc women is 8 plz tell which college i will get

  10. i have scored 58 and my all india master rank is 111 and chhattishgarh general rank is 66 so can any body tell me what will be my chances………………… 

  11. i jus wanted to know
    if my state rank id 21 nd the nlu takes 23 students then
    have i any chance of getting selected?????

  12. hey..hello!!!
    i have got master rank 77….with a score of 92……legal knowledge…14/45…..what chances do i stand??
    Reply ASAP…!!!!!

    • To Be frank, only counselling can confirm, no one can reply about this. You never know how many other got 71 rank in CLAT 2011

  13. sir AIMR-56 AND NRI RANKING 30 ne chance of making into NUJS or bhopal through nri quota? and wht do i expect from 56 as in which college/s? 

  14. sir….i got total 94 marks…….mah bihar general rank is 33 and aimr is 76…….is there any chances for me to get any law colleges…….

  15. sir,i have got 59 mrks n my AIMR is 110. & the gen.raj.rank is 84…do u hv any idea in which colg i will get???….

    • It is not possible to get any master rank beyond 200. (The max. marks of the clat paper). Say Rank 1 has 175. Then his/her AIMR is 1 and if after that marks..174 to 0 would be in AIMR order of 2 to 175. Each AIMR rank may be shared by hundreds. (And even 0 marks would be under 200 AIMR rank).

      I know this system is quite inane and only increases the anxiety of the candidates. As a BA LLB graduate from NALSAR, Hyderabad, I feel glad that in my days there was no such confusion and ranks were in general merit order. 🙂

    • Kirti, there cannot be lesser rank than 169 in CLAT 2011 ( if 169 is the highest score). Of course No thousands rank could happen when total marks of paper was 200

  16. Sir

    I am gettig a score of 124 and AIMR of 45. I belog to OBC category. CAn i expect NLU jodhpur BSc. LLB ( I am from science stream)

  17. So with the counselling that’s to take place, is it possible that they’ll be meting out the course per se and not the college as for previous batched- like they do in engineering?
    Would that also imply that not so good rank with okay course can get you good college?

  18. My AIMR rank is 83
    marks -86
    No domicile

    is there chance of getting Jodhpur or bangalore??

    AIMR is something which can be same  for more than one applicant…any idea??whn AIR is expected to come??

  19. Hi, I have got a master rank of 80 and all India women general rank of 73,i have got this rank in post graduation level course. will i get a college??please reply…

  20. I got 107 marks, and AIMR is 62 , wether  my rank get  seat in NALSAR, AP or any other NLUs in women quota, please assess and reply,

  21. my score is 108,AIMR IS 61,all india womens gen rank is 56, UP gen 37,UP gen women 28.Which colleges can i expect ??? Would i get a college or not.i doubt dat i will even get a college… pls reply.

  22. I got a score of 150… master rank 19… and I dunno why but I feel like shit… I really want NLS… 

  23. wat d hell is dis…..wat xactly is nujs tryng 2 do….bloody nuts..morons…beep beep…. 
    cant d simply upload an all india merit list n finish all d drama on d day f results itslf….idiots thnk f being knwn as a gr8 d fact is…dis is d worst clat till date…infact bhopal did a vry decent job last year…

  24. my score is 82 and AIMR is 87…..i need to knw wat are the chances of getting selected…….plz rply….

  25. my marks are 109
    aimr 60
    up general 36
    ai women 55
    are there by far any chances of getting through the 11 colleges????????????
    any guesses how many people for 1 rank?????
    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz reply!!!
    y did they have to create so much of a confusion!!! this WBNUJS has literally pissed off the students in every way possible!!!!
    1st the tough paper then the eternal unresponsive website and now this chaos about the hi-fi master rank 

  26. my score is 108, LEGAL 35 MARKS, AIMR IS 61,all india womens gen rank is 56, UP gen 37,UP gen women 28.Which colleges can i expect ??? Would i get a college or not.i doubt dat i will even get a college… pls reply.

    • Hey Pallavi,expect anything below the first 5 colleges but do expect something.
      i say this because ive roughly the same marks as yours.
      the cut-offs will be low god cheer up for now.:)
      wait for the online counselling list.itll make everything crystal clear!

  27. So I got 126 marks, AIMR 43.

    Dare I hope? For ANY good NLU?

    Okay forget it. Why am I even asking. No one can possibly know. 😐

  28. hey my score is 95. n my master rank is 74. air gen is 69, mp gen 47 n mp women is 41. plz tell me what are the chances of my selection?????

  29. AIMR 42, AIMR women 37, MP gen 15, MP women 10, what is the chance to get in any 5 top national college ???????????????

  30. I have a total of 128 marks. All India Master Rank is 41. Kochi Rank is 15.

                      Is there a chance to get admission in any of the eleven colleges? 

  31. anyone one with Master Rank of more than 35 should study housecleaning, vacancies available . two tear course.
    Job assured. Best packages  in the profession.

    • :-O
      A little insensitive sir. I mean there are masses out here who’ve been up all night, been at their anxious best.
      Everyone has got the freedom to get across their point but do it in a way that’s not as cutting and sharp.

      • it is you who is ‘insensitive’, what is wrong with house cleaning. A clan house keeps the mind clean. it is also a profession.

    • Dude.. there are reservations in STATE and other categories… I’ve got AIMR 43 BUT i’ll still get HNLU…. You should not dishearten anyone….

  32. my AIMR is 120 and total score out of 200 is 49 . is there any chances of getting shot listed in any of participating nlus ????
    my all india general women rank is 115 . and my gujarat state general rank is 78 while the state gujarat gen women rank is 67 . is it possible to get selected for gnlu ???

  33. I’m thinking CLAT 2012 now. Call it premature, but for the shit we’ve endured, we deserve to think ahead. I hope Jodhpur won’t make the same mistake. It can’t. Nothing can top the legendary NUJS mess.
    I think I’m going to start preparing now. 

      • tworst eva CLATotally agreed…………NUJS has conducted d wrst eva CLAT………..dey jst destroyed us…………..

  34. Sir,my all india master rank is 50..& West Bengal state general rank is 24..Total 119 n 20 in Legal Aptitude..Ne chance of getting thru??..:P..

  35. My score is 76 . According to the Master rank , my rank will be 97 , but it was 93. Why so .
    Is there any change in getting into RMLNLU, lucknow .
    UP General – 69
    UP General Women – 60
    UP (SC) rank – 22
    UP (SC) Rank (Women) – 16  

  36. is there anybody who has not got any air rank…if no that means only first 10 ranks which has a probability of a hundred students per rank will have some chances to make it to nlu’s then why r they giving rest of the ranks at all.
    does anybody know when these buggers will put the merit list….


      • Dude, please keep this forum clean. There’s a better way to reply to messages and if you thought this was funny, I’m sorry it definitely isn’t.

      • prateek,i think u should improve ur language. i thnk u hvnt heard dat phrase “i who controls his tongue can control his whole body”. try 2 b genrous in ur words. good luck 4 clat counselling!!!!!!!

  37. Sir..Plzz help me out.. jst Give a blunt reply Whether there r any Chances to NLU’s Fr a Competitor Scoring 113 getting an AIMR 56??? I am in deep Trouble… Helppp

  38. sir plzzz help scared stiff here……………………….my aimr is 45 my score was 124…….is dere a chance of getting in2 top 6 law schools under clat

  39. abe paglo tum log andhere me teer chala rahe ho. salo bachcho ko darate ho. NUJS ki site pe kuch show to ho nahi rha hai or tum log sale faaltu me apni maths dikha rhe ho.ABE KUTTO JYADA CLAT GYN MAT BAATO.HARAAM KHOR KAHI KE………………………………………………………………….

    • Moderator, are you sleeping? Shut out this foul mouthed dude! And whoever named him “Prateek” made a big mistake 😉

  40. Got 146 marks with a master rank of 23. 
    Anyways , its pretty good for a guy who had studied for 2 hours before the exam and had no clue what so ever as to what is Legal Aptitude 3 hours before the paper !!! 

    Guys , last year cutoff for NALSAR was 148. This year paper was tougher so should drop.

      • yeah.. i’m a quizzer so GK was simple , and so were english , maths , and logical.. Legal Aptitude was  struggle and the lengthy paper made it difficult..

    • Irrespective of how difficult the paper was, the cutoff will probably go up if anything going by the pattern (last year’s highest was 165, this year’s 173 and 165 is AIMR 5, so)

      • Studying 2 hours before the entrance. And. Gettiing a whopping 143.
        Says a lot about many things. I feel sad for myself and other luckless people here.

          • i guess this was tht type of an exam which needed ZERO preperation.. coz d stuff we banged our brainz wid din’t rly showed up !! lol 

  41. AIMR 59
    marks 110
    MP state rank 32
    will i get NLU bhopal???
    and my freedom fighter dependents rank is 1st??is dat of any use???is der some quota fr dat??

  42. sir my air rank is 66………score is 103………uttar pradesh women is 33…….and legal reasoning is  23… dere any chance .pls plz really confused

  43. AIMR: 76
    All India General (Women):71
    Total Marks Secured: 93 [English: 14, G.K.: 16, Maths: 13, LR: 26, LA: 24]

    What can i get with this rank?

  44. eng 22 gk34 maths 6 logical 18 legal 23 .air 66 air women 61..up genral 42 .up women 33………………is dere any hope plz tel plz rpl……….

    • … You’re the AIR 2 person! Obviously there’s only one guy above you! As for the people tied, I think you’re the only one with that score. Congrats! 🙂

        • aree yaar with a score of 170 also u r worried…..NLSIU toh pakka hai.don’t worry.
          btw wat was ur legal score?/

          • My legal score 40, logical 43, english 39, dumps in maths 11 since I strategically ignored it and pushed to the end.

          • Thanks. Can u throw light if I should opt for NLS or NALSAR ???? THERE ARE SO MANY CONFLICTINNG REPORTS AND PERCEPTIONS. But, what is the reality??

            • Vasanth. This is a public forum and you shouldn’t decide and take what people say is good. Don’t you agree? Some one might just come and say NLU Jodhpur!! Maybe because he’s a student of NLU Jodhpur. So…

              • both are eqully good. but see the facts n decide… and u being from hyd, nalsar should be gud for u.
                btw, congo man,,,, rank 2 is like wwwwooooowww! hehe

  45. i got aimr -83 and i scored 86 and i am from chattisgarh and i got its domicile is there any chance of HNLU

  46. sir, i have got 76 marks and aimr 93 in clat 2011 and bihar general state rank 50. can i get cnlu patna?

  47. sir,i have got 76 marks and aimr93 in clat 2011 with a bihar state general rank of 50 .can i get cnlu patna?

  48. i hav scored 66 air, with a score of 103
    i scored very high marks in legal aptitude and reasoning..
    i am genral category student…. do i have any chance of getting a seat ??

    does other government colleges take admissions on the basis of clat rank ??
    if yes, then please mention the name of colleges… 🙁

  49. Folks refer the url for last year addmission chart .
    Based on this last year cutoff score was 136. As some are referring this years patter was changed/questions were tough…and if this is true then this year it might go little bit below…so anyone with a score of below 125-130 will most likely not get a seat. My neice got 126 and we are having very low hope based on last year’s chart …but are keeping crossed the finger 🙂


  51. My sister’s score-107AIMR-62All india General(Women)-57Andhra Pradesh General-31Andhra Pradesh General (Women)-20Andhra Pradesh OBC-1Andhra Pradesh OBC (Women)-1…….Any chance to get a seat any NLU??pal plz help me out 

  52. how tie breaker in this will be if 2 students have got same master rank and same marks in legal section too.

  53. sir could i plz plz know that are there any chances of getting any of the 11 universities with aimr 110,score 59,up general category 84,up women 77.plzzz do rply sir,vey tensed.

  54. I got  score of 108, AIMR 61 which isn’t very grand, but I’m ranked 1 in Karnataka SC Women. Do I stand a chance to get into NLSIU? I’d prefer NALSAR but my Karnataka rank won’t matter there will it now..

  55. there’s a buzz around that people only upto the aimr of 50 will get thru nlus in general category. but for sc/st it may go upto aimr 70…………..LUCKY U!!!!!!!!!!!!
    guys this was not 2 dishearten any1. coz i myself am a general with an aimr 60.
    sorry if anyone’s hurt. but its definitely not my fault that im born in a general category n its most definitely not their talent that they were born in a reserved category!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ya n if somebody is with any oher info regarding these ranks plz share guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. sir, i feel stuck, i got 101 ;rank 2700….i knw therez no hope…what shud i do sir,,….i cannot think…nd my parents….
    can u suggest me something???

    • don’t be disappointed. go for Assam nlu or mohali army law school. they are equally good. if you have scored well in your board exams then apply for ils pune

  57. my clat rank is 20311 and my aimr is 118 will i get any law college ?????
    national or private ??????
    what r my chances …………. i dont think tat il get any of the two 
    reply soon plzzzzzz

  58. Respected Sir/Madam,
    My date of birth is 1st July 1992, and one of the eligibility criteria to appear for CLAT ,as written on its official website is that the candidate’s age should not be more than 20 years as on 1st July 2012.So, can you please kindly apprise me that will I be eligible for appearing the CLAT Entarance Exam to be held next year(2012) ?

  59. sir my all india rank is 2256 and women rank all india is 1146. i have chattissgarh i have any chances in hnlu…sir please do reply urgently.

  60. hi my marks is 104 n mp state master rank is 38 n girls 32!!!i know i hav no chance of getting into the top 11 nlu..iv dropped a year and this is the result..nw what to do?du u hav ne idea of any good pyt colg which i should apply for?plz reply

  61. sir,
    i have a score of 121 and my rank is 720. all india women is 352. Do i have any chance whatsoever in jodhpur or bhopal or even GNLU?

  62. Sir among symbiosis noida,Upes,Nirma and amity(IP) which will be a bttr option…i got 82.4% in 12th…can i apply for ILS pune?

  63. i have got 47 master rank in clat llm and my andhra pradesh general:4. I think there are no chances to join NLSIU, Banglore. How far it is good to do llm in NALSAR. Please give suggestion. Is LLM in NALSAR is well?

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