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Name of the Candidate – Tamanna Gupta

Marks obtained – 141.5/200

Tears streamed down my eyes as I read my score. My parents did their best to console me. “It’s okay beta” , “that’s a great score”, “Congrats! You will definitely get an NLU”. But nothing helps. I already know that I won’t make it to Bangalore or Hyderabad with these marks. As I close my eyes and try to sleep, millions of images flash in front of my eyes. Of people. Their witticisms particularly.

“Arrey she didn’t get in Bangalore. CLAT toh itna easy tha!”      

“Konsa teer maar liya , IIT ya Medical kar ke dikhati!”

“Selection toh hona hi tha – humanities le rakhi hai.”

I hurriedly  rummaged all the CL material and books , telling myself that I will appear for CLAT again.  But as I did so, I found myself in a chain of thought. What if I don’t get NLSIU in 2017? What if I don’t get in any NLU at all? I realised that, at the end of the day, the name and prestige of a college should not interfere with our well-being. Don’t listen to what others say. So many people give CLAT. Some get in , some don’t. We should be happy with what get.

Excuses like “I made stupid mistakes”, “I had the caliber but circumstances were unfavorable”  and other numerous regrets can be redeemed by working hard in any college. We should be content with what we have today , and work upon our potential. The obsession with instant gratification of getting a NLU blinds us from our long-term potential. Do not lose confidence in yourself. Wherever you are , try to be the best. Now, enjoy your holidays and stop fretting over the NLUs that you might have a chance of getting. The best will happen. Carpe diem!


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