Two and a Half Men


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“So tell us, tell us what happened boy!” asked the Police Commissioner in a stern voice. I was already scared, and that stern voice made me shiver. I had betrayed everyone, above all my country and a Mughal ruler. I proceeded to tell him what happened.

I hail from a very poor family, I’m the only breadwinner, my father had a stroke and can’t move. My sisters are too young to work. I was a tour guide at the Taj Mahal. It was a good way of earning money, the tourists are very generous. Twenty-Sixth of October. Two men in fine suits approached me. They asked me if I could show them around and offered a whole bundle of Rs.100 notes, I agreed almost instantaneously and I followed the drill.

They, however seemed different somehow, they kept discussing something in gibberish. They also wanted all the information, everything there is to know about how It was built and its structure. They now asked me If there is an room inside the Taj Mahal where no one is allowed to go and If I could take them there, this time they should be a whole bundle of Rs.1000 notes, I had to oblige. We went inside, the guards or anyone for that matter had no idea that we were inside. One of them took a out a mobile and the other one handed me one. Then he dial ed a number and said “We’re ready” a couple of minutes a later I heard the sound of a helicopter, 10 men with rifles rushed in. He asked me to inform the police, So I did and ten minutes later two NSG choppers arrived and stormed in. There were shots everywhere, some people got shot in the cross-fire. I found a hiding spot, lest I get shot. The NSG outnumbered the militants and were winning. These two men had  a bomb strapped to the their chest. They were about to press the button when I tackled them. While fighting off one of the men in suits
the other one took out his pistol and aimed at me. I closed my eyes and shrieked as he fired, but nothing happened and I heard two shots and subsequently two screams, the two men were on the ground blowing flowing out like water from a tap, I vomited. The situation was now under control though.I looked out, the area which was teeming with people was now occupied by reporters. Everyone was hearing about me on TV. I sat down, pondering over what I’d done. That’s when the police found me.
“ Do you where they came from?” He asked me.
“No, sir” I replied.
“You have endangered the pride of the country, do you even know the repercussions” He said firmly.
I hung my head in shame. Tears were pouring from my eyes. I realized there was no one who would take care of my family.
He proceeded to remove the cuffs from my hands. I was shocked.
“You’re free to go, run”
I had learnt my lesson, never trust men in suits.

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