A Mindful Mess!


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Note to the Readers: Being the self-righteous and the goody two shoes writer that I like to perceive myself as, I must warn my readers that what I write below can directly be accredited to my current frame of mind and that if I were to write this article again, perhaps even a couple of hours later, I may have sung an entirely different tune altogether. Now, to bring you and me onto the same page, I must give you a vivid account of the circumstances surrounding me writing this article. It’s the end of my sixth week of internship under a Judge at the not-so-enchanting Gauhati High Court and here I am sitting in the Judges’ Library with the air-conditioning gusting chilly air right at my face and an internet-equipped machine under my palms. I must have nothing to whine about; and I am not whining. It’s just an inexplicable state of mind, a not-so-joyous-yet-not-so-dreadful disposition that I require my readers to connect with, and if you can, then read on!

Beneath all the glory, beneath what seems like a bed of roses or a stairway straight to a big pay at a top-notch law firm, and beneath all the partly delusional, partly veracious notions one associates the life of a law student with, dwells, coyly tucked underneath, the obnoxious truth of a deadly rat-race and a life-long commitment to struggle and eternal slogging. Internships, PPOs, moots, or, law firms and Courts – on the face of it are perfectly innocent words, speaking of nothing but virtuous accomplishments and everything noble, but are things that haunt a law student’s night’s sleep on a regular basis. I thought ISC was the end all and be all of my life’s struggle until I was bitten by the CLAT-bug. “Get into a NLU”, they said, “and your life is set”, and what a naïve ninny I was to fall for that.
I had once wanted to travel the world, write a book, learn how to bake a tropical fruit tart or play Taylor Swift on the guitar (What can I say! I was young and, like I said earlier, a ninny). I could be doing all that now, but instead, here I am, surrounded by at least 10,000 voluminous dust-covered books that could easily make a normal human being barf his guts out.
So what’s stopping me from exercising my right to choice and doing all the fun stuff? Not mummy; not pappa; absolutely no one and nothing. Perhaps, the only explanation is that I am an aspiring lawyer.
I have now come to terms with reality. I am different; I always have been, in an utterly disgusting and bizarre way. I have a tendency of inflicting and infesting my life with miseries. I grumble at every decision I make, yet I make them, see them to their end, and I also savour the gratification that comes along with it. All of it seems worth it when I envisage myself arguing my heart out in a Court of law. Each day of this quest empowers me. It’s like I have the power and an edge in life that the plebian shall never have. It’s like my friend likes to put it – “We lawyers are an elite class of people.”
For a life like this, the tart and the book can wait!
Perhaps, that kind of ridiculousness is a pre-requisite for a career in law and that’s what makes me so apt for it. As clichéd as it may sound, my life is a perfect concoction of bitter and sweet. The bitter may be slightly more prevalent than the sweet but the sweetness, when it comes, is sublime. It’s a painful pleasure and a pleasurable pain. Therefore, in spite of all the knowledge that I have now, if I were to go back and relive my past decisions, there isn’t a thing I would do differently.
People sitting on the other side of the desk during interviews or badgering relatives often ask me the most ludicrous question – Why law? And I sit their baffled and tongue-tied for I have not a clue. Some things, you know, are just right. They are just right. Period!


  1. I love these ones ‘Get into NLU’ and ‘Your life is set’.
    Life has always been disillusioned for me. Still as you said-
    ‘Some things are just right’!
    A perfect reading for a law student.

  2. this article is too exhausting and full of vagueness.
    writer wants to sound like an intellect by throwing high frequency words, sure it does the trick on some level.
    but it lacks content .

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