Of Mock Test Horrors and the D-Day


[By: Maitreyee Dixit (Class of 2020 – NALSAR University of Law)]

Sitting, staring at my mock test score, I wondered “What am I doing with my life?!”

A score of 80/200 and a four digit rank danced on my screen, mocking me. How was I EVER going to crack CLAT? Or SET, AILET or anything for that matter? CLAT was barely months away, and time was slipping faster than ever.  While people were busy revising their GK, practicing all of the other sections and comparing mock scores, I sat there, wanting the Earth to swallow me whole. My boards had just ended. Physics, Chemistry and Math had just exited my life, and now was the time for law to enter. But, would it? It was highly doubtful.

The one saving grace was the fact that I had practiced a lot of math and logic during my prelim break, it was a way to get away from the monotony of the sciences. But that was all. My GK was shameful to say the least, and Legal Aptitude/ Knowledge wasn’t anything great either. I also had English to improve upon.  With barely months to go, I was ready to give up on my law school dream, but I decided not to, and that changed everything. One of the main reasons that propelled this change of heart was my parents.

Even after I scored badly in my mock tests, they kept on asking me to try, and try harder. My mother always pushed me when I tried to laze around, asking me to get up, drink tea and start studying. Despite all my yelling, she kept on insisting. “Work hard this month,” she used to say “and it will pay off.” And it did. I can never forget the month that followed.

Like a lot of my friends, I went to a coaching institute. They gave me great books and online resources. The teachers there were helpful and encouraging, one of the reasons why I could make it at all. But I barely used them. They lay in the same bag I had brought them home in, untouched.

This HAD to change. I  made a timetable, and decided to follow it religiously. My mother checked on me regularly as I slogged through 10 hours of GK a day, two hours of the other sections each. Sometimes, there came nights where I slept for less than two hours. It was madness. I read up on current affairs on all websites (including the CLATGyan compendiums), books (yes, the fat Pearson too), solved booklets and wrote down everything I found important. I solved as many mocks as I could, monitoring my progress, taking advice from my centre teachers and parents.

There was this one weird thing that encouraged me, and I hope it helps you too. I was in love with NALSAR, so I would just go on its website and browse for 15 minutes or a little more every day. It just intensified my need to study there, kept me motivated. And 30 days and only 65 hours of sleep later, CLAT was over. Just like that. I had made it to NALSAR.

I remember rushing into my parents’ room at 2:30 AM (what a beautiful time to release life-altering results, right?) and screaming “Mom! Dad! I made it! I’m not so useless after all!”  That was one night that will remain forever etched in my mind. So I have only a few words of advice for all those of you taking the CLAT this year, and hopefully, they will prove to be a little more useful than utter garbage.

  1. Don’t let people tell you that you can’t do it. You can, if you put your mind and hard work into it.
  2. Prepare in advance. Don’t go for what I went for, because it does have a bad effect on your health. Work as hard as you can, during the day, haha.
  3. Read like there is no tomorrow, and keep on practicing.
  4. Listen to your parents and teachers. (Sounds clichéd, but hey, it DOES work.)
  5. Keep yourself motivated. Don’t look at Sharma ji’s son who holds rank 1 in mocks in the whole country and feel sad. Look at your own rank and try to improve it.
  6. Mocks give you a rough idea regarding where you stand, but don’t depend on them and don’t let a bad rank dishearten you.
  7. If your score is in triple digits still, don’t be disheartened. Work had and you will make it. If you have a good score, keep it up and don’t get complacent. There’s nothing worse than complacency.
  8. It’s a myth that people in the science stream can’t do law or can’t crack CLAT or AILET or SET or anything for that matter. A lot of people in law schools belong to the science stream.
  9. GIVE IT YOUR BEST SHOT. Don’t let not making it, dishearten you. There is always CLAT ’18 (or any exam for that matter).
  10. Drink tea. (optional, but I highly recommend this.)

Hope this helped. Buckle up, people. It’s time to make these months count. You can certainly do it. Best of luck!

Maitreyee Dixit
Class of 2020
NALSAR University of Law.


  1. Highly motivating! More than motivation, this gave me that much needed push to work hard and give all that it takes. Thank you.
    But, seriously? You studied for 18 hours a day with some 2 hours of sleep?!
    Kudos for that!

  2. Thank you so much for this! I was feeling very disheartened right now regarding CLAT and this was exactly what I needed.

    • You’re welcome.
      Yes, mock scores are horror stories, but do not let them demotivate you, just keep swimming!
      Best  of luck!

    • That was actually not what i was trying to convey, haha. Last month prep works only if you have worked before it as well. The last month was my time for polishing all that I had done, the time for full focus. I didn’t start from scratch then, just focused more. 🙂

  3. Hello Ma’am.

    Can you please guide as to what all you did during the last month of preps?
    How did you manage every section?
    Your help would be highly Motivating 🙂

  4. thanks for the motivation i am too struggling with 70-80/200 score in the lst mock test…which is very demotivating at this point of time….thanks for telling me the last month magic 🙂 thanks a lot 

    • With full focus and dedication (and of course some prior preparation), the last month magic works wonders, haha! 
      I’m glad this helped 🙂
      Best of luck!

    • Can’t really comment. CLAT is as unpredictable as it gets. One year it’s really easy, and the other year it makes you cry!

  5. Hello Ma’am.

    Can you please guide as to what all you did during the last month of preps?
    How did you manage every section?

  6. I solemnly believe  that only you can help me at this stage of my preparation!
    Will it be possible to help me out ?
    thanks in advance

  7. This post literally made me cry! This made me realize what I was missing. Thank you, Maitreyee, I hope to meet you at NALSAR. You made me remember what my goal was. Thanks for that. 

  8. Thank you, Maitreyee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, I trying to meet you at NALSAR………its really helpful……………..thanks yr for buckling us up………..thats actually what i need……..

  9. Approximately how many mocks did you solve in the last month? 
    And what’s the total number of mock tests you solved before taking CLAT’15 ? 

  10. Hi Maitreyee, 

    Could you please list out all the sources you studied GK from? And what was your highest mock score prior to appearing for CLAT?


  11. Hello Maitreyree

    Can u just explain that how did u utilize ur a day study on clat on what to focus fr legal n logic
    …n thankyou ma’am fr the above scary stories hehe

    Thanks Again

  12. Thank you so much! Your article really helped. Man, its good to know that someone from maths science stream (like me) made it to NALSAR. That gives me so much hope and determination.
    Now where is my cup of tea…

  13. Hi, wow! Just wow!¿¿2 hrs of sleep¿?wow???
    Just wanted to ask you, how much time you devoted to boards and CLAT in particular? Because my schedule for boards is,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,shameful to say the least,,, if you can suggest a few tips, I guess?

  14. Thnqqqq soo much…… i really want this motivation …… Coz only 4 months r left for the CLAT ; yet alot of things to complete.. some times i feeeel like i should give up … this is not my cup of tea…… but atlast my soul shouts nd says no don’t u dare to do that……
    Sooooo finally thankyou so much. ☺

  15. Thank you so much its realy motivating but please tell me isn’t it reduces concentration and becomes hard to study if you sleep only 2-3 hours a day

  16. This is the best post I read soo far.
    I really want to come to nalsar as your junior.
    CLAT2017 make that way for me. 🙂

  17. just needed this 🙂 thanks alot….it really helped bcz i was literally disheartened with my last mock scores 🙂 thnks alot

  18. Thank you so much maam …it really helped me..maam i cant find u on facebook ..please guide me as i am a fresher and my mock score remains constantly bad

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