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Breathe, this too will pass.

CLAT Crashes!
As I write this, stubbornly refuses to load on my laptop. Clearly they’re having issues.

They do, however, have a plan of action chalked out. I think it would be worthwhile for us to know what that is, despite possibilities of another crash-‘n’-bang landing.

You know how the master rank system works. The consolidated PDF of the nation’s CLAT takers’ scores has been ready since May 27. It is, however, not going up because of the “technical difficulties” that they are facing. Prof. M P Singh says that it will be out by Monday, latest. What you will be able to do with this list is figure out what your real standing is, because a master rank really isn’t any help in that scenario.

Next, online counselling. I can see mistrust writ large on your face. Online counselling? Oh shit. Yeah, well, I’m not quite sure how it will pan out either. These are the details, anyway. The Core Committee held a meeting on Friday, May 27 to finalise the format. As of now, it is largely fixed, except for a few suggestions that they wish to incorporate. The notification regarding online counselling will be out on June 2, in all probability. The notification will mention the date from which the counselling begins. It will, hopefully, end by June 15, at which point all the entries to each college would be known. By June 25 you’ll be expected to complete formalities in terms of payment, etc. to the college you opted for.

Is this subject to change? Sure looks like everything is subject to change. However, we do have all this information from the head of the Core Committee, so it’s veracity is presumed to be unsullied.

If you’ve got your rank, please start figuring out what interests you in each college. It will become all the more imperative after the consolidated rank sheet is released.

Please stay calm, till then.

Update: Counselling will start, tentatively, between 31st to 2nd and will go on till 25th June, in all probability. This might take more/less time. But this seems to be the framework that they have in mind. Also, please click here to visit the official explanation of the goof-ups made by the CLAT Convener.



    • I know I’m only one of the many, many people that ClatGyan has helped, and I want to say a really big thank you for all the help before CLAT, and also for your regular updates now. Credible information is really hard to come by, and any updates about the results this year are really appreciated. Thanks guys!

  1. thnx alot clatgyan……ur d only ray f hope in dis darknss creatd by nujs….thnx alot… 
    thnx alot clatgyan…widout u…lyf would nt hav been dis much easy as u hav made fr us…

  2. Well, I understand you can’t make accurate predictions owing to how the results have been displayed till now. But, assuming any of you can draw inference, what are my chances with a score of 135 and a master rank of #34? I scored 36 in Legal Aptitude, for the record. If at all an inference can be drawn (even a vague one), please let me know. Thank you.

  3. I can’t even start to imagine how messed up the online counselling is going to be. Had to wait in front of my computer for 3.5 hours straight just to see my score. :S

  4. Earlier question paper errors were attributed to Clerical oversight.  Now the links being down shall be attributed to programming oversight.  The CLAT management is beyond any mistakes and should be given the task of running AIEEE, GRE and SAT examination, so that the world can enjoy the precision of their knowledge and expertise.

  5. Whaaat saar? Whaat iss theess saar? Let me teeachh yuu Kaarprate laaaa saar! NUJS not really good saaar. Chuuck itt saar.

  6. An honest question : How the f**k were so many people able to score above 140-145 in such a lengthy paper?

    Do share your tips with us *sigh*

  7. getting 173 in this paper is like getting 210 out of 200….either the person knew like a 100 questions beforehand or he/she has been helped….something is fishy for sure……let’s all get together and file a PIL…

    • even i am smelling a rat after all the predictions and getting 169 out of 200 that means the guy did all 200 questions in just 120 min and more over that question paper which was not all objective i.e it required all through the paper only reading?????its not only next to impossible its actually impossible!!!!!!

      • get a life dude, it doesn work dat way in reality.. jus sayin it’s unfair or d paper way out of reach doesn giv a conclusion.. u din get ur marks, u din get thru.. some did, appreciate them. period.

      • there is nothing to suggest sour grapes here. they are right. if the topper had gotten 150, i would’ve said he / she is intelligent. 173 is IMPOSSIBLE. i couldn’t even attemp 173 questions…i marked the last 28 randomly. there is NO chance in HELL how anyone could actually finish the paper and then score that much too.

        • I finished the paper. The biggest challenge was to finish the RC’s. A fast reader could do it. So, there IS a chance in hell. Don’t deny others the joy because of your inability to attempt even 173 questions.

        • i left around 35 questions n marked them all as b’s yet could not get even a single marks out of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • It’s amusing how intelligence isn’t considered  a possibility…but ‘knowing questions beforehand’ and receiving ‘help’ is.

    • ^

      @Anubhav: She is a CG student, has been one since the website started. Almost all of us here know her personally, and such accusations are really cheap. I wouldn’t even want to talk about your mentality here, but I guess you’d already know.

      She was smarter than most people are, and faster too. She got 173. You? You are sitting here and complaining.

      • kehna bohot asan hai, meri ek frnd last year clat diya tha usne 150 aye the uske, but vo 11th me thi isliye admission nahi liya..abhi uske 110 se bhi neeche ke marks hain….agar tum ye paper dete to tumhara bhi yahi haal hota shayad, The paper was unfair. Deserving candidates are out undeserving are in.

      • I have great respect towards CG as i am student from the day 1. If Aymen would have done the paper he would have not commented like that. I fully agree with the comments of Anubhav and X. The victims should not stop by commenting like this, instead should form into a forum and file a PIL calling for the OMR sheets of top 1000 rankers and also the least 1000 rankers to the court for investigation. The deviations in paper setting should also be taken into consideration. Aymen and Clat Gyan should form forum infact to file the PIL or else should help such forum in filing the PIL. Few of my friends who got more than 150 are not believing there marks.

        • Okay. Time to get serious. 

          We worked our asses off last year, okay? And we are here. And we are goddamned proud of it.
          These people worked smart, (and, they won because they were smart, not hardworking), and they would join us now. They are goddamned proud of it and we are goddamned proud of them.


      • Aymen, who is the 173 waise?
        And I second the fact that 173 isn’t an impossible score. I wasted time where I shouldn’t have, or I too would have definitely done better. Intelligence, and out of the box thinking to finish the RCs were the key.

        • Seriously guys. You’re acting like little kids. Ooo she got 173! She must’ve cheated. Get a life! I don’t know you 173 one personally, but CONGRATULATIONS! And seriously none of you would think about filing PILs if you were in the top 10, would you? This wasn’t a test where ppl got an answer key to check against, heck we didn’t even get the question paper back! How does one exactly say that ‘deserving candidated didn’t get in’?

        • ClatGyan wastes too much time on people like these anyway. We will put this energy somewhere else and use it to some better purposes than “forming a forum and filing a PIL” for someone who thinks he didn’t do well enough in an exam.

          I can vouch for Padmini’s capabilities. She doesn’t need people to help her crack CLAT. 

          @Paaras – Padmini Baruah, Assam.

          • I think we all are jealous. We appeared for the same paper and someone scored 173 and we couldn’t. This doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with the results or something is fishy or whatever. Yes, the paper was lengthy and even i didn’t score well but rather than blaming the topper, i accepted that I was not smart enough to deal with such a lengthy paper. So, I know that it is unfair but we can’t blame others for it.

          • As amazing as 173 seems, I think we all have no right to call the person a cheater, all these are baseless allegations, she got it right, we did not, does not make her a cheater. Well done Padmini, your score really makes me believe how far we can push our boundaries

          • Thank you Aymen, Paaras Chhavi.
            Listen everyone. I will not sit here and justify what or what not I did.
            The only factor I value – more than intelligence, more than hard work even – is integrity. I have mine alive and intact.
            And all of you commenting, I hope you have yours too!
            Good luck, everyone.

      • I was able to complete all my questions before time. I was left with about 5-10 min.
        the paper required proper planning and time mgt.
        its easy to blame bt she actually worked hard
        God Bless her!

    • File RTI and after that PIL. Also as suggested by me we should demand more transparency into the system by ( a) Making Public the Question Paper/s alongwith Answer Key within 3-5 days of Exam. ( by All)

      (b) Giving the Carbon copies of the OMR sheets to students — to check tampering & veracity of evaluation. ( by UPCPMT & Karnataka Board)

      ( c) Making Public by uploading the mirror images of OMR of all students and giving time of 7 days to file any objections/re-evaluation etc.( by JAB in IIT -JEE2011)
      Send above suggestions by email to all Directors, whose email addresses have been given by me below on this page . MAKE THIS AS MASS MOVEMENT FOR BRINGING REFORMS IN THE CLAT . LETS JOIN HANDS . WE SHOULD FLOOD DIRECTORS EMAILS WITH SUGGESTED REFORMS.

      • Brother, I see not a Rajesh in the top 1000. I suggest you gather some, ah, ‘locus standi’, before saying another word.
        The procedure, I’ve always maintained, needs transparency. But who be you to ask for it?
        You heard the girl. Integrity, is what matters. The toppers have theirs intact, I’m sure.

        And spamming is a cyber offence. *My first ever, and only, free legal advice.*

    • I know Padmini Baruah like the back of my hand. She is BRIIIILLLLiIIIAAANNNTT. HARDworking, SINCERE and SUPER HONEST in a way very few people in this world can even imagine. She is also very humble. Padmini, you need not defend yourself. One of my favourite quotes says “If you are two steps ahead of the crowd, you are a leader. If you are ten steps ahead, you are the target”. We who know you believe you can do it 10 times over. And of course for many, it is also probably difficult to digest that the topper is from Guwahati and not from Chennai or bangalore or Delhi or…. All of you out there who have doubted Padmini, be sure you will keep hearing of her all through your lives. She is a born leader, so she will lead. and we will follow.

      • Thanks Monalisa Aunty!
        I’m finding all this strange and funny.
        But i’m blessed to have people like you in my life!

  8. to be straightforward, i dont know if i’m in or out, BUt this papr should be held again. its SO unfair. i mean at least 300 students who aren’t deserving would get through and at least 500 top deserving ones would either not get a college, or get a lower one. and btw, have those marked answers been added to everyone’s total in the online list or is that yet to take place too? subject to changes. my foot.

  9. Guys,
    Consider this: While people did not finish, some got close to finishing or did finish. The paper was long, but not that tough, so if someone was really quick in English and Logical, he/she could have done really well especially as the topper would easily get about 45 in GK. The 12 marks added to all ( if it was indeed 12) would take up the scores at least by a few, assuming at least some of those could have been wrong answers for many. Net, net, those few who were really quick at English, knew thier GK, and did reasonably well in legal could actually crack it. It could be that the top few high scores are sparse and then the average is much lower. Remember 24000 give the exam. Before asking for a re-exam..think of the guys who genuinely did well!

      • Ok people, i got an average score of 133, but i’m not gonna complain like the rest here, because even though my score was pretty bad, i managed to only miss 7 questions in math which I put as “C”.
        So there you have it, an average person too can complete this paper if they can read quickly( a facet thats required for law). Congrats to shreya(whoever she is) if she got 173! *does a “All Hail Shreya” *


  10. shivangi; ishan;shrany— yes, definitely we can smell a rat….173 , 168 , r u kidding me? on an average, every student could attempt only 150-160 questions properly….moreover the questions were difficult as well….how the hell can ppl get such high marks? last year the highest was 165 when ppl could finish the Clat paper in just 1.5 hrs…this time 2.5 hrs would have also been less to complete the paper…. i feel some questions were leaked beforehand…. we have been fooooooooled and cheateddddd…..

    • That’s the point “on an average”, the ones above it are called “toppers”. This is disgusting.

      • ^ WORD.

        For Anubhav and the other whiners, I couldn’t complete it either, FYI.But I did a 190-ish questions.And got 165 correct. But go on, I’m willing to listen to the conspiracy theories.Food for jokes. And entertainment on a dull Monday afternoon.

        Oh, and you definitely haven’t been fooled. Can’t say much about your not being one though.

      • @Aymen
        Rightly said…! i was mistaken…”That’s the point “on an average”, the ones above it are called “toppers” I agree 

        • Retarded insinuations, all of these… I’ll admit, the paper wasn’t expected to be so. IT WAS NOT A PLANNED PAPER. I read previous comments where you guys said that the toppers were fast and therefore deserved. Sure, I agree to a great extent. But you have to realize that owing to the fact that most people left a shitload of questions, there is a huge space for the luck factor to kick in; maybe not for NLSIU, NALSAR and NUJS… I know people who prepared their balls off and made it. BUT, at the same time, I know exceptionally smart people who studied a shitload too, but didn’t since they couldn’t attempt all questions; its more tha likely that certain people guessed like them, and got luckier and made it to the tier two colleges. I’m completely against fools saying ‘File a PIL’, but I am extremely disappointed at this paper, since NUJS clearly didn’t plan it well. There was no cheating, but there was bad paper planning. 

          Needless to say all this PIL talk is just nonsense. I worked my ass of preparing for NLUD and CLAT… I know Shreya did too (I’m guessing its you, Shreya Prakash :p) and I’m certain Paaras (Pandey) did too. A testament to the fact is that we cleared NLUD as well. That serves as justification enough to these retards who sit on their ass and cuss at the ones who did well.

          Congrats to those who cleared it. To those who didn’t, its not the end of the world (hell, it was my second attempt :p). To the “sour grapes” (as they’re so affectionately called): GET A LIFE.


          • I sat at home for a year, while my friends drank the finest wines ! SO, God sends me to a place with a lake to sit by.
            And Raunaq, I realised a thing, a few days back. Had I made the most of time, and during CLAT managed it ‘exceptionally’ well(which is obviously what the toppers did), i’d have scored nothing short of 155. My score in certain sections was a bit of a shocker, but I have none but self to blame.
            I did not give it my best.


            • On the upside, we’re glad you’re coming to Justice City. You were one of the CG’s favorite people. And we’re sure you’ll do really well for yourself 🙂

              (Don’t worry much about Sindoori)

  11. In continuation of yesterday call for raising demand for further transparency & accountabilty in CLAT examination process . I request you all to send suggestions to the mermbers of Clat Examination Body. ,,, , , , , , , , ,
    — Mail suggesting Reforms in the Clat needs to send at above email addresses.

  12. A big LOL@cheating insinuations. Just because someone was smart enough to get 173, doesn’t mean they cheated. All it says is, the person in question is very intelligent, very hardworking and very fast. Let’s not jump to conspiracy theories just because someone did so much better than us.This whole affair (publishing of results et al) could have been done more efficiently, yes, but there was nothing wrong with the paper per se. Ultimately, it was the same for one and all.

    And a question for the CLAT GYAN team (who BTW have been amazing, simply put) – I’ve got a master rank in the 70s. I know I definitely won’t get any of the top tier ones, do I have a chance in say, Raipur or something?Or will any non-NLU uni be prepared to take me?Much appreciated 🙂

  13. Whoever got 173 was SMART, seriously!

    I think it was quite possible if one managed to recover from the initial shock over the length quickly enough. I wish I’d done that 😐 But for some precious moments, I was simply turning the pages in confusion, trying to tone my fears down and failing.

    So, that day. We were all not-so-smart. And we were all not-so-quick. Someone was.
    Bitter, but still, the TRUTH.
    Hard, and yet, we have to accept it!

    Ab maan jaao gadho. Koi rat-fish-kaali daal nahi hai!

  14. Are we sure that they added the 12 marks to everyone’s paper? How exactly did they do this? If they did add these marks?

    • All India Merit List is finally out. You may see this on CLAT official website. The cut off is likely to be 121 marks.

  15. NUJS says there were Clerical error and their explanation has no clarity.  There were four sets of papers.  (a) Did the underlined question appear in all sets and every student was given marks or (b) underlined questions were specific to the given set and only those students who got that set were given full marks?  If (b) is the scenario, then one group had a distinct advantage over others.  It is time NUJS comes with full details on the “Clerical Errors”

  16. To all those unaware, the Unique Rank List is out.

    I have a unique rank of #215. Will I get WBNUJS, Calcutta?

    NLS (general): 55 seats
    NALSAR (gen): 52 seats
    WBNUJS (gen): 78 seats

    Though the total comes to 185… Last year, the rank last person to get NUJS was #230.

    • Raunaq, Congrats and keep your fingers crossed. You have to hope that some will opt for Delhi, some will not take up Law at all, some will prefer thier local univ ( parents wont allow them to relocate), some will get into the domicile quota and free up the general quota…so there is hope! But in the meanwhile do research Jodhpur and Bhopal and figure which one as fourth preference, just in case! All the best! Know exactly what you will be going through:-)

  17. Ranks are out! High scores are fewer and cut-offs lower. All the “smell a rat” gang, there is no rat!! and the list is perfect..CLAT admin folks..u shud have put this up on Saturday and saved a lot of trauma and avoidable curses!! Next CLAT, dont re-invent the wheel and learn from this time! CLATGyan guys and gals – u have done a fabulous job..difficult to believe u are first year students! Hats off!

  18. AIR 151 🙂
    Missed NALSAR 🙁
    Damnit! I wanted to get into top 2 very badly. So i can stay in southindia. Looks like I’m going to the bong-land 😀 😀 

  19.  Clat convener has claimed on their website that it was a clerical error. Did proof reading was done by a clerk or a professor? Those who had paper set A and B wasted lot of time on solving the question? 4- 5 minutes make a difference between NLSUI and Nalsar . It makes a difference between Nalsar and WBNUJS and so on. They have deliberated avoided giving the details of marks so that people do not  have time to approach court They have decided  to immediately start the cancelling  after details of results. In this high tech era  it is hard to believe that u can upload the detaled result.I appeal to students and parents to approach court and these Wbnujs people should be brought to books.

  20. Hey,
    can u please help me out with this…. quite confused about the counseling procedure… my rank is 16133 and all in india women 7765.. i don’t come under any reserved category. will i have any chance at least in kochi?? can u please tell me what was last year’s it worth a wait?
    how many rounds of online counseling will be held? it will be really kind of u if u would please help me out..:)

    • x, u stand a good chance..55 blr plus 42 nalsar general category seats is 97..if 8 guys drop out, take delhi or NUJS etc ( being from those cities) u should get in… in the past higher ranks have got in…keep fingers any case NUJS too is a fab option:-) congrats!

            • Alright. NALSAR has 70 seats. So, 33% of them would be 23. Now, out of these 70, if there are 23 women. The purpose of the reservation is solved.

              But, if there are 20 women, then they will take 3 more as reserved category candidates. So, the whole aim is to have at least 33% women. Normally at NALSAR almost 50% to 55% of the intake is filled by Women. So, they never get to use this reservation. Got it?

            • @Paaras
              It’s where each category of the seats like general, SC/ST etc have 30% of their respective allotment to women.
              Tanmay btw congrats on the show in Delhi and CLAT.

  21. I am now boreddddddddd. All the discussions have suddenly died down. None of these posts entertain me anymore.

  22. Got AIR 899 with 118 marks and won’t be getting any NLU (I think) .

    I’m General Category (MALE) with no domicile or reservation whatsoever. Now this makes competition for me extremely tough. But then again, careers, like rockets, don’t always take off on schedule. The key is to keep working the engines.

    Apparently I’ve only got a chance if I make it through top 400 ranks and that’s true for every general candidate like me. Dunno what I’ll do now…

    Is there any other choice I have for this 1 year? And will it be possible to balance 2 things (College and CLAT) together and still make it through CLAT 2012?

    • Anchit, wait for the counselling, you MIGHT get a college. If you don’t and if you are really serious about retaking CLAT, I’d suggest you admit yourself in a good college (Law or otherwise) and prepare yourself for CLAT.

      Juggling both the things is completely possible and not difficult at all.

  23. Y do we need reservations ???? Beyond my scope .. The term “competition” in itself is defeated by bolstering such reservations. Quality of education is still hampered . If someone has de brains, skills den y he need a reservation . He must be equally considered amongst general category .. Reservation must be limited . Domicile quota must be discarded

  24. i got 132 and my unique rank is 290.. i am expecting nlu jodhpur… will i get it??
    what is the procedure for online councelling…do i need to register somewhere before it ???

  25. Hey people…………when do you reckon the counselling dates will be declared? I called up the clat office and they said it would be out today by 5 pm

  26. First of all, hats off and a big ‘thank u’ for the brilliant effort made selflessly and tirelessly by 2015 batch of NALSAR…unfortunately, I discovered it too late…but the way CLATGyan has helped me in a matter of a few days with GK, is truly amazing….BTW do u have any recent news regarding the counselling…my AIR is 152, so I didn’t go for Symbi GD-PI. I feared missing the counselling while in Bangalore for GD-PI…can i get into NUJS with this rank….also, after checking out all the websites, i feel more interested in the courses offered by Jodhpur…the facilities for B.Sc seem nice.will it be stupid to choose Jodhpur over Kolkata…please advise

    • hey i found that a guy who had my rank last year got into rmlnlu…..well i’m keeping my fingers crossed
      good luck to all CLATGYANers for today’s counselling….God be with us all 🙂

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