GK Section – AILET (NLU Delhi) – 2012


The following are the questions which formed the GK section of AILET 2012. We’ve mentioned the answer beside each question, in bold. Do let us know if you find any mistake either in the questions or in the answers.

1. In which city will the Commonwealth Games of 2014 be held? Glasgow, Scotland

2. Which of the six options did the Srikrishna Committee suggest as a ‘way forward’? The Sixth One (Maintaining Status Quo and establishing statutorily empowered Telangana Regional Council for socio­-economic development and political development of Telangana region)

3. Name the person who was convicted in the former Punjab chief minister Beant Singh’s assassination case. Balwant Singh Rajoana

4. Who’s the World’s Most Powerful Man according to the Forbes? Barack Obama

5. What was the political reason for the 1857 Revolt? Doctrine of Lapse/British Annexation of Awadh/Subsidiary Alliance

6. Which country conducted its elections, but failed to form a Government for a very long period? Belgium

7. Name the 193th member of UNO. South Sudan

8. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi first practiced ‘Satyagraha’ in? South Africa (against Racial Discrimination)

9. For how many years was Aung San Suu Kyi put under house arrent? 15 Years

10. Name the Chairman of the ‘Anti-Ragging Committee’? R K Raghavan

11. The head of the International Monetary Fund has always been from? Europe

12. The edible part of which of the given options is not a root? Corn of Colocasia (Other options were Beat Root, Potato, Ginger)

13. Exchange rate of Indian Rupee is decided by? Managed Floating

14. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi entered Indian politics with? Rowlatt Protests

15. Germinating sprouts are more nutritious because? They aren’t! (Apparently it’s a ‘grandma’s tale’)

16. The famous queen Chand Bibi who fought gallantly against Akbar belonged to? Ahmednagar

17. From which part of heart does the blood move on to aorta? Left Ventricle

18. ‘The Year of Great Divide’ refers to what? 1921 (Marks the start of consistent population growth – increase in birth rate and decrease in death rate)

19. Which ruler established embassies in other countries in his time on the modern lines? Tipu Sultan

20. What is the force exerted on you by the floor when the lift moves down at 9.8m/sec? Zero

21. More than 50 Sikh Shrines are named after what? Trees

22. Escape velocity is dependent on? Both mass of the planet & distance from center of earth

23. Earth origin not related to which theory? Tidal (Other options were Star, Nebula and Sun)

24. Aurora is observed due to what? Solar wind

25. What is the Classical Language of India? Telugu & Kannada (2008); Sanskrit (2005); Tamil (2004);

26. How is a desert plant identified? Shrunken Stomata

27. What is the temperature regulating centre of the brain? Hypothalamus

28. If the core of the Earth is molten, the core of the moon is? Viscous Liquid, our guess. (other options were Solid, Gas and Plasma)

29. Why do we hear a clicking sound when we yawn/swallow? Because the Eustachian tube opens

30. Who prepares the estimates of the ‘National Income of India’? Central Statistical Organisation

31. Name the famous newspaper which stopped publishing after being involved in a phone hacking scandal. News of the World

32. In how many postal index zones is India divided into? 12

33. What is the phenomenon called when money looses its value and barter system seems to be practical? Hyperinfation

34. Which country recently jumped westwards across the International dateline and skipped a day? Samoa and Tokelau

35. Why did the Indian sailors of ‘Royal Indian Navy’ go on a strike in 1946? Because of the discriminatory treatment meted out to the ratings by their senior naval officers

All the very best for CLAT. Cheers!


    • RTI is taken as an extention to art 19(1)(a) so y can’t b it regarded as fundamental right?
      M.P singh’s Constitution of india regard its as fundamental rights and various time SC has taken it as fundamental rights
      This right, to information , was explicitly held to be a fundamental right under Article 19(1)(a) of the Constitution of for the first time by Justice KK Mathew in State of UP v. Raj Narain, (1975) 4 SCC 428. This view was followed by the Supreme Court on a number of decisions and after public demand, the Right to Information Act, 2005 was enacted and brought into force.

      • The cases that talk of RTI being a fundamental right are only obiter. It is a legal/statutory right.

        • RTI stands for Right To Information and has been given the status of a fundamental right under Article 19(1) of the Constitution. Article 19 (1) under which every citizen has freedom of speech and expression and have the right to know how the government works, what role does it play, what are its functions and so on.

          This is according to:

      • hey guys,,,,,RTI is not a fundamental right although it a mentioned in part of right to freedom of 19(1)a,,,bcoz through this act someones’s privacy is also reveals so it is only a statutory right and yes RTE is a fundamental right.

  1. The famous queen Chand Bibi who fought gallantly against Akbar belonged to – 
    1) Berar 2) Ahmednagar 3)Bijapur 4) Golconda

    not sure what the answer is.

      • “Chand Bibi (1550–1599 CE), also known as Chand Khatun or Chand Sultana, was an Indian Muslim woman warrior. She acted as the Regent of Bijapur (1580–90) and Regent of Ahmednagar (1596–99).” I quote wiki.

        • But her fight against Akbar was while she was the acting regent of the Ahmednagar sultanate, so Ahmednagar is the right answer.

          • “Before the Mughal occupation, Berar was part of the Nizam Shahi sultanate of Ahmadnagar. It was ceded to the emperor Akbar by Chand Bibi in 1596, unable to stand against the imperial forces led by prince Murad.”
            from wikipedia

  2. The famous queen chand bibi who fought gallantly against Akbar belonged to – 
    1) Berar  2) Ahmednagar 3) Bijapur 4) Golconda

    not sure what the answer is.

  3. Before i even reach my house from my test center you guys already list out the questions! 😀 Anyway, I remember a question being asked on why we hear a clicking sound in our ear whenever we yawn or something. And then there was a question as to why sprout beans are better than cooked beans or something like that :/. Also, there was a question on which chamber the blood enters first  to flow through the heart . I vaguely remember these so please correct me if I’m wrong!

  4. Q.the great divide refer to? , Q. zero hour is of how many hours =1 hour
    Citizenship (how many years required by a person to become citizen of India)

  5. what happens to the level of mercury when it’s poured in a barometer is taken to a coal mine? rises/falls/remains unchanged/none of the above

  6. 12. Desert plants have what kind of roots? Taproot

    ^That one wasn’t about the roots, it was about which of these would you see in a desert plant. One of the answers was aerenchyma, I don’t remember the rest. 
    Also, something on how the following happened in which order: 
    1)Rupee floated on the current account.
    2)Rupee floated on the trade account.
    3) Exim scripps introduced.
    4) Something which I don’t remember. 

  7. Also, weren’t the Rowlatt protests after Champaran? So didn’t Gandhi technically enter politics with Champaran? Because that was an option for that question, too. 

    • Yes,that is my doubt too.Gandhi entered politics with Champaran
      And there was an option related to south africa where the ques.was where did gandhiji for the 1st time took satyagrah or some non violent movmt.I dnt remember exactly.I suppose South African struggle was the answer there

        • okay. dont get confused. there were 2 questions.
          1) where did gandhi first use his policy of satyagrah? this has to be south africa

          2)which marked the entry of gandhi into all india politics?  this has to be rowlatt protest, because champaran was all about farmers’ suffering etc..

        • nope… search wiki for gandhi’s satyagraha… he used it first in SA

          Champaran was the first time in india.. there was a separate question on that

            • Dude his first experiment with Satyagraha was in South Africa without doubt. Incidentally it has come in The Hindu today! Go check the last page at the bottom.

              • His political debut, which was the other question, was Champaran. Rowlatt is completely wrong, there was Kheda, Ahmedabad Mill strike, and Bardoli before it!

                • For the 1st time satyagrah answer has to be south africa according to me.And for the Indian movmt.it has to be Champaran.Rowlatt protests were not when gandhiji launched satyagrah or any non violent movmt.

    • i have the same doubt, because even according to me it was champaran because thats where it all started from in india, this ignited his protest against the british.

  8. 1)country without  government ….for the maximum time..Belgium
    2)A. syu kyi…released after how many years of house arrest…….
    3)’Year of Divide ‘ signifies

  9. there was question about veto powers of UN asking how many permanent member are there and the answer was written in the question

  10. what happens to the level of mercury when it’s poured in a barometer is taken to a coal mine? rises/falls/remains unchanged/rises then falls

    • does it matter if its barometer or thermometer? rise and fall of mercury depends upon the temperature, pressure and not the instrument it is kept in.. i am not sure though

      • it makes a difference… because the level of mercury rises in a barometer due to the pressure exerted on the mercury in the petridish… therefore the level of mercury rises in the test-tube because some mercury enters the test-tube. 

  11. RTI is which of the following: Fundamental, Statutory, Constitutional, Legal. 
    Standing on an elevator, the force exerted by you on the floor: Becomes 0 when you go down at 9.8m/s2, when you go up at 9.8, in any direction at 9.8, or unchanged at any acceleration. 

  12. there was one moreof which  of the following patato , ginger . sweet patato nd some caro….(never heard of it before)the edible portion is not a stem

  13. The Great Divide answer should be all of the above….The options were rise in population in the 20s, reduction of diseases leading to fewer deaths and something else which i don’t remember

  14. i’m pretty sure the revised forbes list for 2012 says chinese premier wen jiabo is the mst powerful person on earth who pipped mr obama dis year……

  15. When a thermometer is taken down a coal mine, the temperature: rises, falls, rises then falls, remains unchanged.

  16. Stem of which plant cannot be used for eating: 1)Potato 2)Seet potato 3)corn of colocasia and 1 i dont remember

  17. QUESTION:more than 50 sikh shrines are named after ??
    OPTIONS :a) plants b) trees c) animals d) flowers !!!
    does anyone know the answer to this ‘no head no tail’ question ??

  18. Which one of the following rulers established embassies in foreign countries on modern lines?
    (a) Haider Ali
    (b) Mir Qusim
    (c) ShahAlam II
    (d) Tipu Sultan

  19. maximum sikh shrines have been named after which of the following?
    d.none of the above

    answer I think was trees

  20. I think one of the questions was that the constitution is based on the lines which were first mentioned in?(options were karachi session, jawaharlal nehru’s speech of purna swaraj etc.)

  21. the question related to heart was:
    which of the following does the blood enter the heart from
    left ventricle/right ventricle/left aorta/right aorta

  22. there was also a question on why some sailors of some ship protested in some year :/
    just incase ^ helps anyone recall what it was:|

  23. and the 12 Q here was something like which of the following i inherent in desert plants
    and in that year of great divide question they did not ask the year. options were something like – rapid increase in population growth rate, declining sex ratio, decrease in death rate and all of the above

  24. The desert plant options were : aeriel roots,  aerenchyma, sunken stomata and the fourth one I don’t remember. However, tap root wasn’t an option.

  25. indus valley civilisation’s feautures?? can someone please elaborate on that question?? i dont remember exactly,,there were three points and fourth was all of the above !!!

  26. about the classical language question, tamil and sanskrit were both options.

    but according to this http://www.hindu.com/2005/10/28/stories/2005102809281200.htm

    both answers are right :/

      • Tamil and sanskrit already have classical language status, telugu got it most recently. Telugu is the right ans.

        • their was no recently mentioned in the question… so kinda the same logic as the Gandhi one.. (the answer changes if first Satyagraha was mentioned.)

          • Since Tamil and Sanskrit were options also, you should have logically concluded that they’re trying to ask you which one was most recent. Even NLUD can come up with a bit of current affairs once in a while! 😛
            And both the Gandhi questions are easily answered. 1.FIRST experiment with satyagraha- South Africa. 2.Political Debut- Champaran. No doubt about both.

  27. why do we hear a clicking sound when we yawn/swallow?
    one of the options was: because the Eustachian tube opens.
    This is also the answer most probably (googled)

  28. Um in the theory of orgin,one option was somebody’s theory on concurrent current,which i dont think relates to the earths origin

  29. answer for sprout one is “The metabolic activity of resting seeds increases as soon as they are hydrated during soaking. Complex biochemical changes occur during hydration and subsequent sprouting. The reserve chemical constituents, such as protein, starch and lipids, are broken down by enzymes into simple compounds that are used to make new compounds.”

  30. and one more questions clat gyan –
    how many pincoades are dere in india i mean how many starting didgits..and the answer in 8

  31. This list has an answers wrong:

    Escape velocity doesn’t depend on the mass of the object. It depends upon the mass of the PLANET and NOT the object.

    That being said, Right to Information is a constitutional right and Gandhi first used Satyagraha in South Africa. He used it in Champaran for the first time IN INDIA. He had done so before in South Africa while demanding rights for Indian who lived there.

    There is a huge difference between ‘first time’ and ‘first time in India’

          • The question was ‘Analogous to earth’s MOLTEN core, what forms the moon’s core?’
            The molten part of the earth’s core is technically the outer core while the inner core of the earth is solid.

            So analogically the outer core of the moon is VISCOUS LIQUID while the inner core is solid as well.

  32. Tell me if anyone disagrees… it was a messed up GK section 

    And most of the people who get in will get in on luck because of random marking and that sucks because this is at the expense of real talent.

  33. Friends, what is the guess. what should be the cut off this year considering there were quite a few wierd questions particularly on science.

  34. these are some of the questions tht i remember:

    1.free legal aid is DPSP.
    2.classical lang:tamil
    3.SC AND ST have been specified by presidential orders in consultation with governors.
    4.director .of IMF is always from: Europe 
    5.MP is disqualified if he is absent for 6 months.
    6.state legislature approves the ordinance issued by governor
    7.gandhi’s first satyagrah:south africa
    8.judges of SC AND HC can be removed only when a resolution is passed in the parliament

  35. Things in the preamble were first mentioned in ?
    nehru speech on the banks of ravi river
    the nehru report
    karachi session of the INC
    objective resolution of the constituent assembly

  36. well the moon has a SOLID foundation!!! im pretty sure….. and for the lift question the answer should have been – when the lift goes down…our weight becomes less….. or whatever…. 🙂

  37. the question about chand bibi asked us WHERE DID SHE BELONG? and not WHICH STATE DID SHE FIGHT FOR? : chand bibi BELONGED to bijapur but the war was fought from ahemednagar….so i dont really remember the question but she definately belonged to BIJAPUR

  38. in which of the following is secularism embodied
    1) preamble
    2) fundamental rights
    3) and 4) dont remember.

    ITS the preamble right?

  39. A legal one
    Right to legal aid is a part of
    a. fundamental right
    b.fundamental duty
    c.directive principle of state policy –Right answer I guess??
    d.None of the above. 

  40. ministers can be arrested when:?

    a)civil -40 days before .something like that.does anyone knw the proper Q &A.

  41. Ministers cant be arrested 40 day before and after the commencement of the session for civil cases bt can b arrested for criminal cases

  42. Logical puzzles were the most pathetic aspect of this shit !!!!!!! How can u expct to do away with 2 puzzles in 8 minutes and d last one ws a disaster

  43. time alloted for zero hour is infinite !!!!! as its nt mentioned in the proceedings of the houses of the parliament

  44. which organ produces the clicking sound whenwe swallow??? 
    i do not remember the options……

    which disease  is caused due to increased concentration of arsenic in water…….
    A.alzeihmer’s disease B.parkisnson’s disease C. skin cancer D.liver cirrhosis

  45. what is the minimum time required 4 person to become a citizen of india……….5 yearz or 7 years??

    sonia gandhi does not face any charges regarding citizenship isuues due to which of the foll??
    citizenship act,1955
    art.5 constitution of india
    art. 7 constitution of india
    art.9 constitution of india
    plz gv the answerz……..seems we did not study nything…..  🙁

      • remains unchanged is absolutely right. Newton’s third law: ‘To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’. The question mentioned acceleration which is valid, as force is proportional to acceleration. F=ma. 🙂

    • What remains unchanged is mass of body. 
      mass & weight are 2 different concept, taught in basic physics..

      P.S. : Please do not defame physics book by giving reference of it for such a wrong answer.
      & if the book indeed printed so, then it will be of better use as toilet papers..

  46. the decision of court which states Sonia Gandhi as citizen of India is governed under which article of constitution??
    something like this in legal gk  

    • Actually they asked for Pin Code zones not Postal Zones as far as i know and I discussed this question to my Friends too.And yaeh there are 8 pin code zones in India.Please CG rectify this question above.:)

  47. When does the value of rupee fall so much that even barter system is preferable ?

    • yeah, i wish we had questions like these in nlud

      looks like AILET had a deep impact on you, resulting in illusions 😛

    • Unfortunately, 105.
      No matter how tough the paper is, there are always more than 50 students who do score well!
      History proves that. inspite of CLAT 2011 being the shittiest paper ever, People did score 173. So, the cut off will never go below 100. It will be 105+

  48. there was a question realted to baromaeter 
    which says…

    how will the level be affected if it is taken to coal mine.?

  49. one question was related to – Whether the mercury rises , decreases or remains constant when it is put inside a coal mine?

  50. Hey!! I think the two you are missing were the ones on GandhiJi..one was ‘what was Gandhiji’s first non-cooperation movement in india?’ i think the ans was Champaran.

    The 2nd was Where did Gandhiji first use satyagraha effectively..south africa?

    Maybe i’m just mixing up the gk and legal aptitude qs but anyway…

    • no…..it will not be champaran as it asks the first national movement undertken by gandhiji….
      Champaram movement of 1916 was the first LOCAL movt……answer is ANTI ROWLATT SATYAGRAHA,1919…..

  51. In 22, I dont think the question said ‘mass of planet’. I believe it said ‘mass of object and distance from center of mass of the planet’, if I remember correctly.

  52. The 17th question was, from which of the following does blood enter the heart. Or that’s what I remember reading.

  53. one question was this also
    Q) of which  of the following patato , ginger . sweet patato nd some colocasia the edible portion is not a stem?

    • u just answered ur ques !!!! the question ws abt inedibility of a stem !!! thus sweet potato is d ans its edible part is rooot

  54. one of the 2 remaining questions was
    1)The country which decided to stay behind a day on the international date line – Samoa

    the other question was the 1st question which was related to economics asking us to arrange certain events in chronological order (dnt remember)

  55. I think these will be the average scores in different sections in AILET 2012:

    Legal: 20-25
    gk: 18-20
    Logical Reasoning: 25
    English: 27

    so I think the cut off is gonna be around 100..what do u say guys??

    • True!
      But dont you think a 9 in maths would not be the AVERAGE score? :\
      The marks of other sections are very correct!

      Btw, the question in legal reasoning related to the ship owner and tge cavemptors empkyed by him. Whats the answer to that? He should be held liable right?

  56. Do people remember some questions of Legal GK as well? Guys, we can contribute and have all the questions of legal aptitude also.
    the questions i remember are
    – 1 ) years required for recognition as an indian citizen. 2) how are scheduled caste and scheduled tribe determined in india? 3) Right to free legal aid is a fundamental right? 4) RTI is a which right?
    5) who recognises thata bill is a money bill or not? 6) whose recommendation is required for a money bill? 6) what is the maximum limit of minutes for a zero hour 7) who creates the portfolios for all the ministers? 8) anti ragging committee? Thats all i remeber. Please reply and help! Thank you. !

    • 1- 5 years
      2-by president (executive power)
      4-lok shabha
      5-lok shabha speaker decision will bi final
      6-not define
      7-prime minister
      8-raghvan committee

  57. Q.32. In how many postal index zones is India divided into? (12 is not correct)
    It is 9 actually.
    There are nine PIN zones in India, including eight regional zones and one functional zone. 

  58. I remember one question : When there is national emergency the state government can ?
    interfere in concurrent list .
    is suspended .
    dont remember other two options ! 😐

  59. dont tell me there were no questions from sports section.
    I think few SETS had different gk questions.
    I very well remember there was a question in my gk section” Who was Wisdens leading cricketer for 2010 or 2011 i guess ?
    But it is not mentioned in the above list of 35 questions =/

  60. hey guys what is the synonym of lynch?? 
    to hang or to kill someone?? both the options were there in the paper :/

    • The Universal Dictionary(from Readers Digest),a very reliable authentic 1752 pages compendium says : LYNCH — To kill a person(suspected of crime) especially by hanging,without due process of law.

  61. 28. If the core of the Earth is molten, the core of the moon is? Viscous 

    The Answer   probably   SOLID
    Wikipedia says “The composition of the core of Moon is not well constrained, but it is probably metallic iron alloyed with a small amount of sulphur and nickel”

  62. I think… moon has a SOLID core..
    look it up in WIKIPEDIA if you want to.. 🙂
    n sorry i posted this in the SET section too :p

  63. I secured 17th All India SC rank. I am 6th on the first waiting list since there are 11 seats for SC candidates. Can anybody guide me if I have any bright chances of getting it to the merit list???

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