NLU Orissa – GK Section (Based on Memory)


{Here is the GK section along with the answers. We’ll be out with the analysis of the paper soon. – Asad}

  1. World ranking of India in the Happiness Index published by US based agency Gallup – 71st
  2. Buddhist Stupa built in brick by Ashoka – Sanchi
  3. India’s world ranking in wheat production – 3rd
  4. Planning Commission estimate of Percentage of poor people in India in 2009-10 – 32%
  5. Satellite put into Orbit by PSLV C16 – Resourcesat 2
  6. IPL Players – Amit Mishra – Deccan Chargers; Srikkant Anirudha – Chennai Super Kings; Vinay Kumar – Kochi Tuskers; D. S Nadeem – Delhi Daredevils;
  7. Jasmine Revolution – Call for western style of democracy in gulf countries
  8. 2011 Pulitzer Prize for the book on cancer – Siddhartha Mukherjee
  9. Kind of Unemployment which is not problematic for the Government – Frictional
  10. India sent its Election Commission delegates and EVMs to? – Egypt
  11. Coal India Limited (CIL) bagged the ‘Century International Quality Era Award’ in what category? – Gold
  12. Island of Precipitation? – Dome Mountains
  13. Padmini Episode related to? – Alauddin Khilji
  14. Number of sectors to be covered by Bharat Nirman – Six
  15. State which banned “Bartar” system – Orissa
  16. Separate High Courts were set up in? – Tripura, Meghalaya and Manipur
  17. Single policy rate to unambiguously signal the stance of monetary policy as recently recommended by RBI? Repo Rate
  18. Term related with Cricket – Ashes
  19. “Aadhar” is the brand name of? – UIDAI
  20. Sport not included in Commonwealth Games 2010 – Golf
  21. Match the following: Alipore – Aurobindo; Lahore – Raj Guru; Kanpur – Nalini Gupta; Kakori – Asfaqullah;
  22. Forensic Laboratory which examined the conversation between Shanti Bhushan, Mulayam Singh and Amar Singh – Central Forensic Science Laboratory
  23. Ships sent to get Indians from Libya – INS Mysore and INS Jalashwa
  24. Trains launched to celebrate 150th Birthday of Rabindranath Tagore – Kavi Guru
  25. Area not associated with Vijayanagar-Bahmani rulers clash – Kaveri Delta
  26. SIMBEX happens between – India and Singapore
  27. Which of the following three statements are correct – The correct statements are “Dorjee Khandu dies in a chopper crash and it was Pawan Hans – 5 people died”. The wrong statement is “Governor General JJ Singh administering oath to Tako Dabi”.
  28. When items of jewellery made of metals such as copper or nickel are placed in a solution having a salt of gold, a thin film of gold is deposited by – Electroplating (passing an electric current)
  29. Half the world population lives in – China, India, United States, Indonesia, Brazil and Pakistan
  30. Contact lenses are made from – (The correct answer is PolyMacon – Was not given in the options) – Closest option was Polyvinyl Chloride.
  31. Brent Index is associated with – Crude Oil Prices Index
  32. 33% to 50% Women Reservation in Local Body poll was done by which state? – Maharashtra
  33. Sequence of the Evolution of Living Organisms –
  34. Foreign Ministers meet from the G8 to talk about Libya was at? – Paris
  35. Highest Energy – Red Light
  36. China’s plan to link Tibet with which city? – Xinjiang
  37. Match the following: Great Victoria Desert – Australia; Grand Canyon – USA; Lake Winnipeg – Canada; Southern Apes – New Zealand
  38. Tropic of Capricorn passes through? – Australia, Namibia, Chile and Brazil
  39. Prithivi-II missiles were fired from? – Suvarna
  40. Strait nearest to the International Date Line – Bering Strait
  41. Chairman of JPC for 2G Scam – P C Chacko
  42. Yellow River – Hwang Ho
  43. A geostationary satellite has to be directly above – the Equator
  44. Highest Child Sex Ratio according to the Census 2011 – Mizoram
  45. Fukushima Nuclear plant operated by – Tokyo Electric Power Company
  46. Direct Tax – Income Tax
  47. V S Achuthanandan’s fast was to ban the sale and use of? – Endosulphan
  48. Osama Bin Laden was killed by SEAL at Abbottabad and President Obama said “Justice is done” standing at Ground Zero
  49. Match the following: Luxemburg – EU; India – SAARC; Mexico – NAFTA; Iceland – EFTA
  50. Smelling agent added to LPG cylinders to detect gas leakage – Thioethanol


  1. Thinking this time cut off wil go up….papr was gud than CLAT…..last year it was 79 this year around 90….guessing…..

  2. Trains launched to celebrate 150th Birthday of Rabindranath Tagore – Kavi Guru

    Isn’t the train called Sanskriti Express?

  3. if the cut off circulates around 90 then i’ll be hoping for the good!!! n anyone of u matched your symbiosis score???? wats their cut off going to be??? did anyone give upes?

  4. well if 90-95 cut-off then its good. i reached the centre 1.5 hours late…!! (damm that ip exam on the same day). 🙁 else even the legal portion was good. better than
    CLAT. i managed to complete GK,Legal Aptitude 6-7 maths questions and 15 questions of lpgical rest randomly bubbled all the questions (short of time sincce 75 min=200 ques)

      • thanks ashok (donnie ashok if i’m right? )
        well maths was moderate-tough. some questions based on number system were not easy. so i attempted only those maths questions which were easy and could fetch me marks. 🙂

  5. The formula for light energy is E=h*f. Whereas, h=Planck’s constant anf f=frequency. Therefore, violet having highest frequency has more energy. Red light has lowest energy level in the visible spectrum.

  6. i got 85.8 percent in my 12th cbse board (result out today)..what is my chance in GLC mumbai or, for that matter ILS Pune???

  7. hahaha
    i wish their  was “like” button 😛 its good that you carried it (energy drink) . And you somehow managed  to reach  your test center on time 🙂 i missed 75 mins !! 
    how was English section? i had to randomly bubble those questions :'( 

  8. well i got 34/35 correct in d gk section.what’s ur opinion abt d cut-off this time around? 90-95 seems too low!!

  9. im really scared im gettin around 35 bt many students r getting abv 35 …………….so just freaking out …..fingers crossed…:/

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