Paaras Pandey and Prince of Persia


We’ve all studied, some very hard, some not as much. But studied we all have. Been tortured by CLAT ’11 we all have. Bloody unsure of what’s in store, we all are. So here’s something that might help get some bit of surety, albeit however unrelated to Law School Results, etc.

Once the disastrous CLAT was done, and since I wasn’t really keen on giving NLU-O, I sat down, and literally made a list of things I’d want to do before I joined a law college this year.  Now, I’m not as intelligent, or humorous like these so many people who have been posting on CG relentlessly, to keep us going, and neither am I like the talented buggers who’ve so far written for ‘The Window’, so bear with the mundane nature of the post. And be nice, okay?

Things to do in the month before college starts.

1. Watch movies. LOADS of them. All first day shows, all old classics, all the ones I’ve missed for the sadistic CLAT paper. Here’s a list of my must watch movies-

–          Alice In Wonderland

–          Clash of the Titans

–          Robin Hood

–          Prince of Persia

–          The Last Airbender

–          Toy Story-3

–          The Expendables

–          The Eagle of the Ninth

–          The American

–          The king’s Speech (yeah haven’t even seen this one. Don’t laugh)

–          Black Swan

–          127 Hours

–          Buried

–          Biutiful

–          Casablanca

–          Die Hard Series ( haven’t even seen 1)

–          The Godfather I and II- one movie that is actually as good as the novel !

–          Saving Private Ryan

–          Seven Samurai

–          Some Like It Hot ( who was the actor? Hint- CG compendiums had it. :P)

–          Fast Five

–          Super 8

–          Pirates of the Caribbean I, II, III, and IV.

Okay, that’s for English movies. For any more on this get back to me on my e-mail ID.

2. READ ! It’s been ages since I read an Alistair Maclean or a Fredrick Forsyth. I plan to finish all of them a.s.a.p. That’s all that I’ll read, apart from the few award winning novels of the past couple of years.

3. Pick up a part time job.

4. Learn to play the harmonica and drum.

5. Learn how to swim, properly.

6. Write more often on my blogs. They’ve missed me, I know.

Now, that’s ‘bout it for me.  Make your own list. Do loads of things. Just do something ! Don’t waste time worrying about the results, it’s not worth it. You’ve done what you could. Now let The Force do its mental math.

This post is merely a pointer. I’d love it if you guys added to it. The more, the merrier. 😀

PS: I forgot this-

  1. Experiment with various blends of ethanol, and nicotine. If you don’t do THIS, shame on you !

Joke tha.  [-_-“]

And as they say- May The Force be with you. Peace !




  1. I think I’ll save the ethanol-nicotine cocktail for when law school actually starts. I hear the work load can get heavy. 

    [yeh bhi joke tha… hopefully 😉 ]

    Oh, add Prince Of Egypt to the must-watch movies. 1998 animated classic. Lovely.

  2. My movie list is longer! Harmonica lessons online are vague but okay. I have a hohner 16 hole dichomatic You?
    Lemme know if you actually get a decent place to learn them.
    ps:Moi=Tiwari’s friend=sat behind you at Symbi! ;P

  3. NO NO…do not watch alice in wonderland.i and my friends went to watch it in the theatre.the guys never returned after the
    it is sad

  4. Guys Pirates was awful! watch I have got mail, and go through the whole list of ABC movie list…ALl of the movies in there are available on you tube 🙂 😀 

  5. The Last Airbender? Fail. 😐

    If you liked Biutiful, you’ll like Amores Perres. Inarritu is one interesting chap.

    Very productive list btw, I’m really proud to know you 🙂 And congrats on the results!

  6. All of You should not forget watching Alam Ara and Dhobhi Ghat. This is the one movie which decided your ranking.

  7. @LawyerAsad’s tweet about The Deathwatch in today’s HT Brunch……. is that you, Asad ?? Clatgyan v/s Techgyan every sunday ..?

  8. Watch community, the tv show. its the best. EVER.
    And dont listen to someone that said alice in wonderland wasnt good. i LOVED it. 

    • No offence but COMMUNITY really sucks . Watch How I met your mother , then maybe you wudnt say that community is the best ever.

      • dude HIMYM is not even half as awesome or creative as community.. community is intelligent comedy where as HIMYM have same old jokes..!!

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