Personalised Action Plans and Queries


It’s Feburary already. That leaves you with 3 months until you have to take the CLAT and make it to law school. Let’s say, you need to set aside about a month for the board examinations and other distractions. That leaves you with  2 months exactly. Is this enough time to start prep for CLAT and to ensure your spot at a top National Law School?

Maybe. Maybe not.

The answer to that question really depends on how much prep you have managed to put in so far, and where you stand. Now, how do you figure that out?

Board exams in March? Pre-boards in February? A billion tests interspersed between Feburary and May? Haven’t started prep at all? No clue how to study legal aptitude? No idea what current affairs are? Not really sure of how much you’ve prepared, and how much more you need to prepare? Don’t know how much time to allot for CLAT prep every day?

Worry not. Okay, worry a little bit. BUT we will help you figure out what needs to be done, and how to go about your preparation for the exam.

So, how does CG plan on helping you?

Step 1 – Sit down and think about all the problems you have with preparing for the exam, your time constraints, your areas of difficulty, and where you think you require guidance.

Step 2 – Turn on your computer or laptop or tablet or phone or other gadget of choice, and shoot us an email. Send your emails to, with the subject titled ‘Action Plan’, and tell us everything you thought of in Step 1. Along with that, add additional details that you think are relevant. (Such as, have you joined coaching? have you taken CLAT before? And are you pursuing graduation now? If yes, where? Or have you taken a drop?)

Now, once we’ve received your mail, we will help you with time allocation, guidance on material that will help your specific case, and give you sound advice on anything else you need help with. Perhaps even some life advice if we think you need it.

Why write to us?

  • You’re getting your very own personalised action plan to prep for the CLAT.
  • You do not have to pay to get this advice. We’re free, and helpful!
  • Your action plan will take into account how far your prep has reached, and what you need to do to get better. We might even help you with a study time table, if you are as lost as Alice in Wonderland.

So go ahead and send us your queries, concerns, and doubts. We’ll reply as quickly as we can, and try and help you 🙂


  1. hello i m currently studying in 12 with science stream nd i want to give clat 2016 but i have less amount of time and lots of material to study so i want that what to study in section asked in clat nd i have not  joined any coaching yet nd i dont know which books should i read nd i m weak in maths and gk and current affairs so plse help me 
    that which topics should i read in every section and send me a time table on which i can stick nd crack clat plse reply as soon as possible

  2. Sir, I am currently studying in 12  Humanities (Beng. English, Philosophy, Political Science, Geography) and I want to appear in CLAT 2016 but I have not joined any coaching centre , I am weak in GK  Current affairs and math , and I dont know  which books should I read / Kindly help me sending sectionwise topic and a time table on which I can stick and crack CLAT.

    • Hey, I m Ankit and I have dropped this year . I want to take admission in Nlu delhi . I m scoring only 85 marks in mocks. I m weak at english and reasoning. So can u please tell me how can i get good marks.
      I shall be very thankful if u help me.

      • Hi Ankit, leave us an email at, and we’ll respond as soon as we can. Meanwhile, read the newspaper every day, especially the Editorial section, and make a note of all the new words. Look these up in the dictionary and make notes. For reasoning, the key is to practice. Identify your weak areas and make a time table, covering these areas and getting lots of practice.

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