The Power of Dreaming


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In the changing process everything is changing: lives are changing, methods of living life are changing, people are changing, and behavior is changing in short the whole universe is changing. But among this one thing that is still not changing is “seeing dreams”.

In this changing environment of ours, people still dream – different kinds of dreams, variety of them. It’s true that dreams change but dreaming doesn’t They say, to fulfill your dreams you need to see them first, incidents from lives of great people throw light on seeing a dream and pursuing it. Pursuing dreams do not just realize goals and aspirations, but also has the power to inspire. Yes! It’s true, to achieve something seeing dreams alone are not sufficient nor does it take you to success but believe me, it plays a vital role. Take the example of sunlight it is alone not for growing a plant but it plays a vital role doesn’t it?

(Below is the situation I faced when I met with my dream career LAW, read on)

In the beginning law didn’t interest me at all; yes, I thought it was a subject of boring and serious people. Also, I was among the one sheep that was following the other sheep blindly, but for gods grace I was saved from falling into the pit. Perhaps I can describe it like, the eyes of the sheep suddenly opened and it decided to move in a different path (it’s absurd I know) where I met an abstract noun which was LAW. I genuinely didn’t like that thing at one instance. I think, and then I was seeing it by its popularity, however after a certain period when I started exploring it, googled various place, searched for it.

Looked at a website called CLATGYAN read all the gyan and articles, do you know, what I found? I found my love in LAW (basically, lawe). And it all started with dreaming a dream to do something big, to contribute something to country and to be a part of justice being done (that is the true pleasure of becoming a lawyer isn’t it?) and I found out the true calling of god, I discovered my love, happiness and above all conscience to move towards it I knew no one can stop me…and I searched more and more and more and dreamt about it day and night, night and day , also I found out the various hurdles in my path in which the biggest one was CLAT , “not as simple as it sounds eh ?” said my father ….” Ummm…yes!” I started panicking and asked myself “is this thing going to stop me in my unstoppable path?” but then my conscience came to my rescue and it said me “hard work hasn’t any substitute it is the only guarantee of success”. “but, hard work is hard isn’t it ?” asked I , it said “yes perhaps there is no other way to success ”and “if one advances confidently in the direction of one’s dreams, and endeavors to live life which one imagined, one will meet with success in unexpected common hours” and with this inner voice of mine, I am moving forward ‘hoping for the best preparing for the worst’ but to remember, it all started with a dream and so I call it the power of dreaming . Before, signing off, I would like to quote my very own quote:

“Our world needs thinkers, dreamers and doers
But above all it needs
Thinkers who dream, dreamers who do and doers who think”


  1. nicely written…really power of dreaming helps and “Our world needs thinkers, dreamers and doers
    But above all it needs
    Thinkers who dream, dreamers who do and doers who think”
    i loved this quote 🙂

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