The Pursuit of Happiness


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It is safe to say that most of us, in fact all of us, chase this utopian world of happiness. But it isn’t safe to imply that most of us discover this idealistic land of joy. This so called “Happiness” can neither be described, defined nor explained. It can only be expressed and enjoyed. Each one of us has experienced this energetic feeling. You could literally feel your blood gushing through the entire length of your body and it makes you dance, sing or jump in joy. It makes you feel ALIVE!

Happiness is when you follow your passion and fulfill your lifelong dreams. Happiness is when you fall in love (I’m not talking of mere infatuations). Happiness is when you make your parents proud. Happiness is when you change someone’s life for the better. Happiness is when you have a family of your own. Happiness is when you sacrifice your ice-cream for the poor children. Honestly, this is list would never end if I were to continue.hhh

Happiness does not include materialistic gains, for sure. We have heard of many unhappy rich and successful people. We have also heard of poor or unsuccessful people who are the happiest among all of us. Indeed many of us are lost in this modern-day world where we focus on chasing down the elite entities of fame and money. We are so engrossed that we forget the importance of being happy. And trust me, you do not want to be on your deathbed regretting either working too hard or being too busy to meaningful things in life. My dear folks, the ‘meaningful things’ are the things we should never forget in life. They include family and friends. The day you lose them both, that would be the day you feel empty. They say, “Keep your friends close but your enemies closer!” Trust me and scrap the latter part of that statement. Never miss out an opportunity with any family or friend, because it is with only them that you create lifelong memories.

What is your purpose in this life? What are you supposed to gain from it? Is it a test from God? There are a variety of questions that we tend to ask ourselves when we are about to embark on future endeavors. During this beautiful journey, we often contemplate and question our very purpose on Earth. The answer is pretty simple. Life is a gift from God. We need to realize that we need to take strong happy memories from this life. These are the memories we will cherish forever. We will never remember the marks on our report cards or even our bank balances. In the end, I would say “Live life as it come but do live it responsibly.” The key to life is balancing it, if you know what I mean. 🙂


  1. Great article….And when they said keep your friends close and your enemies closer,the goal was to legitimize being a Corleone

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