What am I? A monster? A Messiah? A conniving charlatan with a corpulent face?

Wrong. I am a law student.

I wouldn’t tell you what law school I am from, and why I enjoy commenting on CLATGyan. I wouldn’t tell you what is the secret behind my name. I wouldn’t tell you why I like my coffee to be filtered.

But I shall tell you a story.

Long, long ago, in a remote corner of urban India, a boy had just finished his 10th class. With a decent score. His parents asked him, now, what. And he said something that would make them ponder over the very foundations of their son’s academic tenacity.

He said, ‘Medicine’.

And then his parents took him to some very success fultutors, who, he later was to realize albeit painfully, that they run a factory.A factory of book-licking goblins that were a perfect example of the Suhaas guy you saw on 3 Idiots. People who couldtell you how to integrate 3xe+21xx^e but who didn’t know the name of the country’s finance minister.

But his respect for such kids never waned. For he was conditioned to become like one of those.

And then his mistakes began. He never studied. He discovered the art of procrastination, to the level of not giving his journal for Board submissions.

He was confused. He knew nothing about what to do with his life. Still is.

He had dumped it.

For him, the last two years of school life had been such a gooey mess that he remembers nothing. Except, stumbling upon something called CLAT.

And giving the exam after 4 days of preparing.

And getting a rank he never expected to make.

And coming to a place simply because there was no other place left for him to go.

Even today, he cries in his hostel room. He does realize people look at him as a one-wonder.

And he scores badly in his tests. He narrowly passes.

And then he cries out loud, ‘WHAT IS THE POINT’! For he is confused about his life even today!

I wouldn’t cry if I got rank 1500. Or 3000. Or 5000. Because I know I got a rank that was all due to hard work. Not because of someone at the top smiling at me. He, he knows he doesn’t belong here.



  1. Ok the CLAT results completely eclipsed everything else, but this is a beautiful post.

    Anon. You should know you have a very distinctive writing style :P. 

  2. You’re good. Really. Honestly. 
    Don’t worry, though. You’ll figure out what to do with your life soon enough. 🙂

  3. I can relate you to somebody I know…
    I know how it feels, to be in your place… maybe some people are just too good for this world.

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