Gone, by Simran Ahuja


This poem has been submitted by Simran Ahuja for the CLATGyan Blog Post Writing Competition. If you think this article is a good read, ‘Like’ this article on Facebook (the button is at the bottom of this piece) or post a comment using the ‘comments’ section below.


He walks into the classroom,

Looking perfect as usual,

A smile consumes my face,

And the muscles in my cheek begin to tighten,

This boy does not pull at my heartstrings,

He rips them apart,

He tells me he missed me,

And I believe him,

His hair black hair falls in my face,

As I welcome his scent,

His arms hold me tight,

Nothing moves when he is near,

The world stops cold,

Nothing matters,

Other than him.

But there is tension in the air,

There is sweat on his palms,

He doesn’t want to leave,

And is scared to move on,

Just like I am,

Imagining a life without him,

But I have no choice,

Than to just let him go,

As I sit and count the days,

Before he is gone.


Originally from Kolkata, Simran Ahuja is a CLAT aspirant who lives in Pennsylvania and studies in Ooty. The avid writer is a huge fan of Sherlock and Benedict Cumberbatch. She believes that fashion can change the world, and fervently hopes that Saint Laurent (by Hedi Slimane) shall become more affordable.


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