It Can Never Be Over With You, by Vansikha Jain


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Odyssey, being one of the best fests in Kolkata, would witness a myriad people. Nerds like me would attend it too. My friends and I were sitting in the fourth row and enjoying the performance of a rock band and suddenly my eyes fell on a guy sitting right in front. I was immediately reminded of how well he spoke in the debate held in my school and how everyone went bonkers over him. He was pounced upon by many a girl, and in no time he was being added on Facebook. Among all the friend requests, one was mine too. He accepted it. To me, it felt as though someone had accepted my marriage proposal. On checking his wall, I saw his comment “Vansh ko aagay exams ke baad badhaengay.” Seeing the truncated version of my name, I started dancing on my bed, the consequence being a broken leg. (Yes, I still have the scar.) No sooner did his exams finish that I received a text from him. It was like someone had plucked at the strings of my heart. Aakhir usne Vansh ko aagay badhane ka soch hee liya.

We started texting and spoke for a month, after which the day to meet my bridegroom had come. He chose Pizza Hut because both of us liked Italian. I did not ask him how many dates he had been to but it was my first. I got up early, wore a black dress and reached half an hour early. I did not want to be late on my first date. The thought of finally meeting him gave me jitters. I started calling all my friends for words of consolation. He came from behind and sat right infront of me. I immediately closed my eyes for a minute and my first words to him were “Oh my God! I can’t believe I am meeting you.” He laughed and asked me to take my hands off my eyes. I am very tomboyish but all my girliness had to come out that day itself. He was tall (read enormously tall, his height being 6″2), fair and wore red and black spectacles. He resembled Harry Potter in many ways (not the height, of course). He asked me what I would like to drink and I came up with the stupidest answer possible – water. It was not me but my nervousness speaking. We sat for an hour but I spoke just for a minute, I guess. I was just looking in his eyes, admiring his dimples and listening him speak. I was behaving like a total creep. When he left, I was extremely disheartened at having screwed up all the possible chances of being with him.

Soon, however, he started asking me silly questions like “What’s your ideal proposal?”, “Do you like flowers?” and “You are a Marwadi and I a Bengali, so isn’t our story like Two States?” I told him that he deserved better and blew him off. I have no clue why I did that.

14 days later, I told him how much I needed him. 25th October – that was the day we got committed and broke up as well. Yes, you read it right. My brother hacked my account and read our conversation. He reprimanded me and asked me to concentrate on my studies. It took me a long time to convince my brother that I wouldn’t talk to him anymore and that he could drop his plan of bashing him up. When I told him about how my brother reacted, he chickened out. It was against his principles to defy his elders. I asked him if it was over. He told me “It can never be over with you.”

I don’t know why, but I am still attached to him. Jealously engulfs me when he talks to another girl. I could share anything with him and he would patiently listen to me. He knew how to cheer me up and definitely knew how to make me fall for him. I never told him how much I loved him. It’s going to be a year now, but I have never forgetten him. We text once a week.  There is so much I want to tell him but I stay mum instead.

I  have never said “I love you” to him but he will always be my first love, and the last one too, because I am sure I will never fall in love again. It can  never be the same with some other guy.

This is officially the shortest love story but in reality, an eternal one.


Currently in her class 12, Vansikha Jain is a science student who writes in her free time. She believes that her writings are made unique by the scientific flavour she gives them. 


  1. It might not be same with any other guy, but you will get over him.. that’s for sure! 🙂 A nice read 🙂

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