We’re SO Weird


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As humans, we invented a God to take care of us. Then, we invented thirty million more and now, we fight over which one among them is better. And then we decided that the time when wishes are supposed to come true will be 11:11 because that’s when the Earth is most suitably angled to please one particular God among the gazillion Gods. We went ahead and invented numbers and decided that some numbers were lucky and some weren’t.

Then we decided which animals can be slaughtered and which can’t, and which fish can be caught and which can’t, and which birds can be trapped, and which can’t.

Next, we decided that killing someone was wrong, and we decided to form committees to save people from each other. People started killing people who believed in different fables than them, and we needed to protect man from man.

We decided that we’ll just divide into over 200 + different fragments and just form borders, and that we could kill anyone who tried to mess with our border.

We also decided which disease was more glamorous and which disease got its own colored ribbon. Cancer became the star child of the disease fandom, and kidney failure came last.

And now, we assume that everything in the universe is here to help us and everything is about us. The truth is that we’re literally nothing. We could all die tomorrow, and nothing would change. The sun would still rise and set.

We’re SO weird.


  1. I hope you get more response to this writing through this site, rather than your blog which had 5 followers 😀 😛
    Anyway , this maverick thinking towards life and scenarios shall take you to miles and miles ..
    Carpe Diem !

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