The Window


Noticed the new change on the website? Where’s the News and Misc. section? Why has it been replaced by something called “The Window”?

To keep it simple, The Window is your chance to engage with the world, and make conversation that goes beyond the realms of reasoning, general knowledge and the like. It is your chance to write for CLATGyan, and to talk to the world about what you think – about Law, about life, about Hegelian philosophy, about Hitler’s moustache – about everything under the sun. And it is our chance to know you better, it is our chance to engage with people who actually matter – you.

It is a “window” from where we give you a glimpse of Law School life (not just NALSAR) and the legal world, before you come strutting through the gates, and it is a window for you to exhibit your ideas, articulate your arguments, express your anger, rant over your failures and boast about your successes. It is a window to tell the world that preparation for Law is never one dimensional.

So who gets to write? Everyone. As long as you are in the woods that we are in. Law School aspirants, Lawyers, Law school students, blah, blah and gah.

What do we write about? Everything. Can be related to Law, can’t be related to Law. As long as it isn’t in Serbian and as long as it is well written, we’ll take it. Our editor has a look at it, and publishes it. He can be contacted at: [in the subject line please mention “The Window”].

When can we start sending? We’d love to see you write stuff as soon as you can, but we’ll only take entries after you’re done with CLAT – when you’ve a lot of time to dream, and we’ve nothing to work on either.

Remuneration? Ha. You bet.

See you ’round



  1. Hey, I have started my preparation of CLAT. So i was giving tests on LST and I analysed my performance. I observed that I was particularly weak in the “Arguments Section” like where we have to tell which argument is strong and which is weak. I don’t know how to improve on this one. Please anybody who can tell me what to do?

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