The Daily Brief – 6th August 2017


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  • European spaceport in Korou, French Guiana launched the first Israeli satellite, Venus, for the purpose of environmental research. It is the smallest satellite of its kind in the world and is built jointly by Israel Space agency and French Space Agency.
  • Kalyani Rafael Advanced Systems, India’s first private sector missile sub-systems manufacturing facility was inaugurated at Hyderabad. It was established in line with Union Government’s Make in India scheme.
  • Japan marks 72-years since the world’s first nuclear attack on Hiroshima World War II on the 6th of August. Japan is the only country to have suffered atomic attacks since 1945. The anniversary came after Japan sided last month with nuclear powers Britain, France and the U.S. to dismiss a UN treaty banning atomic weapons, which was rejected by critics for ignoring the reality of security threats such as North Korea.
  • Nine High Courts have opposed a proposal to have an all-India service for the lower judiciary, eight have sought changes in the proposed framework and only two have supported the idea, according to a Law and Justice Ministry document.

    Today’s Quiz

    1. Israel launched its first satellite from French Guiana in association with which country?

    2. Where was the facility for India’s first private sector missile sub-systems unveiled at?


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