May 2015 – CLATGyan Mock General Knowledge Set



We’re starting off with our current affairs exercise sets from May 2015. You can also go through the sets from March 2015 as well as April 2015.

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1. Name the 90 year-old Gandhian philosopher who was conferred the Sayyidina Imam Al Hassan Ali Award for his knowledge and his effort in keeping peace?

2. Which district became the first open-defecation-free district due to the collaboration of the district with UNICEF and the State Government to construct toilets across the district?

3. Name the web browser that was launched by Microsoft to replace the Internet Explorer.

4. The National Development Reform Commission of which country released a new action plan called "One Belt, One Road Initiative" to develop routes linking Africa, Europe and Asia?

5. When is World Press Day celebrated?

6. Who won the UNESCO/Guillermo Cano World Press Freedom Prize in 2015?

7. At the International Shooting Competition held in Hannover, Germany, who won the Women's 10m air rifle event?

8. Name the journalist who passed away in May and had a long standing relation with newspapers like Anandbazaar Patrika, Aajkal, Jugantar, etc.

9. The 119th Constitutional Amendment Bill for Land and Boundary agreement between India and _______ was passed by the Union Cabinet. This enables exchange of enclaves between the two states, which are under the possession of the states.

10. What has been made mandatory for application for Central Excise Regulation since May 2015?

11. In which country was the first museum dedicated to India called 'Indian Heritage Museum' opened on the occasion of the 50th Independence Day of the country?

12. Who won the Men's single title at the Madrid Open

13. The Naval Base in ______ was commissioned as INS Sardar Patel. It will look into infrastructure and organisational development in the State.

14. Which team won the I-League title of football after 13 long years?

15. World Health Organisation (WHO) launched a campaign against illicit tobacco trade on "World No Tobacco Day" which was observed globally on?

16. Name the tennis player who won three Wimbledon titles in a day and had won each Grand Slam tournament at least once.

17. Who was re-elected as the President of Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) only to be banned in October 2015?

18. Who was appointed as the Director General of Doordarshan?

19. Who was crowned as the 27th Maharaja of Mysuru royal family with the last coronation having taken place 41 years ago?

20. Who was appointed as the Director General of Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO)?

21. Who resigned as Special Envoy of the Middle East Quartet which is a group of four members (the United Nations, the United States, the European Union and Russia) and is involved with mediating the peace process in the ongoing Israeli-Palestine conflict?

22. Which US State abolished death penalty in May after a veto override was passed through the legislature? It is the first traditionally conservative state to take this step in nearly four decades.

23. For whose protection did the United Nations Security Council adopt the resolution 2222 (2015) following a rising number of deaths of this entity?

24. Which state withdrew the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFSPA), 1958? The Act had been enforced on 16th February, 1997 and had resulted in relentless violence and bloodshed.

25. Which State organised the marathon "Ajanmi Beti ke liye Daud" for the cause of saving the girl child?

26. Where is Microsoft opening India's first Digital Experience Centre which aims to bring to life experiences for Small and Medium Enterprises, entrepreneurs and educational institutions and help them leverage contemporary cloud technology to drive business growth as well as enhance skills and promote learning?  

27. Which Government approved mandatory GPS in all public transport vehicles from June 2015? This decision came to light after the safety and security of commuters, especially women commuters, were considered.

28. Where is the world's biggest hotel, with it's 45 stories, 10000 rooms and 7- restaurants, set to open in the year 2017?

29. Which of the following Indian woman did not feature in the Forbes' list of World's 100 Most Powerful Women in 2015?

30. Which movie won the Palme d'Or prize at the Cannes Film Festival prizes at the Cannes Film Festival?

31. Name the Princeton University graduate who died along with his wife in a car crash and had a movie made after him that went on to win an Oscar. He is famous for his game theory, differential geometry and partial difference equations. He is the winner of the Abel Prize 2015.

32. Name the Indian-origin politician who became the first Asian woman elected as Mayor in the United Kingdom.  

33. Who has been named as the Head Coach of the under-19 Football Team of India?

34. Name the Committee that has been appointed by the Ministry of Finance to look into the matters regarding MAT (Minimum Alternate Tax) on foreign investors.

35. There was a treaty signed by X and the State of Palestine in May 2015 whereby X recognised Palestine as a State. Name X.

36. Name the Islamic clothing company that will make its debut into the online retail business through Snapdeal.

37. Who was conferred the Pandit Haridutt Sharma Award for Journalism, Writing and Social Services?

38. Name the nurse of King Edward Memorial Hospital who died after battling coma for the past 42 years following a sexual assault by a hospital ward boy.

39. Which country has assumed presidency of the 68th World Health Assembly after almost 19 years?

40. Which company became the first Indian company to join RE100 Renewal Energy Campaign? RE100 is a global platform for major companies committed to 100% renewable power.

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