May 2012 – CLATGyan Mock General Knowledge Set

1. The government constituted a committee to review product sharing contracts in the background of the spat between RIL and the petroleum ministry? Who is to the head the committee?

2. Which three states become the first to ban tobacco?

3. Who took over as the reins of Indian army?

4.Vishwanath Ananda became won the FIDE World Chess Title for the fifth time. He defeated __ of ___

5. Who won the prestigious Ondaatje Prize presented by the Royal Society of Literature?  

6. Name the man who has been sentenced for 33 years over the charges of treason by a tribal court in Pakistan after he helped CIA track down Osama Bin Laden by organizing a fake vaccination drive

7. Bahrain’s Ahli United Bank signed an agreement with India’s third largest bank _____ for remitting money.

8. Where is the Fifth Software Park in North East slated to be open?  

9. Which state’s  High court quashed the 4.5% quota for religious minorities within the 27% quota for OBC?

10. Name the 16-year old Indian origin boy from Germany who cracked a 350 year old problem.

11. Which Indian company signed an agreement with Bangladesh Government to develop a new city, Notun Dhaka ( New Dhaka)

12. Who won the  first Hari Ram Indian Grand Prix Wrestling Championship?(66kg title)


The Akash missile test-fired in May 2012 from Odisha is a ______



Who had resigned as the chairperson of the Bangle Academy?

15. Which Indian entity signed the agreement for TAPI gas purchase and sale agreement with Turkmenistan?

16. The Italian Open has been clinched by Nadal after defeating whom?

17. ____ will be presented with the South Asian Cinema Foundation's     'Excellence in Cinema Award’. This will be conferred by The South Asian Cinema Foundation (SACF) in association with British Film Institute (BFI) Southbank and The Nehru Centre .

18. Union minister of labour and employment Mallikarjun Kharge on 1 May 2012 inaugurated this facility to bring transparency and accessibility for employers in depositing monthly EPF contributions of their workers.

19. Who has been elected as the  chair of the Asian Development Bank’s board of governors?


Name the famous Tamil writer who won the NTR  Litereary Award 2013 for the novel, Thanneer.

21. Who won the Tagore Award for cultural harmony?

22. With which American University did the Ministry of Culture enter into an agreement to establish the Vivekananda chair?

23. High altitude cloud physics laboratory was established in ­­­___

24. Who was presented with The International Jurists Award 2012?

25. This person became the new President of France, ousting Sarkozy

26. Name the visually challenged chinese activist who was granted asylum by USA.

27. UN climate talks started in this German City  

28. Who became the world’s oldest women to climb Mount everst?

29. Gajananan Verma who passed away was a renowned ____?  

30. Who has been appointed as the Chairman of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India?  

31. Who has been appointed as the brand ambassador of the National Sanitation Campaign?

32. Who has been appointed as the new governor of Goa?

33. Which of the following Supreme Court Judges have been appointed to the International Court of Justice?

34. Amendment to which of these laws will give the wife and children a clearly defined share in the husband’s immovable property? This Marriage Amendment Law bill (2010) has been approved by the Union Govt. of India

35. The Union Government has constituted a panel to implement the recommendations of the Dharmadhikari committee. This committee was constituted for which reason?

36.  Who won Serbia’s presidential election?

37. Babur missile is a nuclear capable missile belonging to which country?

38.  Who has won the Templeton prize for this year?

39.  The Indian cabinet has approved a liberal visa regime for which country?

40.  Who won the best actor award at the National Film Awards?

41.Kevin Peterson who announced retirement from limited overs International cricket career is from which country?

42. Name the seven time world snooker champion who announced retirement.

43.  Who won the Indian Badminton Open?

44.  Who wrote Anna: 13 days that awakened India?

45. Name the autobiography written by Mitt Romney

46. Who is the author of the book “Eisenhower: In war and peace”?

47. Which day is celebrated as National Technology Day?

48.  31st May is celebrated as?

49. Which day is celebrated as World Press Freedom Day?

50. 1st May is also observed as ?

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