Amateur Instincts


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Believe in it or not, everyone is born to achieve something in their life. An insatiable thirst to succeed dwells deep in each of our hearts, but it remains unknown to most. One reason for this inner desire is because one does not get to choose the way he is born, but can make his living according to his own will. Born in the Wild West isn’t the essential to tackle the canyons. Nor does one need a brainy mind to solve a math puzzle. It is you that matters and not who you are. All that matters is what you want to do with this life, this single unknown term called “LIFE”. When a problem pops up, “TRY me!” is better than the worrisome “WHY me?” That’s the attitude to live life.

The question is “How do you start living your life in the best way possible?” Here are a few ideas to try:

STEP 1: Kick start your life:

I wouldn’t have taken up writing this article for it was not CG. I had this word document with just the title typed, until I decided to fill it up. Vice is life. If it’s a kick start for the “seem so complicated” engine, why not a likely one for the “seem so simple” life. But for life, remember to kick it hard so that it hates to stop. Make it move, till your life finds it difficult to stay idle. If CLAT did that to you, you may skip the next paasage.

STEP 2: Try the alternatives:

If CLAT didn’t give you the necessary push, here are some alternatives:

  • Take some nasty turns in your journey of life. It may not be the best decision but it is sure worth the try, for you never know yourself unless you get lost.
  • Try arts if you are the nerdy one who hated try outs at school, maybe it’s your thing after all. Try the contradictions to your current life, for unlike poles attract.
  • Do your heart desires, though it might seem a bit cranky (But nicotine and ethanol is way too cranky. So a big ‘NO’ is a must).
  • Go on a trip somewhere, even if it is just for a day, but make sure that you are on your own. It is preferable to leave a note, so that you don’t become one like Aron Ralston (Oh! And if you are a minor, maybe it’s best to wait till you turn 18)
  • Try some charitable work; it isn’t too early to get involved in it. (It isn’t too late either)
  • Or just help your mom with her household chores. At least it’ll get you to spend some time with her apart from posting hugs and kisses on her Facebook account. Or share your weekend with your dad. Remember that they deserve you more than their fb account does.

When you do things that you love, 24 hours may seem a bit too less for a day. There is no dream so low to pursue. If it is what your heart wants you to do, then it is the only thing in which you may succeed.

STEP 3: The perfect timing:

But “Why now?” is the question. Let me put it in this way “If not now, then WHEN?” Trust me, it is better to decide the route at the beginning because it is difficult to find a detour on a one- way road. Leave no stones unturned.

Yet remember, the clock is ticking. Alternatives might be gone when it is too late. The regret might be nerve wrecking. Trust your instincts when they can send impulses to your brain. There would be no point in worrying later. Try swapping your life with the one you envy the most. Though it might not be useful in anyway, it maybe the best way to show that your life is better than others.

STEP 4:  Get rid of the human instinct:

Life lends several paths, several adventures; but just one chance. Most of us traverse one among the various options and feel content with it. And we call it the ‘Human instinct’. But what if we break the myth and turn back to check out the rest in store for us- Double will be the pleasure and perhaps you’ll choose wisely on how to use the trump card which life offers you. It’s what I call the “Amateur instinct”. A pro will think about a plenty of dos and don’ts, while an amateur knows none.

And finally, you don’t need to be the best in everything you do. It is enough to make sure that you give your best in it all. Like an amateur trying to learn the work, take life as a lesson and enjoy every experience it offers you, for you DESERVE IT!

All the best!


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