The CLATGyan Blog Post Writing Competition (Closed)


[This competition is now closed. Results will be announced on 30th June.]

The bottom right hand side of my screen nearly shouts it out to me: 5:00PM, 13 May 2012. Aaaaand CLAT is over. Irrespective of whether you’ll go to the best college in the country or spend the rest of your life as a smelly hobo, you’ve earned yourself a break. For another one and a half months, you are free to do whatever you want – learn a new language, get into shape, read the combined works of Shakespeare.. the works!

Well, except that you won’t. If you’re anything like the rest of this world, you’ll sit in front of the computer till the wee hours of the night, stuffing yourself with potato chips and scrolling down random pages on the internet. Some of you, of course, will replace that with movies, some of you with video games (Diablo 3 shall be out on the 15th) For those who will do something more productive, we salute you. For the rest, we bring you a chance to do so.

Welcome to the CLATGyan Blog Post Competition. Now that this year’s edition of the great exam is over and we’re done shoving advice down everyone’s throats, we allow YOU to write for us. ‘The Window’ will be open to everyone for the next one month, and we will be taking in contributions from your side. It has happened before and it is happening again. But yet, it’s not the same.

So, what’s new? Money. Yes, money, that sly temptress. Each one of your posts will be judged by Muhammad Abdaal Akhtar, a fifth year NALSARite, who has himself done his fair share of writing.  The best post shall win a cash prize of ₹3000.

But that’s not all. We are being generous and giving away another prize for the most popular post. The post with the most ‘likes’ and comments (we expect you not to cheat, of course) shall win a prize of ₹2000.

Who gets to write? Anyone of our ilk. Lawyers, law school students, wannabe law school students, gonnabe law school students… You get the gist.

What can you write about? Anything at all. Preferably not legal, though we wouldn’t mind that either. You can right about anything: from heart-wrenching personal stories, to a list of good movies; from the pointlessness of life to some good ol’ city lovin’. Articles must be in English, (Reminder: dis s nt Englsh…!!!) but that is just about the only qualification you require. Though there is no maximum or minimum word limit, it would make us happy if it’s just about 800 words.

Email us your articles to, with the subject titled “The Window”.

That’s all. Get typing.


  1. Oh yay!
    You’re giving away 5000 bucks? Are you guys rich, or just generous?
    Can we send in things we’ve written for other places, like blogs and school magazines and stuff?
    Can we send in more than one?
    Can we be anonymous?

    • Just one! 🙂

      It’s okay if you want to send more than one. (We’ll publish all the articles we find publishable). But, for the purpose of this competition, you can send in only one entry.

  2. With regards to productive work you can do in the holidays — How about filing a few PILs? Apart from the obvious loss and the 10 odd years of your time that you’ll lose, it might be a lot of fun!

    Oh, and there’s the slightest chance you’ll a few grace marks when you finally win your case in your 30’s.

  3. Okay the problem is i am willing to put up my pieces of experiments here but i am not on facebook so how will people even “like” it ? :/

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