That Thing Called Empathy


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Apes evolved into humans,

Emotions developed.

Anger and love, the genesis of all.

Of pain, of joy,

Of grief, of ecstasy.

Joy; the blanket, in which I am,

The warmth, the glee.

Grief; when I was left…

All alone to suffer.

Agony; when I wanted,

But all I could do was crave.

Sympathy; when I saw,

The little child helplessly weep.

Pain; when I fell, when I stumbled,

Down to the nadir.

And empathy; which hits me the strongest,

Empathy, and lo! Rise the tempest.

A helpless creature kicked around,

And I feel its pain,

I feel it drown.

A stinging disease stuck on one.

But he doesn’t have a man’s words,

Why would we listen?

And I am the dog, I feel.

Empathy doest that to you.

You put on, their shoes.

I saw an ambulance

Stuck in traffic,

An ailing mother, agonized son.

And again, I am stuck!

Their helplessness rises in me.

The agony of the son.

There is nothing I can do, I look away.

But the sound of the siren haunts me,

Tears me down!

Empathy, I hate you!

You’ve given me pain which is not even mine!

But Empathy, I love you!

You remind me of the existence of humankind.

You remind me of how human I am.

Eat, mate and sleep-an animal’s trait.

And life, it gave us humans – emotions, a little too much.

Switching to what suits me.

Pessimism, not my forte,

Optimism, yes! That’s my realm.

So, I pick up a shovel, and I dig,

A lot of love, joy and happiness.

A pinch of anger for balance.

A bucketful of empathy

To remind me I’m human.

Confusion, irritation, grief and hope.

I pick, I pick up all.

And blooms a smile.

For I guess, these are the cards,

Which life gifted me.

So with all that I have,

I shall pick them up.

And I will, definitely survive…


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