Entries – The CLATGyan Blog Post Writing Competition 2013


Immediately after CLAT 2012, we had announced the CLATGyan Blog Post Writing Competition to transform your post-CLAT joblessness into some sort of productivity. We’ve received plenty of entries, many more than we had imagined and we’ll be accepting entries till 16th of June 2012.

The following is the list of all the entries received and published, in the order of publication. For more details, mail us at clatgyan@gmail.com.

1. Give it your best! – by Akash Ghosh

2. The CLAT Hours and Afterwards – by Sriram Kumar

3. The Battlefield – by Amala Halder

4. The Orange Juice Day – by Janardhan Pashupati

5. The Power of Dreaming – by Arpita Goon

6. 13th of May – 2012 – by Tushar Giri

7. Mr. Fate – by Naina Sarda

8. Fluncked an Exam! Wasted 25K! Lost a Bike! And cracked NLU Delhi! – by Aytas Sahu

9. Road To Nowhere! – by Aadhya Kancharla

10. Thank You Sir Alex! – by Apurv Singh

11. My Day at CNLU on 12th May – by Harshit Anand

12. Taking About MY Generation – by Paaras Pandey

13. The Invention – by Heema Shirvaikar

14. I Was Born This Way! – by Spoorti Sanamannavar

15. Tennis in India – by Shaurya Rathore

16. The Day You Learn to Love Yourself – by Neer Varshney

17. A King Never Dies – by Arpita Verma

18. How I Prepared for CLAT ’13… or Didn’t – by Megana N

19. Love vs Perfection – by Utkarsh Agarwal

20. Halycon Days – Living Them Again! – by Bipasha Saikia

21. Lessons on your upcoming courtship with Law – by Subhro Sengupta

22. Two and a Half Men – by Vaibhav Sharma

23. That Thing Called Empathy – by Avisha K

24. The Void – by Shubham Das

25. The Final Goodbye – by Snehanshu Sadangi

26. The Enchanted River – by Nikili Rochill

27. And I Saw Her Every Single Day – by Malvika P

28. Torments on a Topper – by Somil Garg

29. COD: Rajiv Chowk Chronicles – by Charu Singh

30. The Undeserved Curse – by Nipasha Mahanta

31. The Mystery of the Bright Bolivian Dancers – by Isha Das

32. Can we learn? – by Subhra Tripathy

33. Believe it or Not – by Shristi B

34. If it comes easy, there is something wrong – My first year of a new life ahead – by Sweta Rath

35. The Jovial Maid – by Arati Ranade

36. The art of questioning the unquestionable – by Vaishali Movva

37. Invincible…. on Most Days! – by Ananya Gopal

38. Did Life Give Me A Second Chance? – by Anonymous

39. Life of a right-angled Triangle – by Anonymous

40. What’s Coolness, Really? – by Sahil Goel

41. My Moment of Epiphany – by Aman Saxena

42. I knew this was my moment – by Soham Banerjee

43. The Perfect Crime – by Devarchan B

44. A Mindful Mess! – by Vishakha S

45. Why do they ask me? – by Aastha M

More are added to this list as and when they are published.

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