CLAT 2011 – GK Section (Based on Memory)


It’s done. Yes, it is. Read this. Now, here are the GK questions. And all thanks to the CLATGyanners for sending them in.

1. Music Director, Dhobi Ghat, Gustavo Santaolalla, belongs to? Argentina
2. Secratary General of SAARC from which country? Maldives
3. Innovation council – Sam Pitroda
4. Shunglu Committee was set up for? CWG Scam
5. Joe Lelyveld’s controversial book? Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi and his struggle with India
6. Gopal Sabharwal was appointed as the Vice Chancellor of which University? Nalanda University
7. Phukan Committee was appointed to look into? Allegations of corruption in the wake of the controversy generated by the Tehelka tapes
8. On whose life was “Moner Manush”? Lalan Fakhir
9. Vaishnavi corporation is connected to? Nira Radia
10. Who was the CVC? PJ Thomas
11. The victim in the case where the Supreme Court allowed Passive Euthanasia – Aruna Shanbaug
12. Thein Shein is the President of which country? Myanmar
13. where was the founder of wikileaks arrested? UK
14. Who headed the JPC for the 2G Scam? PC Chacko
15. Where was the Commonwealth Law Conference held? Hyderbad
16. Who replaced Lalit Modi as IPL Chairman? Chirayu Amin
17. Why was Arundhati Roy booked under sedition? Duh. Kashmir. Secession.
18. James W Lain authored which book? Shivaji: Hindu King in Islamic India
19. Who didn’t get a part in the Ayodhya land issue? Sunni Wakf Board – RSS – Nirmohi Akhara – Ram Lalla Virajman
20. Who authored world without Islam? Graham. E. Fuller
21. Which Irish cricketer scored fastest century in world cup 2011? Kevin o’Brien
22. Which countries bid for the World Athletic Meet for 2017? Qatar and England
23. Mark wrong one out : Gadaffi:Syria; Mubarak:Egypt; Pot:Cambodia; Castro:Cuba
24. Niyamgiri hills belong to which tribe in the context of the Vendanta controversy? Dongria Kondh
25. Iron Sharmila was on fast unto death for which issue? Armed forces act 1958
26. Srikrishna committee recently in news for- Telangana issue
27. Public accounts committee is headed by- Murli Manohar Joshi
28. Movie Screened under ‘Un Certain Regard’ in the Cannes Film Festival – Udaan
29. UN Summit on Bio-diversity 2010 was held in Nagoya, Japan. Where is the next summit (2012) going to be held? New Delhi
30. Sania Mirza’s Mixed Doubles Partner in Common Wealth Games 2010? Leander Paes
31. Barrister turned politician who was active during the 1975 emergency who died on 6th November 2010? West Bengal Former Chief Minister Siddhartha Shankar Ray
32. Yatra by BJP member in J&K? Ekta Yatra
33. Reservation of seats in schools for poor students is how much percent according to RTE Act? 25% in all private schools
34. Who is the census commissioner? C. Chandramouli
35. Saina Nehwal beat Ji Hyun to win? Swiss Grand Prix
36. Women’s reservation bill was first introduced under the Prime Ministership of? Deve Gowda
37. Tunisian revolution was known as? Jasmine Revolution
38. Tinderbox: Pakistan’s Present, Past and Futue, who wrote this book? MJ Akbar
39. Damon Galgut’s book In a Strange Room shortlisted for? 2010 Man Booker
40. Pt. Bhimsen Joshi belonged to? – Kirana Gharana
41. Baghlihar Dam is on the border of which two countries? India and Pakistan
42. Who’s Karun Chandhok? – A Reserve driver for Team Lotus (Formula One)
43. High Court commuted death sentence to six people in? – Khairlanji killings
44. The 2G Scam was unearthed by? – CAG Report
45. Sadhvi Pragya and Swami Aseemanand are the members of? – Abhinav Bharat
46. UNFCCC Summit, 2010 was held at? – Cancun, Mexico
47. The Purpose of Dalai Lama’s visit to Tawang? To visit the Tawang Monastery
48. Book ‘The Fate of An Honest Intellectual’ is authored by? Naom Chomsky
49. First Hindi Talkie Movie? – Alam Ara
50. Namaste India’s Music Directors were Rahul Sharma and _____ ? – Kenny G

We know that there were 50 questions. But, no one seems to remember the rest 11. You do? Write down in the comments!


      • Yes. The answer to the Ayodhya question is RSS. RSS was not a party to the land dispute at all. The entire case on behalf of the Hindus was fought in the name of the deity in the temple a.k.a Ram Lalla Virajman at Ayodhya which is recognized as a juridical person.

  1. Hv postd sum queps. N blathaker. M qrky tird.gna slep.plz chek ief i gmot sumtng u misd.nd leme say awsum job guys.realy

      • Hey!! Wasn’t the answer RSS? I mean, judgement by high court gave a third of the land each to Ram lalla virajman, Sunni Wakf board and Nirmohi Akhara. So RSS didn’t get anything. Why is everybody pointing the other way??

        • Yes. RSS was not a party to the land dispute at all. The entire case on behalf of the Hindus was fought in the name of the deity in the temple a.k.a Ram Lalla Virajman at Ayodhya which is recognized as a juridical person.

  2. Good compilation CG ! Commendable stuff ! 🙂 TY

    PS : There are more than 50 questions, 4 sets , different questions , I’m positive that they haven’t asked the Registrar general wala question.

  3. > Swami Aseemanand and Sadhvi Ritambhara allegedly associated to which group ? ( 2 options i remember – Vishwa Hindu parishad, Akhand Bharat ) > United nations climate change conference 2010 held in (Cancun?)

  4. Cannes film festival, the options were Udaan, My name is Khan and another 2. The answer was Udaan, yes? 🙂
    And here are some others: In what context have you heard the name PJ Thomas? Yup, the CVC thing.
    Rani Rukmani Devi, whose centennial birth/death anniversary is being celebrated is known for:
    a) being the first female barrister
    b) being the first (female?) mayor of hyderabad
    c) being the first female doctor
    d) umm :p
    The question was about what the Naoya (?) Protocol. The question asked what the protocol was about.
    a) bilateral investment b/w India and Japan
    b) local communities sharing in resources?
    What was the Srikrishna commision set up to look into?

  5. > In which of the following cases did the nagpur bench of the Bombay high court sentence the 6 convicted to rigorous life imprisonment ( the only option i remember is Bhopal gas leak case )

  6. Correction: They asked about the author of the book on Gandhi (lelyveld), not the ot
    her way round.

    Q1: Which country does fatima dhiyana sayeed belong to (repeat)

  7. 23rd, I think the question was not to find the wrong one, but to find the right one. And right one was Mubarak: Egypt. The options that are mentioned here are wrong (alas I dont remember the right ones)

  8. some of the questions you’ve answered weren’t asked…or did i go selectively blind and miss them? considering the day I’ve had i think the latter is more likely. yay me 🙁

  9. kya tha yaar…..they ripped us………….the paper was easy but it was so lengthy…that even rajnikanth can’t aslo do…..

    • LST says 130 to 145 for tier – 1 but last year their prediction was 120 to 125 for last colleges which went upto 135 in real results. SO !

  10. Karun Chandok has been in the news for? —Selected as Reserve Driver for Lotus

    Pakistani cricketers caught for match fixing have appealed to the?—-court of arbitration for sport

    Gharana which Bhimsen Joshi belonged to?—Kiran

  11. in 22nd question about countries that bid for world athletic meet 2017, in all 4 options there were 5 groups of countries..i don’t remember the options exactly but qatar and gemany were in all d 4 options ..

  12. Oh. How can they ask different questions in different sets? I mean, wasn’t CLAT a competitive exam? Students to be tested on same set of questions?

  13. The question for the Shivaji book was: The SC repealed the ban on which controversial book?
    I don’t think it matters much what the question though! 🙂
    What would be a good score in for G.K considering the questions?

  14. balinger dam btw which two countries.??
    The tainted trio of pakistan appealed to which cricketing body?? Icc,pcb etc
    Some book honest intellectuals by noam chomsky.

  15. q1 nagpur court somethng wid 6 accused
    james laine book-shivaji:hindu king in muslim india
    pj thomas- cvc
    jpc chairman-pc chacko
    vaishnavi corptn-nira radia
    bhimsen joshi belonged to which gharana-kirana
    asemanand belong to/associate with which party….? don’t rembr the options
    shunglu commitee- cwg games

  16. The questions about Rani Rukmani Devi. Who the hell is she? 🙁
    Was it really a current affairs question?

    First Hindi movie of India(talkie): Alam Ara

  17. The different sets definitely had different questions… to some extent atleast… So would it be possible that one set is of higher difficulty level than the other and so they’ll have some method to bring the scores of all four sets to normality.. or is it just the score you get compared to all others?

  18. Also, Rahul Sharma collaborated with which foreign artist in 2010 for the album ‘Namaste India’? Ans : Kenny G.

  19. for ques 19
    options were
    sunni board
    jamiat ulema(which is also the answer)
    nd there was a ques
    who gives 1st cable/appeal(something like that) for 2g scam

    • I think the answer is ‘none’ because CAG report to baad mein aaya yaar..the allegation was put forward by some janata party chief…CAG report came out when the inquiry was tak to everybody knew about the scam..The cag report just gave the size of tje scam :/
      thats what i think..

  20. Sania Mirza question… was asian games and the answer is vishnu vardhan…infact mirza didn’t even get a bronze in cwg mixed doubles

  21. clat gyan dis is 4 u ——– i have a right 2 propagate mah views …… mah views should be posted on ur status…. some of mah views had been expunged or not posted …… i had recently given a brief explanation of baglihar dam so dat all our clat guys must have knowledge abt it …… if u re working as non-profit org den u should take into views of public ……( plz i ‘m not writing absurd/ vulgar post dat can incite anyone ) i need a reply 4 my anwer ……( yyyyy mah views re been deleted i need an anwer )

        • I am extremely thankful to all of u, for all the hard work that u have put in, to help all of us, but don’t u think that its kind of not justified to delete someone’s posts because he uses dots while typing, and uses “mah” in place of “my” :)! Not everyone’s used to using punctuations and grammatically correct language! OnLy If He WrOtE lIkE tHiS, iT sHoUlD hAvE bEen A pRoBlEm! 😉

          • It is justified. The website has to have a readable text. If you have noticed, we never suppress criticism of any sort, most of it is approved at the moderation panel. But we can’t let people< <<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>

            Sorry. But it DOES make a difference.

          • okkk no more mahs nd dots , simply my post was regarding baglihar dam nd justice phukan commission report which was deleted by clat gyan which i felt was unjustified . remember guys baglihar dam is important topic 4 nlu-o as well. i’m also a clat aspirant but since i’m not giving nlu-o dis time .. dis is 4 additional information .India nd Pakistan in the month of june had resolved their issues regarding three projects , baglihar was one of them other two were uri nd chuta.. dis is the first -half , second half contain issues which still remains a bone of contention between dese two countries are – kishanganga electricproject and nimboo bazi project ( spello mistake can be there) third half—– find out the rivers where dese dams re located … eg baglihar dam on chenab river ( asked in clat 2008 paper ) rest u can find it out . i think dis much information is sufficient 4 Nlu-o ..:-0

            • fyi your rights to express yourself are only available against the state…not against private organisations…which we happen to be. and it s our policy and our right to moderate comments which we feel are unnecessary or unsuitable to our site. when you speak about the law careful my friend…. and if there has be excess moderation on our side..we apologize but as such you have no right.

      • Hey Aymen! Wasn’t Subramanian Swamy, a Janata party leader responsible for the 2G Scam “look-into”? Why is everybody pointing towards CAG report? It was a notif. from this guy that started the enquiry, wasn’t it??

        • The CAG came out with a BIG report/chargesheet that DETAILS the scam’s, erm, details.

          Swamy was the one who moved to court to make sure there was action on a yet-to-be-discovered scam

          • Hey! Thankss!!
            I got 3 more doubts, which I think you could clear. :).
            1.There was a quest. about the Nagoya pact in set C that asked what the Nagoya protocol was. What is it for?
            2.For question 19(i think) ,wasn’t the answer RSS? I mean, judgement by the high court gave a third of the land each to Ram lalla virajman, Sunni Wakf board and Nirmohi Akhara. So RSS didn’t get anything. Why is everybody pointing the other way to RLV??
            3.Which tribunal did the three tainted cricketers appeal to? I’m guessing it’s the ICC anti corruption tribunal, and google says so too. Do you say otherwise??

            Oh and, the answer underline controversy. What is up with that? What are they going to do now?
            Thanks!! =)

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  23. I’m loving the drama! It’s analogous to the commonplace chaos followed by a military coup or better yet an explosion of some sorts. The anger, frustrations, feeling of achievement for some i mean a little of every known human emotion. The expressions are pure and replication of what goes on in our little complex minds, apparently i could write whole book on the same. Kudos to my spirit! 😛


  25. The Maths section, i think was very tough, as it had more ques of probability,P & C and those shadow ques.I think it had more of class 12 level which was nt fair at all.
    Rest of the paper was nt difficult bt yes 4 passages in English,10 case studies in Legal Reasoning plus more of Critical Reasoning made it a very lengthy paper and this was ridiculous.Deserving students will loose out on dis pt becoz i think many ppl cudn’t complete the paper.Sheer luck shall prevail in this yr’s exam.Nt dat we were nt prepared for a lengthy paper bt the paper was toooo lengthy.
    I don’t know in wat frame of mind did NUJS Professors set the paper………..

    • Many said that the paper would be lengthy but i thought..kitna lengthy ho sakta hai..but 4 bloody passages made me wanna spank a WBJUNS professor 😀 In maths i did 12 questions baaki i made guesses..time nahi tha :/

      • Hey Abhinav!! Which tribunal did the three tainted cricketers appeal to? I’m guessing it’s the ICC anti corruption tribunal, and google says so too. Do you say otherwise??

  26. The tribe affected by vedanta in orissa….??
    And abt the paper, only thing i can say good is maths but contribute less…..thanx to lst rishab sir ki unhone hmko CR ki boht practice krai…..kam jo aayi……
    C – clat xam contains
    L – lots õf unexpected Questions by
    A – anyone who can
    T – think

  27. Question no.20,29,30,34 and 48 are wrong !! in Q.20 there wasnt any question on graham fuller… in Q.29 it just asked waht was the nagoya protocol all about .. in Q.30 it asked who was sania mirza’s partner in Asian Games (VIshnu Vardhan) ….Q.43 there wasnt any mention of the killings it just asked which commission was setup !! Q.48 asked who wrote the book America’s War On terrorism or Its plot to take over the world !!

  28. it seems there were some different gk ques an all sets as i remeber questions which are not there in the 50 mentioned.

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    Jai Srikrishna…

  30. What were the differences between the 4 sets? Apart from the gk section, were there any differences b/w the other sections too?

  31. certainly no!!! be sure that the cut off is going to be around 135+ to get through a decent college… it’s said by LST.

  32. wat the heal was this? wat is nujs trying to prove? they have screwed our carrer by setting such a rubbish paper . feeling very miserable, my all preprations got wasted.. why they did such thing? are they mindless creature??

  33. I also know the laws,excess moderation on ur side made me 2 write such post, which i think was unjustified. Views which i talked about was in reference 2 seek a reply 4 my problem.. This doesn’t amount 2 excercising Fundamental rights, u take it de other way , dam i also know fundamental rights can only be exercise against state .

  34. Question 19 answer given here is wrong.
    RSS wasnt awarded any part in the sentence. 1/3th portion each were awarded to Nirmohi akhada, sunni waqf board and Ram lalla virajmaan.

  35. My previous post was about baglihar dam ,. This time my post will be of Justice Phukhan commission report .. Tehelka tapes– out of scope (not a current year fact) ! In the month of june justice phukhan commission submit its report about the conflict between bodos nd muslims of meghalya region in august 2008.. Panel held muslim organisation responsible 4 such conflicts.. (optionb – setd answer)

  36. The question on Hosni Mubarak was to mark the right one and not the wrong one.And the option with Qadafi had Libya,not Syria
    This is as far as I remember it.Ant the answers are scary

  37. Just in case you guys wanted to know, LST copy pasted this on to a word document and put it up on their website –

    It’s the second thing on the list.

    How’d I figure this one out? Look at question 17

    17. Why was Arundhati Roy booked under sedition? Duh. Kashmir. Secession.

    They copied the “Duh” part too! 😛

  38. Are colleges of raipur and gujrat any good?
    What is the career scope after law? i mean where do you get normally placed?

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