Come Back


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All this while when you walked hand in hand with me,

Despite the darkness, despite the muteness, I set my fears free.

As we went further, I could sense your hand slipping away from mine;

then my fear was neither the tenebrosity, nor the reclusiveness,

but the feeling of having lost the only perosn who would say, “Don’t worry! Everything will be fine.”


                         I’ve lost you for a while – yet I’m not a LOSER.

                         So please come back and make me a WINNER.


Umpteen questions unanswered,

Wholeslew of tears unswept,

Why did you have to leave me?

Promises broken,

Memories taken,

Why did all this had to happen?


                        I’ve lost you for a while – yet I’m not a LOSER.

                        So please come back and make me a WINNER.


Yet again, you’ve surprised me,

As I see you reappear with a candle light in your hand.

Approaching closer, you whispered to me,

“Sorry for the moments of despair. I knew that the road ahead is going to be rough.

Just wanted to make sure, that it is not going be tough (for you).”


And this makes me thank you by letting you know that,


                         I’ve not lost you – so I’m not a LOSER

                         Yes! Your ‘come back’ is a victory – so I’m a WINNER.



  1. made me emotional. It has the feelings of a broken and groaning heart….When somebody leaves us alone then we still wait for that person to come with hope ….but only few are lucky to have them back…

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