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An ardent devotee to God:

 I feel like scratching my head, dismantling my courage and bruising my heart with a rod” *screaming to God with parched lips* “ Why do you keep on exacerbating things for me?  Why do you always find a way out to asphyxiate my soul? Why your beloved one again?!”

“I trusted you, doted upon you always for starting any venture, spilled the beans of my treasures to you… then why have you splattered my dreams, my hopes, everything?! Why mine?!”

God’s Reply:

“Dear child,

Life is a hope, but the irony is, life ends,  but hopes never does

As long as we are alive, we hope for ‘the best life’, and, as soon as we die, our beloved ones hope for us to get “peaceful mukti”. Throughout our lives, we spend our time and energy struggling and striding towards our goal, so as to get showered with luxuries to make our life comfortable, but, never realize to rejoice the joy in facing the challenges. Life, without challenges, is a barren land unfit  for cultivation of the crop of success.

An ardent devotee of mine with glinting eyes full of dreams, aspiring towards his goals, must encounter countervailing forces, which would cripple him with its toes on the top, trying to place his dreams in-between it’s thumb and index, and rub together till it powders itself into fine dunes.

The force would try to obviate his dreams—his precious treasury  from him, kicking him aside, and barging him to the lamenting corners away from the racers, nudging him to see the dark tunnel, persuading him to look at the pessimistic side of the life, and pushing him hard by flaying away his strength and perseverance layer of his dreams.

The shrieks of my beloved one is audible, but, I feel helpless, because, no third person has the audacity to come in between him and his strong aspirations, not even me- The Supreme Power!

The countervailing force which is flaying his skin is not a hindrance, but a guide which paves way  for a flowery path from his pristine tears of blood and sweat.

No other stout force can hinder his steps afterwards, as he would have acquired the ability to stride this path stones aside, and would have learnt the wits to escape the bottlenecks , and clear the mist to speculate his dreams coming true.

Remember my words” whatever happens, happens with a reason”. The obstacles which the nature has created for you were not meant to stop your progress and catch you into the vicious circle of omen, but, they were created to mend you into a firm person, who has now pruned  the slacks and flab, filled the loopholes and has become a spectator of his own spectacular world.

Now, after passing this tedious test,  he would be happy, as he has come out of the languishing life, and has achieved the ultimate goal.

In  the coming years, to keep the sense of deja vu alive, he has to  keep his spirit of confidence and persistence alive. The perseverance shouldn’t turn into greediness,  and the dedication shouldn’t  turn into insouciance.

The spirit to shed your blood, sweat and tear shouldn’t yaw or get diverted towards yearning for a sybaritic life.

For being a true achiever, the hindrances and the countervailing force would follow your way, and you’ll sure have a life full of vicissitudes  and will help you to realize your goal as soon as you think of swaying away from them.

This is because, I do not want you to fall, and you Lower-self to foil you. I want your upper-self to dominate and arrogate the foibles which hangs like a parasite on you.”


If you  are crippled, upset, and shedding your tears, it’s high time that you get up with pertinence and  usurp your fear and pessimism with your will power.

A small poem to placate your mind . CLAT 2012 had an abysmal ending, but life can’t get stagnated, we all have to move ahead. This is a very difficult fact to accept if we review our hardwork and sincerity (a lot more than that) that we had put to crack it. But believe in your destiny. The forces of universe are ,of course, designed to make you achieve your goal , and not to cripple you, but what it expects from us  is to keep the sense of persistence alive.

I cried,, because

i had no one to wipe away my tears,

there was no one to pause,

and say ChEERs!!!

Dreams seemed brittle

I had no option, other than to cribble,

Opportunities seemed swaying,

and I was still praying…

Praying for something good to happen

which would change my entire life…

lead me to enlightenment,

and camouflage the wounds caused by “THE PAIN” knife…

You told me once, “AHH your Face ..

looks pretty when you smile…”

I yearn for those days…

but they are away Miles……

I am not praying to push away all my troubles,,

but give me strength to fight,,

cause I still remember you saying “Trobles are like Bubbles

once you Fight…they get out of your sight”    !!!

~ The Savage


  1. This is IT!!…..Just tremendous and sth euphoric, inexplicable and an article which could turn a corpse into an yeasty being!!!! Kudos Ms. Shruti…:))))

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