Done and Dusted


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I waved goodbye to everyone I knew and turned to sit in the car to head back to Pune. CLAT 2012 was OVER. Done and dusted.

As we plopped into the seats, my friend looked at me and said “Damn, Aakanksha! It’s finally over!” I faintly smiled at her and rested my head on the backrest because I was tired, and well, even a little relieved. Wow, we were done. All the months after the board exam were religiously, well, almost religiously put into CLAT prep, and now it was finally done!

After a few minutes of silence in the car, I said “Dude, I wouldn’t have to study after I get up tomorrow morning. What will I do?” Another friend of mine said, “Yeah man, it’s still not seeping in that it’s done”. Reading GK and solving papers had almost become a way of life for the last few months. CG was opened more than facebook, and there was CONSTANT nagging from the parents that “Study study, this is the deciding moment. Make sure you don’t regret it later”. And now? From tomorrow, there was going to be no more of that. It was like getting withdrawal symptoms. Hahaha, I may be the only one feeling like that because my two other friends in the car were already deep into a conversation about what they were going to do in the next few days.

And then began the inflow of calls. Dad called, mom called, cousins called, granny called, just to enquire how the paper went. I even got a call from a distant relative who was otherwise never interested in how I was doing, but had called today to find out if would get a chance to compare my performance to her kid who as the same age. Ah, I couldn’t care less.

Then I started racking my brains, how much would I manage to get? Will dad be upset? Will I meet the people that I’m leaving behind? It was Judgement day, and I had given my best. Whether the best law schools were in my pocket, I didn’t know. But one thing I knew was that I couldn’t have given this paper any better. If it gets me the law school I want, well and good, and if it doesn’t, well, it’s like the CG team says “This is not EVERYTHING”.

And with this thought, I got back into the conversation with my friends in the car as we zoomed on the expressway.

P.s – Cheers to the CG team for making it a hell lot easier for us. Oh, just so you know, I carried 2 pencils and I made sure that none of them was a toothbrush. 😉


  1. wow! i have just opened CG like twice. and I am already addicted to it. this is like the mecca for students aspiring to get into good law colleges.
    I am hoping the same for myself.
    cheers! 🙂

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