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Before you start reading this, all I want to say is that, this piece is in due respect to all the NLUites. It is nothing against you, your capabilities or anything in that respect. It is just a thought that I wanted to depict on paper.

Aree beta, how are you? I met you after so many days. So what are you doing these days?

Aunty, I am in College. I am a law student.”

Law. That sounds great. This field is very popular now.  Even science students are giving the exam these days. You have this Clat and all na? So which NLU?”

Aunty I am in ***********. (I say the name of a private institution)”,

Okay, that sidey one?  I mean beta Law means Nlu. What else? There are thousands like those…

..And I stand there like an idiot with a blank face and no explanation, feeling like a loser.  Rather how many of us actually have an answer to that?

I don’t blame her. Today if we practically face the world, and people who even know a bit about the entire law thing in India, their face turn sultry as soon as you tell them that you are not from any “NLU”. This just one tag makes it so prestigious for you. This one thing changes everything drastically. The new trend bluntly says that if you are from any private institution and even if you are better off than a NLU guy the fact is you will still be considered behind them, or should I say far behind them.

Competitive exams, results, admissions and then boom…we feel like settled. One result and our career is like nicely knitted. Is that the end of all our worries? The truth is that things do not settle that easily. This is the point wherefrom the main things actually start. NLU/ non        NLU? This tagline follows you until and unless you end up with a good job. Your internships, your jobs, all depends upon this tag. (Personal experience, I can say)

Now let us analyze the NLU tag or should I say the picture perfect law student tag. (Again I say, please don’t take it personally) So all that judges your capabilities in this field is the competitive exam paper which is like out of syllabus or do I say that it is that exam, the papers of which are distributed among students illegally before the exam actually commences, to give them a superior stand over the others? Do these facts decide what your capabilities are? Or do I say that it is actually the 5 year course when you actually learn what LAW prima facie is, that decides your brilliancy, splendor and your stand??

I m not saying that private law school students are way better off from the Nlu’s  or that NLUites are far better than the others. Exceptions are always there. All I want to say is that, it completely depends upon you, how you make it large. You remain a loser or you grab every opportunity that comes your way. I cannot change the mental capacities of people. Neither can you. Clat results will be out soon and many of you might find yourselves out of place. Many of you will face what I do. But then all that I can say is that trust yourself. Let people talk. At the end of the day what matters is that, what you are after 5 years. No college is going to feed you. If you are good, the college is good. So it completely reckons upon you whether you want to be a phoenix or brood over what is already done.

And to my juniors, who keep posting their comments in Facebook groups regarding colleges even before joining them (with due respect) :

Don’t go by the environment, it changes..All that is constant is you.

May the force be with you J


  1. “do I say that it is that exam, the papers of which are distributed among students illegally before the exam actually commences”….is this true??? Does this happen every year?

    Nice read. 
    These random Aunts and Uncles are such dimwits, I tell you!

  2. Thank you for this article. It was a heart-warming reality check. I’ve just begun my journey, and I’m scared. Hopeful, yes, but more scared. I know I can make it where I want to go regardless of which college I end up getting into, but I WANT to do really well in CLAT like nothing else in my life before. This post reminded me, I’ve got to give it everything I can possibly, but always to remember that there is a life beyond that, and nothing can change the fact that it all boils down to me, not my college. Thank you.

  3. Do the question papers get leaked every year? That sounds unheard of. I won’t comment on it though because I’m not aware about the.subject.
    Well this reply is year late, however I like typing so I’m going to reply anyway.
    The prestige of NLUs is quite whelming indeed, and though I’m going to join one myself, I agree with you on some points. The key is own selves. Only we can bring about our own success .
    I’d like to wish you all the best in life ! Strive on and prove the others wrong. Determination, perseverance and confidence, keep them in hand. Goodluck!
    I doubt you’ll see this though lol

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