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I belong to a generation of delusional, day-dreaming individuals and I am proud of it.

Case in point: As a kid, I waited for my letter from Hogwarts till my 11th birthday, imagined myself as a character straight out of Enid Blyton’s books when I was 12, re-enacted scenes from the Power Rangers when I was 13, had vivid fantasies of playing in a band in Wembley when I was sixteen. They say life’s a bitch. I choose to disagree. Life’s given me more than a fair share. And that which I miss, I give to myself through these fantasies.

We belong to a world where hypocrisy is the watch-word. We talk about peace and non-proliferation and yet we celebrate the launch of Agni 5. We talk of poverty alleviation and yet this talk is limited to formal debates where the speakers care less for poverty alleviation than making a point. We live in a world where the swamis produce pornographic content and politicians watch it. We belong to a generation that reads long articles about global warming on the internet yet refuses to leave the house without a car.

So, what’s the way out…more vivid fantasies? Longer times spent dreaming? Or perhaps, absolute indifference?

Peter Finch said in the Academy Award winning film ‘Network’ “I am as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore.” It is time for those delusions to turn intense, time for them to transform to a wave of change.

We live in the Information Age. It is impossible to imagine how empowered today’s Toms, Dicks and Harrys are. We wield the power as citizen- power, the nature of which has not been seen in any other democracy. “Revolution begins in the minds of men”. I choose to go a step further. “Revolution begins in men’s carefree delusions.” It is time to substitute the imperfectness of reality with the simplicity and peace of our fantasies.

A friend once pointed out to me that our generation uses so many cuss words while speaking. Does that necessarily make us evil? We aren’t wasting our time, are we? These cuss words form a part of the most serious and intellectual conversations. And that’s when it struck me. We are an empowered, albeit foul-mouthed generation. The beginning of the 21st century is seeing a group of independent and free-willed men and women who are comfortable with the way they are and the way they speak. And that is the justification I offer.

This generation is pained by the sad, sad condition of people in this country and elsewhere. This generation is completely tired of the corrupt leaders that we have. This generation seeks change. This change starts in the delusions of a perfect world and as of May 16, 2012 this change is out on the streets. We are as mad as hell and we can’t take it anymore. This is a very interesting time to live in this planet. Just like the Renaissance, like the Industrial Revolution, we are part of yet another major change in the course of this world’s life. It is up to us to play a crucial role in this change.

Come, 28th May 2012, 800 odd students will be off to the elite law schools of this country. The remainder of the aspirants will find other paths to traverse. Opportunities abound, life is interesting, people are enthusiastic. If there is a deity, He is smiling because He knows that his creation is in safe hands.

I belong to a generation of delusional, day-dreaming individuals and I am proud of it.

The Force Will Be With Us!

Gaganjyot Singh


  1. You belong to a generation of delusional, day-dreaming individuals and you are proud of it.

    Not that I have anything better to write or say and you have written brilliantly, but I felt this article is like Yoda’s ezcuse for the turmoil today’s generation is in. Our way of existence will soon be the end of this world, if you think otherwise, may God help you.

    “To answer power with power, the Jedi way this is not. In this war, a danger there is, of losing who we are.”

    –YODA, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, “Lair of Grievous.

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