Entries for ‘The CLATGyan Blog Post Writing Competition’ – 2012

Immediately after CLAT 2012, we had announced the CLATGyan Blog Post Writing Competition to transform your post-CLAT joblessness into some sort of productivity. (Details here) We’ve received plenty of entries, many more than we had imagined and we’ll be accepting entries till 14th of June 2012.

The following is the list of all the entries received and published. Click here for the results of the competition. For more details, mail us at clatgyan@gmail.com.

  1. To Us! – by Ganganjyot Singh
  2. Education – boon or bane? – by Prashanth V
  3. Political Creativity: Here and there – by Pushkar Singh
  4. The School Diaries – by Shruthi Anand
  5. It was worth it in the end – by Charu Mittal
  6. A New Love: Rain – by Abhisek Mohanty
  7. Mod Mallus – by Sarada Mahesh
  8. Truth about a few things – by Stuti Toshi
  9. Mumbai meri jaan – by Suktika Banerjee
  10. My Aunt’s Demise – by Ishaan Shariff
  11. A Hefty Bargain – by Tanisha Khaitan
  12. Despicable Days – by Samyak Sibasish
  13. Orange – by Sarah P
  14. The Divine Conversation – by Shruti Iyr
  15. Apocryphal Ramblings – by Samraat Basu
  16. Come Back – by Suhasini Srirangam
  17. The Tales of Cycles and Sugar – by Shreya Bhattacharya
  18. Done and Dusted – by Aakanksha Rao
  19. Listen, Read – by Ahima Keshava
  20. Awww… Chooo Chweet – What Rubbish! – by Smriti Tripathi
  21. Make more memories – by Neethu Roy
  22. A Socially Messed-up Evening – by Vipul Kumar
  23. A Study In Spacing Out, or “Huh? What’s that now?” – by Pratiek Sparsh Samantara
  24. CLAT, What is that? – by Komal Khare
  25. The Red Bangle – by Aishwarya Gupta
  26. The ‘Science’ of Politics – by Osho Chhel
  27. What really is Gender Disparity? – by Pranjal Rawat
  28. Bala and the CLAT – by Suprotik Das
  29. The Divine Comedy – by Stuti Agarwal
  30. One for the Dreamers – by Shruti Nanivadekar
  31. Madras Talkies – by Ajay Ramanathan
  32. The Man in the Arena – by Sohini Chatterjee
  33. The Tragic Love Story Of Society And Individualism – by Pushkal Dubey
  34. It Happens Only in Kolkata! – by Soham Bannerjee
  35. An Anxious Phase of my Life – by Soundarya Lahiri
  36. 1984- Operation Blue Star – by Mohit Seth
  37. Complaints and Grievances – by Rohan Mukherjee
  38. As of Now – by Namrata Bhagia
  39. This Did Happen – by Vatsal Vasudev
  40. Amateur Instincts – by Anithasree Athiyaman
  41. An Evening on The Terrace – by Sudha Ayim
  42. This Did Happen! – by Vatsal Vasudev
  43. The NLU Tag – by Ashika Daga
  44. A Grip On Myself – by K.L.Shravya
  45. The Little Boy – by Mohit Negi
  46. The Perfect Beginning – by Shashank Bhatt
  47. The Bluebottle! – by Raji Gururaj
  48. Hope – The Happiness that is a Lie – by Kartik Chawla
  49. Terms & Conditions Applied – by Pooja Gupta
  50. The Facebook Fairy tale! – by Nandhitha Hariharan
  51. The Dirty Picture – by Bharkavi S
  52. The Wars That Women Wage – by Sathvika M R
  53. Just A Blade of Grass – by Shraddha Kul
  54. Something to Write – by Rakshanda Deka
  55. Euro zone Cri-sis == World Cri-sis – by Vivek Sridhar
  56. Of Mice and Men – by Sharanya Mukherjee
  57. I did what no one else should do – by Sourav Panda
  58. The Great Indian Entrance Exam – by Raveena Sethia
  59. It’s Okay To Be Confused – by Siddharth Gupta
  60. NLUs. They Happen To You – by Keshavdev J.S
  61. Nostalgia – by Inika Charles
  62. Ignorance Isn’t Bliss. Period. – by Kruthika N S
  63. One Of Those Legendary Miracles For An Ignoramus – by Sharwari Pandit
  64. Wanted No More! – Soham Banerjee

This page lists only the published entries. There have been at least a hundred entries which were not published as they were not chosen to be, by our Editors. We apologize for turning them down.